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A Month of Good LGBT Comics – Juicy Mother

In conjunction with Prism Comics, the preeminent website for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics and creators, every day this month I will be detailing one good comic book/graphic novel with LGBT themes.

Here‘s an archive of the featured works so far!

Today we look at a nifty comics anthology!

Juicy Mother is a comics anthology put together and edited by cartoonist Jennifer Camper.

The amount of talent Camper put together for this book (two volumes have been released so far) is quite striking.

The first collection features work by:

Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Leanne Franson, Joan Hilty, Ariel Schrag and two creators whose work I’ve already featured – Robert Kirby and Ivan Velez, Jr.

Velez, Jr. might have the best story in the first volume, about a tough Latina teenager who befriends an unpopular girl at girl and, well, I won’t ruin the rest of the story for you, but let me say that unless someone told you what happens, you won’t expect what happens.

The stories, like most anthologies, vary in quality, but there is enough strong work that the overall collection is well worth reading.

Here’s a snippet from Camper’s story in the volume…

The second volume is larger (almost all the original people return, plus many more new ones!), and this time, it has a theme – all the stories are “How They Met” stories…

It is also a tremendous collection of great short stories – Camper really got some of the best alternative comic creators available to do these collections, and I can’t wait until the next one!

If you’re interested, here‘s a link to Camper’s site where you can order the books.

Our own MarkAndrew reviewed the first volume awhile back, and while he recommended it, as well, he did have some issues with it. Check out his review here.


Sadly, today California said yes to Proposition 8. Just thought everyone reading this section of this blog might be interested to know that this, as well as several other laws that really hurt the civil rights of the GLBT community were passed yesterday.

The country got change, but the gays got screwed yet again.

Yeah, it’s a shameful day for my home state.

Ryan, the definition of marriage is one man and one woman. There is no discrimination of homosexuals living together or being in relationship with one another. i personally don’t want to see marriage become anything else than what it is. If we can redefine marriage into whatever we want, then we can say it can be one man and two women, or one woman and one child or anything.
People are free to live how they want to in America, but trying to change what things means removes meaning from life. We can call love hate, good evil, day night, but that doesn’t make it so.

There’s no discrimination against homosexuals living together? Really?

“danjack wrote:
People are free to live how they want to in America, but trying to change what things means removes meaning from life. We can call love hate, good evil, day night, but that doesn’t make it so.”

Are you serious? So, in your opinion, things like freedom, justice, democracy, citizenship and others, have always had the same meaning. Things have to change, change is good. Peace.

The definition of marriage used to not include black people being able to marry Hispanics.

The marriages gave gay couples rights that a civil union can’t. The Proposition is taking away the rights they fought for. This is like Jim Crow laws after the Civil War. People who are afraid and ignorant of facts want to take away people’s rights that the constitution granted them.

Oh, and Dan. Please don’t use the straw man arguement of what marriage could lead to. What we’re asking for is for two consenting adults to be allowed to get married. That doesn’t mean that they want polygamy, or that they want to marry kids (although, fun fact. Did you know in Alabama you only have to be fourteen to get married?) or the ever popular dogs and pumpkins. That’s a really big fallacy and it makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

The definition of marriage most certainly is not “one man and one woman.” That’s not a definition, it’s a description of the the way the institution existed in the 20th century. In fact, ideas about marriage have changed quite a bit over the centuries; to suggest that marriage has “always been” about one man and one woman falling in love and building a family together is to completely ignore history.

Unless your wedding involved bride prices and doweries and negotiations between families, then I suggest you avoid talking about “traditional” marriage and admit that, yeah, the institution has changed, is constantly changing and will– one day– change to involve committed same-sex couples who want to build a life together built upon a solid foundation of love and mutual respect (it seems to me that’s what the rush to enshrine discrimination into constitutions is all about, really– the hateful among us know which way the wind is blowing, and are desperate to somehow give their bigotry an aura of permanence; even as I’m dismayed by their victories yesterday and today, I take comfort in believing that they’re merely temporary).

danjack, tell me in the U.S. constitution where your definition is found and I’ll gladly accept it as the rule of law. I have a feeling you won’t find it. :)

“Trying to change things removes their meaning?” Are you f*cking kidding me? A black man just got voted into the office of the President. It used to be that only a white man who owned property could do that. Are you then saying that when these parameters were changed the Presidency lost its meaning?

That’s pretty un-American of you, I have to say.

You’re a bigot if you vote against gay marriage, and there’s no middle ground. In time, you will be remembered in the same camp as people who fought against school integration.

You are a disgrace to humanity.

Hey Apodaca, sorry that you feel that i’m a disgrace to humanity. As for how i would like to be remembered, i hope that i’m remembered as a person who held opinions and values that may be different with others, but treated those with who i disagreed with on matters with respect and courtousy.
Any Ryan, please don’t tell me that i’m un-American for saying words that you put in my mouth. That is a straw-man arguement. Your arguement about the Presidency misses the mark regarding this issue.
Bradley, i agree with you that the institution of marriage will change to be whatever people say that it should be. However, simply because a majority of people agree on a direction does not make something moral, or correct to do.

“However, simply because a majority of people agree on a direction does not make something moral, or correct to do.”

Yes. Exactly. Now you’re getting it– these voter initiatives to change state constitutions in order to restrict the rights of our fellow citizens are completely immoral and incorrect. The fact that the majority are currently consumed with hate does not make their bigotry morally acceptable.

Glad to have convinced you.

I didn’t put word in your mouth, friend. You said so yourself that “trying to change what things mean removes meaning from life.” I simply used that “logic” of yours and applied it to another situation.

If you believe what you said to be true, then the logic of your argument should carry into many different venues; it can’t be true for a single idea because that makes the argument illogical.

So if you’d like to reshape your original argument so that it makes sense, feel free.

HEY!!! If you guys insist on cluttering up this comics forum as an excuse to debate conservative/gay crap again (I’ve been trapped with a foaming, hate-filled evangelist in a Chicago Times forum for two days, and so am ready to castrate anyone else who brings up the debate) I am going to report you to the spam cops!!!!

While I certainly wouldn’t, like, force you folks not to discuss topics, I do sympathize with Pam in that I would certainly prefer discussions to relate to the work presented here. At least, you know, maybe A comment about the actual work?

My opinion is pretty straight forward. I don’t believe in marriage in any manner. Man woman, man man, woman woman. Especially in a time where more than half of married couples will divorce. If two people love one another it isn’t kept in a ring, it is in their heart, no matter their gender.

First off, thanks to Brian for the LGBT Comics month. I’m finding a ton of great stuff I had never read before. Also, I love the excerpt above where the author compares outing people as an Arab and outing people as homosexual. I’ve wondered for awhile whether other minority groups do that sort of thing. In my Jewish family, we are always trading notes on which celebrities are or aren’t Jewish (or are only 1/2 or 1/4th). For the record, we claim Paula Abdul; she’s sephardic :P

I feel like there’s something else in common between Arabs, Homosexuals, (and even Jews). We’ve all embraced graphic novels as a medium in which to communicate our minority experiences. I wonder if this is because comics in general are sort-of a minority among other forms of literature. Or a more edgy medium in which to communicate. I think Chabon was making a similar argument in Kavaliar + Clay (the Jewish + homosexual character finding solace in comic books seems too perfectly considered to be coincidental).

I’m sorry, Brian, but I can’t just pretend that people aren’t promoting bigotry and talk about nicer things. This issue is very important to me, and I will always respond to the hate put forth by the opposition.

“As for how i would like to be remembered, i hope that i’m remembered as a person who held opinions and values that may be different with others, but treated those with who i disagreed with on matters with respect and courtousy.”

Voting for a law that says that someone can’t marry the person they love is neither respectful or courteous. ‘Separate, but equal’ never works out. Until you stop attempting to deny equality for all Americans, you will be remembered as a bigot, and that is all.

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