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11/7 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

The object everyone is fighting to get in Secret Six is quite a clever idea, it almost makes up for the inclusion of Tarantula in the comic!



And, that object would be…?

Duh, it’s a secret!

That being said, it’s Marcellus Wallace’s soul.

I dunno. I’m in the minority here, but i’m really not diggin’ the title much.

I’d say it’s pretty cute as far as MacGuffins go, yeah.

And it’s not like some of the interplay with Tarantula hasn’t been fun. No bad characters, only poorly used ones.

I kind of like how Tarantula is being used, actually. I’ve never seen her in any comic before this and I already dig her.

The Six have always been characterized well by Ms. Simone, and this new series surpasses all prior (already good) works. Bane is at a high characterization water-mark, among others. And yes, “the card” is far more than I expected.

Like I said on my weekly video blog (link conveniently above), books like Secret Six and Terror Titans are being so poorly presented its disappointing. It’s like DC is the TNA Wrestling of comic books: good raw talent, but poor editorial direction presenting the talent they have on hand. Why isn’t Terror Titans called “Dark Side Club” and outfitted with some fancy Final Crisis trade dress?

I am adding my voice to the choir. Secret Six is probably the DC Comic I enjoy the most every month. Gail Simone does characterizations, creepiness, and humor in a balanced, fun way!


I saw the reveal of the card coming a few pages into the issue… I was thinking “what kind of cards are there? Tarot, playing cards, key cards… none of those work…” Then I thought of Monopoly and connected it with it being solely of interest to villains…

I agree, it’s an excellent book. And I’m not embarassed to say that as much as I tried to guess what the card was, I wasn’t even close until the point in this issue where Cheetah started trying to convince them to give it to her (I’m not sure whether it was a lightbulb or an exclamation point, but something actually appeared over my head as I read that exchange. Scared my cat). My best guess was some kind of Fourth World, Kirbified disc that would control all computers everywhere or something. The real answer was much cooler.

Oh yeah, and even during the first couple of issues, I never doubted that whatever Simone would come up with would be worth the build up. There aren’t many writers that I have that much faith in.

It’s actually such a genius reveal, I think it elevates the card beyond MacGuffin. Or, perhaps, it’s the ultimate MacGuffin. I mean, this is a new piece of DC mythos that could be around for a looong time. I could see it driving future stories, easily. Love it.

I figured it out halfway through and still thought it was a cute idea by the end. The light tone of the comic – even with Junior – made the last page’s joke pretty funny.

heck, was it even used to get Knockout back? I’ve read that trade dozens of times, and no one actually ever pulls it out — Ragdoll voluntarily leaves, and they take Knockout with them, but the card itself is never pulled.

Oh, and …

DAMN YOU, DIDIO! DAMN YOU TO HELL for taking this book away!

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