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11/2 – Curious Cat Asks…

If you had to choose one Legion of Superheroes to star in an ongoing title, which Legion would you choose? Picking up from where Giffen left off? Pick up from where Levitz left off? Using the post-Zero Hour Legion? Using Mark Waid’s recent Legion reboot? Using Geoff Johns’ Legion (who seem to BASICALLY be choice B, only aged a bit)? Or just create a new Legion?



I’d restart from the Binder era. :) Or, barring that, the Giffen era.

Tom Fitzpatrick

November 2, 2008 at 6:30 am

I’d go with the Giffen era (five years later).

Mark Waid’s reboot to continue. Loved it from the start and its a real shame Shooter hasn’t been able to finish his arc in the way he wanted as I’m really enjoying it.

The current Legion. Not for any real preference, but because it’s the one that can be used without yet another reboot, it’s got a smaller, readily available backstory, and there’s no particularly compelling reason I’ve seen that any of the others are so much better that it’d be worth it to reboot.

Yay! Long Live the Legion!!

I loved the Waid Legion concept (It ranks quite high on my Legion-o-meter), but i recognize that it leaves out a lot of interesting Legion concepts.
Abnett-Lanning-Coipel Legion run was a LOT of fun, and i think it’s the most faithful modern rendition of what the LoSH really is about, however what they did was based on a flawed retcon (post-Zero Hour Legion) and was more a testament of their talent rather than the success of an editorial project (so I’d like to see them take on my favorite characters again, but not because the Legion they worked with was the best, quite the contrary actually).
5 year gap was quite interesting for the first dozen numbers or so, after that I felt its density to be overwhelming, while feeling quite dettached from those characters’ renditions.

So, answering to the Cat’s question, I would go with the Classic Legion, right after Magic Wars without 5 years gap. I have to say, I haven’t read Johns Legion yet, I’m waiting for the softcover. So I have my numbers of Legion of Three Worlds waiting to be read :D

Post Zero-Hour all the way. This group gave a greater inclusion to non-humanoid characters and felt more like a a Sci-Fi High.

Whatever the configuration, it HAS to have Bouncing boy and Triplicate Girl, or I guess Duo Damsel.

Which Legion did DnA write? I liked that one and the cartoon Legion.

Stephane Savoie

November 2, 2008 at 7:45 am

Go with the Giffen era, right before it went horrible wrong. Make the SW6 batch the real Legionnaires, and don’t blow up the earth. Years of great storytelling potential.

I stayed with the Waid reboot all the way through the end of his run (only because I’m going for trades on that run). As that was the first time I really read any Legion title, I’d choose that just because it’s not hampered by all kinds of history.

That being said, I am enjoying what John’s is doing with his older Legion work (and Gary Frank on pencils didn’t hurt, either).

I’m not sure, but I know I wouldn’t use an adult Legion. I see no creative point to that whatsoever.

Post ZH Legion. The concept is strongest when Superboy isn’t there to overshadow all of them.

I’ve actually been going over a conceptual Legion reboot in my head, but I’d like to see the post-Zero Hour Legion make a return. I’m only 24, so that’s the LSH I enjoyed during my prime comic book-reading years.

That being said, I like the threeboot legion a lot too. Honestly, I’d like to see a new L.E.G.I.O.N. series.

I’m gonna be predictable and go with the Paul Levitz/Keith Giffen era. Johns and Frank did a great job in the Superman story as well. But good lord DC stop the reboots.

The first DC superhero comics I ever read were my Legion of Super-Heroes and Legionnaires – the first year’s worth or so of the post-ZH reboot, borrowed from my uncle. Ever since then the reboot Legion has had a very warm spot in my heart. If I got to choose which Legion got the main title I’d give it to that one without hesitation. That’s part of the reason I can’t really enjoy the Legion of Three Worlds miniseries – I’m too busy fearing that Johns is going to slaughter all or part of my favorite Legion (especially my favorite character, Triad).

“So, answering to the Cat’s question, I would go with the Classic Legion, right after Magic Wars without 5 years gap”

I’d second that. Best. Legion. EVER. Then again, the Levitz/Giffen/Lightle/La Roque run is one of my favorite runs of any comic series anyway, so that easily gets my vote. I did really enjoy the PZH Legion and the 3boot one as well, hated the 5YG Legion, and am feeling ‘meh’ over Johns’ revamp.

“Post Zero-Hour all the way. This group gave a greater inclusion to non-humanoid characters and felt more like a a Sci-Fi High.”

In fairness, the Levitz era also had Tellus and Quislet…

I don’t understand the question. How many Legions are there? I like it with Superboy and Supergirl – so Levitz/Giffen is my answer. ‘Round about the Great Darkness Thingie … which should give you a clue as to the end of Final Crisis.

I’d start from scratch. The stories take place in the future. There is no history.

I’d love to see Giffen’s five years later Legion picked up and concluded. And then I’d start from scratch.

Post-Zero Hour. DnA did some great stuff, and there was all kinds of potential. There were plot lines that were just dropped at the end (Lightning Lad’s body switch, Ultra Lad and Phantom Girl’s baby) and I would love to see them wrapped up.

Single Legionnaire in a series? Ultra Boy, Wildfire or (maybe) Brainiac 5.

Era/version of the Legion? Original Legion, shortly after Great Darkness Saga and after Yera was outed as the Shrinking Violet imposter. Although I do have quite a fondness for the Reboot Legion (Post Zero Hour). Threeboot is interesting enough, but I haven’t read enough of it to fall in love with it AND it lacks the R. J. Brande influence that is so important to this series (IMHO).

I wonder if we’ll get some kind of “composite” Legion in the future which has elements of all three versions? That’s the closest that I’d get to creating a brand new LSH.

I’m vaguely familiar with all of them, so I’d make it a mix, and accentuate the differences, then make it a multi-dimensional book similar in some ways to Exiles; this group of Legionnaires has to find a way to restore their own respective realities while solving cosmic crises. Be a good way to get in new readers from the get-go, establishing that they’ve missed out on past stories while using that history to educate them and create new adventures.

I loved both the Levitz Legion and the Giffen version that followed. Waid’s left me cold for whatever reason. However, the most compelling take was the original.

The reason is pretty straight-forward: the Legionaires spend a large percentage of their time in the 20th Century surrounded by a world familiar to the reader. Most readers just are not going to hang in without something familiar for them to hook on to. If I was doing a Legion solo spin-off, I’d make sure it was at least partly set in the 21st Century.

Also, I would use one of the women. A huge percentage of the strong females in the DCU are Legionaires. So, you would like to use one of them in the present day DCU. Dawnstar is tempting, since she works better without the space angle. Sadly, she isn’t really a solo character. Laurel Gand from the FYL Legion was a great character, but is really isn’t as compelling as Supergirl or Power Girl who are already available.

I’d say Ayla Ranzz is the best candidate. She gets over-shadowed by her brother in the main Legion title, but she’s a pretty good character in her own right. For one thing, it seems that she’s bi-sexual, which is pretty unique in comics. She’s fairly impulsive in most versions, so that gives her an arc in early issues. Everybody loves the “becoming a real hero” stuff. The question is how to get her to be pro-actively traveling back in time.

Definitely the Levitz Legion. Anything and everything since just hasn’t come close to measuring up. While I’m dreaming, I’d rather see it done with either Dave Cockrum or Mike Grell doing the art.

I want the Legion to be the one I’ve spent the most time reading and the one that appealed to me the most. I’m tired of the stupid nostalgia for previous Legions that weren’t any good and the reboots that prevented my Legion from getting momentum, especially since the new Legions introduce new stupid versions of characters.

Second Dave Cockrum/ Mike Grell’s Legion. The Waid Legion was a lot of fun, but those skimpy 70’s costumes were the bee’s knees.

The original Substitute Heroes.

Having wacky, fun adventures.

Across the space-time continuum.

Whatever era would have the most wacky silver age fun. We need more books like that.

I could read Geoff John’s Legion forever.

I’d go with the Levitz era Legion, so we could avoid the whole 5 Years Later gap. But I’d definitely incorporate some of the ideas of the other 2 reboots. I love the ideas of Saturn Girl only speaking telepathically & Colossal Boy insisting he should be called “Micro Lad”.

I think the last great (which is to say, really fun) Legion story was the Reflecto story, which ended in LSH v2 #282, so I’d probably pick it up there. I was never a big fan of the direction that Levitz/Giffen took the Legion – the characters all changed around in nonsensical ways – and I grew up with the tail end of Shooter’s run (the Mike Grell period) and then Levitz’s FIRST run (with the terrific Jim Sherman/Bob McLeod artwork), so I’d rather see a return to those days.

Picking up after Waid & Kitson’s run would also be fun, since I think they seeded a number of interesting plot threads which haven’t been done justice since.

Mark Waid is the only writer who’s ever made me give a tinker’s damn about the Legion, so I would read that continuation without hesitation.

I can’t believe no one has suggested the current version but written by Mightygodking as pitched in his “Why I should write the Legion” posts. http://mightygodking.com/index.php/category/i-should-write-the-legion/ shows what would be a fantastic take on the series.

KC Carlson and Mark Waid will probably point and laugh hysterically, but I loved everything about the five-year gap Legion. If I had my druthers–and unfortunately, I had to sell my druthers on eBay (darn economy)–I would’ve loved to have seen that run out its course. And yes, that includes keeping the earth and the moon all blowed up, plus the rumored future direction of combining the survivors of older Legion with those of the SW6ers.

I dropped the LSH after decades due to the Zero Hour debacle, and didn’t start reading it again until Shooter came back and got me interested again. He did some very interesting stuff, particularly with Brainy, and I like a lot the way he wrote Chameleon (Boy) and Saturn Girl, so now I’m bummed all over again. I’m thinking of adding “Long-Suffering Legion Fan” to my resume.

I like what I’ve seen of Johns’s Legion, but basically it is the Levitz version all over again, which isn’t necessarily bad, after all that was the Legion I grew up with, but still, there’s a huge poopastink of been there done that hanging over that approach. We’ll see.

The DnA Legion: One of the best SciFi Comics I’ve ever read. They realy dared something: Putting Live Wire into Element Lads Body, making Ra’s al Ghul one of the greatest Threats, the Legion ever faced…! Yeah, definetly the DnA Legion. The other Legions? Well, I couldn’t care less. The first Legion had their time in the spotlight for over 30 years, and the Mark Waid Legion was in my eyes boring.

I would like to see them start a new one with the basic concept of a team of teenage superheroes from different planets in the future. Doing it like an Ultimate book would be great. It is such a great concept, and could easily get fans from people who don’t regularly read super hero books like teenage girls and strict sci fi fans. Currently the Legion in all its versions gets tied down by continuity and fanboy geek service. I would want Barbara Kessel on it (her Meridian is the tone I think the book would need).

I started reading during the Great Darkness Saga. Stopped reading after Zero Hour. Started reading again with DnA and have been reading ever since. Each version has its own strengths. The post-5YG really was interesting because it was pretty dense storytelling originally, had characters grow and change (I liked that Mekt finally seemed to have been rehabilitated. I mean really in 1000 years I would hope we would learn to rehabilitate criminals! Hated that they killed Blok.).

The DnA Legion was good because it had its own characters such as Gates and XS.

The 3boot had a really good premise that, as entertaining as Shooter’s current run is (although this latest B5 Dream Girl marriage issue was horrible), really should be followed up on. It seems clear to me that Waid was building on Forster’s “The Machine Stops” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Machine_Stops and the notion of a teenage revolution was one that is worth exploring further.

As far as Johns version, I am not a fan. I find it close enough to the Levitz/Giffen version that the changes and differences in characterization to be different enough that reading it is like fingernails on a chalkboard and I hate that they seem determined to ignore the post-5YG version.

To answer the question, I want them all to be popular enough to have their own series (except for Johns version. I want Johns to sign an exclusive contract with some other company so he will stop writing the DC characters I like)

I’d go all the way back to Jim Shooter / Curt Swan.

I’d like the 5 Years Later Legion to have their stories told, eventually moving them into the background as the “adults/mentors” as a new Legion of (teenage) Superheroes starts to form on its own. Maybe the old guys and gals could pop in now and then, or Reep could be their R.J. Brande figure, etc.

Anyway, that’s my two cents at the moment.


I want the Legion to be the one I’ve spent the most time reading and the one that appealed to me the most. I’m tired of the stupid nostalgia for previous Legions that weren’t any good and the reboots that prevented my Legion from getting momentum, especially since the new Legions introduce new stupid versions of characters.

Okay, this cracked me up.

Honestly? Does it matter that much? Every Legion fan I’ve ever met seems to know ALL versions of them; it’s like they have as much tied up in being, you know… Legion Fans, like it’s a lifestyle choice or something. I think it’s a phenomenon that dates back to the old Legion Outpost days, it was one of the niches where fandom started to exist for its own sake.

Because of that, I think the long-time fans are invested enough to give any new version a look, at least. Just make it good and I imagine they’ll hang around.

I do wonder what was wrong with the latest one that DC felt like they had to start messing around with it AGAIN. It seemed okay to me. But then, I wonder that every time DC decides it’s time to completely reboot the Legion. I think that’s probably the strip’s greatest weakness, that DC editorial can’t stop picking at the premise instead of just shaking up the creator roster.

The Shi’ar Imperial Guard.

I don’t want my Legion too dark, nor do I really like so many reboots. They hurt the capability to care about the characters.

That said, I guess late Shooter or early Levitz. Giffen is over-rated.

Definitely the pre-reboot Legion. I’d take it from where Giffen left off because I’d hate to lose those stories, but I wouldn’t grumble too much about leaving it at Levitz either. Never had any interest in the various reboots, but I’ve been excited to have at least some version of “my” Legion back.

Not me, Greg, I’m strident. I love everything up to the five years later gap, then hated the 5YL stories so much that I’ve never read any subsequent Legion stories. Who needs them? I’ve got a great 34 year saga that comes to its permanent and final end with the last issue of the Magic Wars.

As far back as the Seventies, I personally heard fans tell me their elaborate plans to erase everything after Adventure Comics #346 so that the book could finally get back to the “real” Legion before Jim Shooter “spoiled” it…or everything after Dave Cockrum started redesigning the costumes and they were no longer “the team I grew up with”…or everything after Paul Levitz/Gerry Conway/your name here came along and ruined what used to be so great. This is a long-standing tradition.

And yes, there are also the fans Greg describes, who seem to follow any incarnation of the book with equal loyalty. To be honest, that’s as inexplicable to me as the above: if I like a comic it’s because of the work by a writer and/or an artist, so I follow them rather than a title or a character.

People who are asking for one particular era to come back are bound to be disappointed; it’s like asking for your childhood back. (If you’re saying you’d like to see Keith Giffen or Mark Waid or Paul Levitz themselves come back to the book, that’s another matter. I myself was interested both times Jim Shooter returned to the series, and both times I enjoyed the results immensely. Obviously I was in a minority there!) But no one incarnation of the series had a monopoly on being the “real” thing. Going back to an earlier version won’t suddenly make you the person who read that version, so don’t expect that.

If I must take a side here, I have to agree with Michael that there’s no creative point whatsoever to an aged Legion: that would be losing one of the critical elements that made the premise work in the first place. The prospect of old, surly, stubbly Legionnaires dealing with prostate exams and telling those obnoxious kids to get their damn flight rings off my lawn fills me with deep despair. Of all the things that wouldn’t be the “real” Legion, that would be the worst.

Post-Zero Hour (or, as called by idiots incapable of doing anything but looking at the so-called “ugly pikshurs”, the ‘Archie Legion’).

“The DnA Legion was good because it had its own characters such as Gates and XS.”

But they didn’t come up or introduce those characters…they were introduced in the post-ZH, before the DnA run began.

Definitly, the Waid/Kitson era because it’s he most recent, not embued in a long continuity & logically doesn’t need a reintroduction that would have you look at lost comics.

At that point, that seems like another bad move from DC to reboot a title after 50 issues, odd editorial logic.

Any version, as long as Infectious Lass is present & accounted for.

I liked the Levitz Legion, it had a good balance of fun and serious.
And someday, after they get string theory, with it’s 11 dimensions, squared away, maybe the geniuses could tackle Legion continuity, because it is such a train wreck it makes it a challenge for people who like the Legion to follow it, what with the reboots every few years.
DC just needs to do a Legion Year One and stick to it.

I’m quite content to see what DC have come up with for the Legion. The Waid /Kitson reboot lost its appeal to me due to its slow pace and the introduction of Supergirl , and I have plans to read the Shooter/Manapul run in trade form. All I ask is that its entertaining and in the spirit of the previous Legions irespective of era

The last thing Legion needs is ANOTHER reboot… but DC seems to have no faith in the series. The Threeboot was really unnecessary.

IF I could have Legion my way, I’d do a combination- one where the history OF EACH INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER is studied, and the best elements of each is used. (The TV series was kind of like that.)

Five Year Later all the way.

If I can only have one I have to go with the Waid Legion.

“I do wonder what was wrong with the latest one that DC felt like they had to start messing around with it AGAIN.”

They seem to be one of the more egregious examples recently of it’s-not-what-I-read-as-a-kid-therefore-it’s-bad syndrome, of which Johns has become more and more enraptured by as time goes on.

I liked ‘em just fine, personally. Even Supergirl didn’t bug me, since Waid found a good story hook for her.

Honestly, there’s no version that couldn’t be made to work. I like them all in different ways. What I’d do, myself, is make one big Legion by keeping the existing three together after FC:L3W, and find a way to make that work.

I don’t think a reboot or restart or continuity jigger is a good idea. But if it were being written just for my amusement, and we can do what lots of people have wanted and pick a “just before it all went wrong” moment, I’d say:

Put the post-ZH but pre-Legion Lost reboot Legion into an all-ages book.

Put the post-Magic Wars, pre-5YL Legion into a standard book which would be the main title. (Am I the only one who’s sad to see Geoff Johns wipe out the Baxter era? There was a lot of good stuff in there, dammit! And I know it was out of continuity before, but somehow this feels worse– it’s an alternate future for ostensibly the same Levitz-era characters.)

And put the post-liberation of earth, pre-earth blowing up Giffen Legion, without SW6, into a mature-readers book.


I’ve tried really hard to get into the Legion, but as someone who never read DC as a kid, it’s impossible. Too many characters rewritten too many times.

Levitz had the balance right, able to tell every kind of story: fun, serious, quick stories, long, epic tales. Everyone since has taken it too seriously, with only occasional forays into more light-hearted storytelling or tried to use them to make some big point (at which point they become a big bore). I *hated* this current run until Shooter came along. He’s the best writer they’ve had since Levitz and it’s too bad he didn’t get to either reboot or pick up with the “real” Legion. Still, he did amazing things with a lousy setup.

So, if I had to choose, I’d pick up where Levitz left off, with the original characters, un-“growed up” and un-altered by timestream shifting or reboots. The original characters that stretched back to the first appearance of Mon-El. We’ve pretty much got them back with the recent Action/Legion of Three Worlds stuff, so I’d shift it to them. They are, after all, the original characters and I’d like them back.

One also has to consider that there were a lot of dimensional ramifications in the earlier series – all the one-shot stories of them in alternate realities. Consider that one incarnation of the Time Trapper was actually Cos! While I liked the SW6 bunch, the ways they took some of the older characters in the 5YL storyline really grated on me, as I started reading the series in earnest a year before COIE.

I particularly loathe (though still read, until my local comic store closed) the most recent version of the Legion, as it was based on a REALLY bad premise.

I really do feel that there is room for the pre-Zero-hour & post-Zero-hour LSH to exist as JLA/JSA type analogues of each other. I just wish I had the ability to read the Legion of 3 worlds comics, as the comic store went belly-up the week before it shipped.

ZERO HOUR LEGION – the only Legion that was fan friendly right off the bat. You NEVER had to read a buch of other comics to enjoy the issues. Plus, Sprouse/Moy/Immonens art is fantastic.

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