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11/9 – Curious Cat Asks…

What DC hero do you think makes for the most interesting match for a team-up with Batman? Not counting the Batman-related heroes like Robin, Nightwing, etc.



Wild Dog

I think Martian Manhunter (may he rest in fictional peace) was always a really interesting team-up. They both had this sense of extreme loss, and great detective skills.

I don’t have an incredibly long history with comics, but I would think somebody like The Flash, just because of how incongruous that matchup would be.

Dex-Tar, The RageCat

I think its interesting to see when Bats teams up with a rookie hero to see how they react to each other.

Zatanna – the Bat and the Zat…

John Constantine – We’ve already had Batman/Phantom Stranger


Vril Dox

The Inferior 5 – How would Batman handle such incompetence and make it workable?
The Doom Patrol – Either the original team or Grant Morrison’s team…taking Batman WAY out of his element.
Angel And The Ape – A detective skill mismatch.
Stanley And His Monster – There are no words…

Random Stranger

November 9, 2008 at 5:17 am

I think Batman is at his best when he’s placed against someone who can really contrast him. For that reason there is only one choice: Ambush Bug.

Wild Dog.

Guy Gardner

Someone mentioned Vril Dox – for how awesome an idea that would be, check out the early issues of the current Brave &The Bold when he ended up in the future and had to “work” with Braniac 5.

It’s hard to think of a character he HASN’T worked with! Out of who he has, though, he bits with Steel in Morrison’s JLA always seemed nice. And any of the rookie heroes at one time or another (Kyle, Wally, Aztek, Jack Knight) What about The Shade? I’m fairly certain they crossed paths in Starman, but not much.

Tom Fitzpatrick

November 9, 2008 at 7:15 am

The Heckler.

Ralph Dibny, awesomest detective duo evah!

One of my favorites was when he met the original Manhunter; I think having him meet the Kate Spencer one would be fun.

Since Freakazoid still hasn’t been integrated into the DCU (but the Archie heroes will be? Man, somebody’s priorities are skewed), I’ll have to second The Heckler and Ambush Bug.

Or…The Creeper! Yes! At his zany best!

Mr. Terrific – they’ve danced around the pairing a few times (a JSA Thanksgiving story comes to mind), but it’s always been an interesting teamup for me. It’s sort of like the Prometheus thing in reverse, with Batman being the evil(ish) reflection of Terrific.

Hal Jordan; the Johns-scripted team-up from Green Lantern a couple of years ago was gold.

Hands down, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle. The issue of Brave and the Bold as well as everything I’ve seen of the new cartoon prove that.

I’ve always liked when he hooks up with DEADMAN.

gets my primary vote.

I’d also like to add, that (much like the realm that Deadman operated within) Magic is always a dynamic counterbalance to Batman’s “realism”.
I’d like to posit SPECTRE, but that’s just too crazy-powerful for Batman to really cope with.
John Constantine (if the damned VERTIGO ban would be lifted) would be PERFECT.
SO, to that extent, I’ll agree with ZATANNA being a good selection as well.


Is there anyone that Batman DOESN’T work with?

Seriously, he works as such a great counter-point to so many things (hope, power, happiness, inexperience). I think a tougher question is who won’t work (storywise) with Batman?

I think because Superman represents everything Batman isn’t, but they both are ultimately heroic, I’m always partial to the classic World’s Finest pairing.

I’ve recently read a fair chunk of the old B and B series (the first two Showcase vols and another dozen back issues). Enjoyed it practically all… but the line up that gave me a really unexpected dose of pleasure was Sgt Rock and Batman.

But… of course… this was in the haneyverse where Batman was a much more pleasant guy, and Sgt Rock was still wandering around 20 years after WW2 still in sergeant’s universe. Whether it would work half as well today… don’t know.

Booster Gold, I love it whenever I see those two cross paths

(the late) hitman, of course

Zatanna and Lois Lane are great because of how much they fluster him as women who, you know, don’t wanna bang him and aren’t afraid to tell him what they think of him.

I liked it in the animated JLU toon when he would team up with Green Arrow. Good stuff.

Now that Milestone’s being integrated into the DCU proper, there’s a whole bunch of characters who’d make for fascinating teamups.

Icon – the several hundred year old conservative black Superman analogue who’s an alien and a lawyer…
Holocaust – the vicious pyrokinetic gangbanger.
Xombi – The nanotech-powered man who cannot die, who investigates the REALLY weird stuff.
Static – Wait, I think that actually happened on the cartoon…
Kobalt – The limb-breaking street-level vigilante.
Dharma – The psychometric leader of the Shadow Cabinet, more manipulative than Batman!
and of course…
Dogg – the talking dog!

For traditional DC pairings, it really does seem like Batman, for such a loner, has worked with everyone, in one version of continuity or another. But y’know? I want to see a teamup between Batman and the Paladin version of him from the recent JLA storyline.

Green Lantern. In a room painted yellow. With a glass of lemonade.

Blue Beetle II, for a few reasons. One, their similarities. Two, their contempt for one another. Three, my insistence on working Ted Kord into every story idea ever.

I’ll tell you after I see a few episodes of The Brave and The Bold.

nobody! he works alone!


For such a famous pairing, how often do we actually see them work together? Particularly when they each have their own title(s)

Does it seem odd to anyone else?

Mind you, their is the alledged combined title after “battle for the cowl”… but still

I always liked it when Batman and the Creeper teamed up.

Blue Bettle (Jaime) and Hawkman for the same reason… we get to see a softer Bats.

His interaction with Jaimer in IC and post IC was great. And with Carter, we get to see how much of a softie Bats is by comparison

Hawkman is mace’em then ask – while Bats is scare’em till the confess. Watching Batman try to talk Carter into doing things “nore” civilly would be great to see.

As far as Batman dealing with DC mystism…my favorite Batman teamup story…Batman and the recent Ragman incarnation really intrigues me. And I really enjoyed their B & B teamup when they had to operate in each other’s costume….hokey…but fun.

Yeah, it’s Deadman. Visually, personality-wise, and powers too. He doesn’t upstage Batman and often has a good reason to be teaming up with him, too. Plus he doesn’t appear elsewhere much.

Oh yeah…Batman and the Red Tornado…a man battling to control his soul working with a machine man trying to discover his…grim, but human, avenger teamed with an extremely powerful innocent.

The Haunted Tank!


Batman and Sgt. Rock were always a great team in Brave and the Bold. Loved Batman and Wildcat, too. Did Batman ever team up with Wesley Dodds? That would be pretty awesome.

I just reread Batman Black and White vol. 2, and enjoyed the pairing of a young Batman with Alan Scott. I wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

The World’s Finest team is one of the most natural pairings of personalities in comics. Superman & Batman go together like peanut butter & jelly.

The JLU Batman & Wonder Woman were a great matchup. I second DanLarkin’s suggestion of Batman & Wesley Dodds above.

Always enjoyed Batman’s Brave & the Bold team ups with Green Arrow. Ollie’s more laid back approach to heroing was always a fun contrast with Bats.

And you haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Jack Knight Starman discuss Woody Allen movies with Batman. :)

B’wana Beast

Though it is, in a way, a team-up with a Batman-related character, I’d suggest Batman and The (Renee Montoya) Question. It’d be interesting to see what would happen; would Montoya tip her identity? Would Batman figure it out?

Also, Greg, I just read the first three volumes of Kate Spencer as Manhunter in trade paperback, and I seem to recall a Batman team-up of some kind. I could be wrong, though.

Jimmy Olsen, hands down. I’d have Perry White send the cub reporter to Gotham to tail Bats for a juicy story, much to Bats’ chagrin. Tagline: “He’s not my Pal!”

Superman and Batman are perfect for each other.

I think that it would be fun to see Batman team up with Ice. I haven’t gotten my hands on JLI, so I haven’t read them together, but I think that her constant optimism would really bring out an interesting side of him.

Detective Chimp.

I’m not one of those people who thinks “Chimp = awesome” either. I just like the idea of Batman actually needing help on a mystery because it (1) heavily invovles the occult, and (2) can’t be solved by beating people up until they tell him where to go next. Maybe even play up the idea that if Batman can’t admit when he needs help, he’s not as awesome as he’s always made out to be. And of course throw in enough street-level underworld situations and thug fighting to make sure it’s not a Detective Chimp story with Batman tagging along.

Jay the 1 letter wonder

November 9, 2008 at 9:07 pm

Just because I think it would be funny I’d have to go with either Guy Gardener or Stargirl.

Bats and.. Captain Marvel! Makes Supes seem gritty..

Bats and.. Mark Moonrider! Is he alive? They have to find the super-rave in the woods- before it blows up the world!!

Bats and.. pre-Vertigo Swamp Thing! I had an old one where they fought Solomon Grundy.. Or was that a Superman team-up?

Bats and.. Orion! Forager’s Bugs invade Gotham for food!

Bats and.. The Shadow!!!!! Especially if set in the 1930’s..

While I like Clayton’s Blue Beetle idea above, I still would say Oliver Queen.
I’ve always enjoyed Batman/Green Arrow team ups.

I concur with the Bats/Hellblazer team-up – they are both manipulative and they would probably each walk away from the encounter thinking the other was really f**ked up.

If we are dropping the Vertigo ban, then just Batman dealing with all of the Endless – what a strange trip that would be.

Or maybe Batman and Crazy Jane.

New idea for an Elseworlds story – what if Batman existed in the Vertigo World!

Plastic Man

Too bad it specifies DC, because I think that Batman and Spider-Man make an awesome team-up. Both guys who became heroes due to tragedy, both coping with it in very different ways.

But of DC heroes, I’d say a) any detective character, because they always have so much in common (the Elongated Man/Batman team-ups, though rare, were always a treat), b) any rookie hero, because there’s always a wonderful mentor/student dynamic that shows Batman’s tender side (heck, that’s why Robin works well with him), c) any light-hearted hero, because Batman makes a great straight man (“Inform the troops! Lord Vader has arrived!”) and d) any dark hero, because Batman always schools them on how to be dark without being evil.

So really, who _doesn’t_ team up well with Batman?

Batman Jones.

Starfire. Different worlds (literally) yet both have love for Dick (mind out of the gutter).

I always liked him with Plastic Man.

I think ZZZ has only read Frank Miller’s Batman.

I think a Batman/Connor Kent story or a Batman/Bart Allen story would be good though.

“I’m not one of those people who thinks “Chimp = awesome” either. I just like the idea of Batman actually needing help on a mystery because it (1) heavily invovles the occult, and (2) can’t be solved by beating people up until they tell him where to go next.”

One of the last issues of the late, lamented JLU comic featured this exact pairing (with Ralph Dibny tossed in to keep the dialogue moving). It worked (but, then, most “crazy team-up with obscure characters” stories in JLU worked really well).

As for who doesn’t work… I don’t remember ever being blown away by a DCU pairing of Batman and Wonder Woman, which is why I was surprised when they worked so well together on JLU. Then again, that’s a very different version of Wonder Woman.

Some other interesting pairings:

Batman/Klation the Witch Boy

Batman/Starfire, Barbara Gordon, Huntress and Tarantula (every female hero that Nightwing has taken to bed) where Nightwing is injured/hurt/needs rescuing.

Batman (kick butt, ask questions later)/Artemis (just kick butt).

I like Batman/ Green Arrow team-ups, and I’d like to see Batman work a case with Dr. Mid-Nite.

Any member of the Detective Squad from _Top 10_. Okay, it would be out of continuity, but I’ve always loved how Batman played off other detectives (especially Elongated Man). Seeing Batman have to deal with a police detective who was bound ny the law would make for a great contrast.


Ambush Bug.

Seriously. Sort of.


Never done in Brave & Bold – Batman/Doctor Mid-Nite: opposite sides of the same night! or Batman/Martian Manhunter – like Ralph Dibny, the same occupation, but from a completely different perspective.

And I’d like to echo earlier nods to using Angel & The Ape and the Inferior Five.

I think a Batman/Hellblazer story wouldn’t be that different from the way Batman plays off Faust in JLA: Black Baptism.

I think a Batman/Sandman/Sandman story would be good, in which Batman works with Wesley Dodds and his visions to do a job Morpheus needs doing in the waking world. Maybe as a reward, Morpheus could arrange a dream visitation from Thomas and Martha Wayne for Bruce. Of course it would have to be written by Gaiman though.

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