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Vote Now for the Top 25 Comic Book Battles!

Towards the end of the month, Comic Book Resources is doing a special feature on the Top 25 Comic Book Battles, and we want YOU readers to choose the list!

Vote for your top 10 top (and by top, I mean your favorite) comic book battles by 11:59 Eastern on November 19th, and we’ll reveal the results in a special feature on CBR the following week!

Simply list your top ten (and please pick 10 – less than ten and I won’t count any of your votes) from your top choice to your bottom choice, in the comments below (please include the word ACBC in the comment, that way your ballot will appear invisible to other readers).

Your top choice will be given 10 points, your second choice 9, etc.

Here are the following guidelines:

1. Vote for a specific battle in a comic book. It’s that simple.

Spider-Man versus the Juggernaut? Fine.

The Battle of Thermopylae in 300? Fine.

Superman versus Doomsday? Fine.

2. Specific issue numbers aren’t necessary, just make it clear what you’re referring to (so if you want, say, Superman versus Lex Luthor, be more specific about WHICH battle you’re referring to).

3. List ten choices.

Remember, please include the following word: ACBC – on your ballot. It will make it so your ballot appears invisible to other readers, so only I can read it (and count your vote secretly).

Most importantly, have fun!

Now vote! :)


arghh forgot to make it secret

I fixed it for you, Ray!

Everyone vote for the big ‘escape from the prison’ battle at the beginning of the New Avengers series!!

Remember, pick ten – numbered one to ten. Not just one!

Can we include metaphorical battles? Like, should one phrase it, “Spider-Man versus Defeatism” or “Spider-Man versus a Giant Machine that Has Collapsed on Top of Him”?

I’m going with “no” on metaphorical battles.

What if the metaphorical battle is represented as an actual battle, but metaphorically, like when Captain Marvel fights Thanos in his head as he lies dying of cancer?

Is this limited to American comics, or can we do manga as well?

Fine questions!

1. I’m still going with “no” on the “fighting imaginary battles” one. If it was something like Baron Mordo versus Dr. Strange on the astral plane or Professor X versus Shadow King on the mental plane, okay, but not imaginary battles like, say, Nightwing fighting Joker in a hallucination.

2. Sure, manga counts.

Where do we put the code to hide it? Just anywhere in the comment?

Fun question!

I really hope people are voting for Batroc the Leaper v. the Tarantula from the EUROHIT story arc in early 1990s Punisher…

Anywhere in the comment, Craig.

I dunno if you can put it, like, in the middle of another word, but otherwise, anywhere! :)

Can I choose more than one battle, like my top 3? I can think of three that I like the most but I can’t choose one :/

Pick your top ten, numbered 1 to 10 (with 1 being your favorite, 2 being your second favorite, etc.).

Khaldoun Omar Abbas

November 11, 2008 at 2:13 am

Lobo Vs Mask
JLE VS Extremists Rnd 1

This was tremendous fun, even if I don’t think any of mine’ll make it.
After the votes are tallied I’d love to know what everyone nominated.

“This was tremendous fun, even if I don’t think any of mine’ll make it.
After the votes are tallied I’d love to know what everyone nominated.”

I made a special effort to be certain that not one of my votes will actually make the list.

Okay, actually I fully expect two of them to turn up and there’s three more that I could see as dark horses but the rest have no chance.

Gonna have to think about this one.

What about indirect conflicts like Lucifer vs Yahweh in Lucifer? Does it have to actually involve fisticuffs or can Machiavellian plots count?

Hey, Brian- I’m a moron. Can you fix that for me?

DanLarkin – Four of your votes are in my list too!

I went pretty cliche with my choices. I think my #1 is going to be the #1 as well. We shall see! This is fun!

Well that was fun. My choices were definitely old school, with only 3 having occurred in the last 10-15 years. I think I might have 1 choice show up in the top 10, but I wouldn’t be surprised if none of my choices showed up. Still a great exercise to test my comic book memory

Let’s say I want to vote for Batman vs Grendel Prime but they fought a few times in the same mini series. Would I specify the one in the museum, the one at WayneCorp, the one in the sewers or the other one at the museum? Or would you just count their respective clashes in the same story as the same battle?

Jesus…I suck. Sorry, Brian. Can you fix my earlier post?

does Hank pym V’s Janet Pym count

Do you have any idea how many fight scenes are in my comic book collection? (Beyond guessing it’s in the range of “tens of thousands,” I sure don’t know how many!)

I’ve never really tried to list a handful of top favorites before. No matter what I come up with, the day after I post my list I’ll probably be wishing I had included several others I had completely forgotten about.

But I’ll give it my best shot over the next few days. One thing I know right away is that the battle in which Superman and Doomsday “killed each other” doesn’t have a prayer of making my Top 10. (It might be a serious contender for a “Bottom 10,” though.)

I halfway agree with Lorendiac. There are so many fight scenes that it’s hard to pick 10. Of course, I disagree about Superman vs. Doomsday. I get teary eyed every time I read it.

I get teary eyed every time I see the Champions vs. Godzilla in Godzilla #3….

Just sayin’…

I vote for the Deadpool vs. Kitty Pryde fight from Deadpool Vol. 1. One punch indeed. So, include Batman vs. Guy Gardner too. Or, the Hal Jordan vs. Guy Gardner fight from Green Lantern Vol. 2 #25.

you’ve opened up the can of worms from HELL…

Rhe first time the thunderbolts fought the avengers.

Nobody does big satisfying comic battles better than Jim Starlin. He got four of my spots but he probably should have gotten five, if I was being honest.

Superman vs The Elite (action 775)

Honorable Mention: Some of these commentators vs. reading comprehension

Can we vote for the fanboys vs. Joe Quesada in the battle for Spider-Man continuity (OMD/BND)?

Whew! That was a lot of geeking out for a bunch of stuff that mostly doesn’t have a prayer of making it onto the list. I mean I almost wrote down “Superman vs. Captain Thunder”, for God’s sake.

I decided that my list would be completely from memory and the first ten that came to mind would obviously be the most memorable. From the people who missed the instructions and just published their lists, I don’t have a single one in common. I’m surprised by 2 things: 1. How could I have missed Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill and 2. No mention so far of my number 1, the man vs. the kid.

And I’m an idiot for forgetting about Ultron Unlimited. Dammit.

I already voted but realized I want to swap out the battle at the end of Ultimates vol 1 and replace it with redeemers vs squadron supreme from the squadron supreme limited series #12. Is that allowed?

Ooh…forgot Kingdom Come. How, I don’t know…

Can I make that my 10?

How has no one mentioned the greatest fight in the entire medium, the final fight between Ogami Itto and Yagyu Retsudo in Lone Wolf and Cub.

How about an honourable mention for John Constantine giving the devil the finger?

Aaaaaaaand if I could revise my list, “Mr. Hyde vs. the Invisible Man” would so be on the list.

Oh my god, leaving out the miracleman/kid miracleman was a big oversight on my part. Also pretty much every walt simonson issue of thor.

How has no one mentioned the greatest fight in the entire medium, the final fight between Ogami Itto and Yagyu Retsudo in Lone Wolf and Cub.

The one I was surprised not to have seen yet is Guy Gardner vs Batman. One panel of brilliance!

Damn all these votes for All Star Superman #12 are making me wish I had the trade of that!

You know how you always think of something else afterwards well it just occurred to me there were 2 other John Constantine moments I should have included apart from the above instance of telling the Devil ‘up yours’ There was the 1 off in Hellblazer where he faced down Dracula and the instance in the Books of Magic where he bluffed the Villans club. 0ind you I’m not sure if these 3 instances count as battles som maybe its all good anyway, so I’ll stop gnashing my teeth over it.

How about Dream vs. the demon (forget his name) to reclaim his helm? So it’s not a punchy-kicky fight, but it’s a damn clever one.

The demon is Choronzon. I put that as my number 2. Great moment.

How about the RSS Konstantnov vs. RSS Taktarov in The Red Star? That was a truly epic battle.

Too many.

One super comicky slugfest that is surely overlooked is Odin vs Thanos in Infinity Watch 25.

Thor vs Silver Surfer in SS #4

Iron Man vs Extremis Guy is the only fight I can recall that made me hurt.

“How has no one mentioned the greatest fight in the entire medium, the final fight between Ogami Itto and Yagyu Retsudo in Lone Wolf and Cub.”

I actually voted for another fight in the series for very different reasons. The one I included was the one that convinced me that there was a lot more to the manga than there was at first glance, but arguing over which Ogami Itto fight is the greatest is not a fight for the list. :)

OMG I forgot probably the best battle of all time:

Grendel Christine Spar Vs. vampire Kabuki dancer Tujiro XIV ! Pander Brothers Rock! The BEST cover of all time: Grendel #7. Her fight with Argent the Wolf after was sweet too! Comico was really innovative then.

Althoug it is not a comic, in one episode of He-man the 2002 series, he fights the whole army of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors, a guy in youtube added the scen with the original series music, superb.

Metallo, Solomon Grundy, Parasite and Bizarro vs Superman and Captain Marvel in JUSTICE.

And just for the heck of it, here are my Top Ten Battles OUTSIDE of Comics:

1) Inigo Montoya vs. the Man in Black
2) Iorek Byrnison vs. Iofur Raknison
3) Tyler Durden vs. Tyler Durden
4) Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man 2
5) The final battle from the Return of the King
6) Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Return of the Jedi
7) Bugs Bunny vs. Daffy Duck, “Wabbit Season / Duck Season”
8) Neo vs. an Army of Agent Smiths
9) The last scene of Shalimar The Clown by Salman Rushdie
10) Obama vs. McCain

man…everyone has alot of great opinions….I hope you guys make this a top 50 list and not just 10!!!!!

avatar test

Guys, where the heck do I vote?

Just list your top ten here, along with the word ACBC.

And remember, people, list ten! Less than ten and I’m not counting the ballot!

Some rule clarifications – if a mini-series is all about various battles between two characters, like Batman versus Predator, that can suffice as a description – you don’t have to pick an individual battle from the mini-series.

The battles in question have to involve some sort of physical confrontation, even if it is only fights on the astral plane/mental plane.

This thing needed a nomination process first. I’m wondering how many lists are just going to be a different ten?


I’m not sure if it would have counted but the Great Cow Race from Bone just barely missed my list.

Any votes for Howard the Duck’s team-up with the showgirl from the “essay” issue, Howard the Duck #16?

I threw a couple on mine I don’t think I’ve seen yet on anyone else’s
Punisher vs. The Russian
JLA vs. Prometheus
Tommy Monaghan vs. Everyone
X-Men vs. Cassandra Nova
X-men vs. Magneto/Xorn

I really loved issue 25 of the Incredible Hulk series three where he and The Abomination fought. JRJR drew that so amazingly.

My list is still awaiting “moderation”, but I can lobby for some of the items on my lislt, I guess, especially as no one else has apparently mentioned Superman v. Ali! Neal Adams art big big pages. Or the knockdown drag out bloody bloody first battle of Invincible and OmniMan. I thought about the Gardner-Batman one punch fight. It nearly made my list. And I’m ashamed I didn’nt include Thor v. Beta Ray Bill.

All the lists should be awaiting moderation – that’s so no one can see them, as this is a secret ballot type deal.

I submitted also, I would like to lobby on behalf of Spider-Man vs Firelord from I think and old Web of Spider-Man. Maybe it was even MTU.

That was fun!
I didn’t think I could come up with 10 — and then had five more to cut out.
These fights rally had an impact.

When you say is has to be a physical confrontation, would that rule out the Dream vs Choronzon battle that was mentioned earlier?

Ggersten, I included Superman vs. Ali in mine.

But I’m ashamed I didn’t put in any Gulacy Shang-Chi. Almost put in Spider-Man vs. Shang-Chi, though!

How come no one has mentioned We3 versus We4?

Atman, I think there was enough physical confrontation in that one to count it.

And Kevin, remember, people’s ballots are secret, so who is to say that they HAVEN’T been voting for We3 versus We4? :)

But man, I should’ve voted for We3 vs. We4. I’m a tool.

However, if I start doing takebacks I’ll never stop. So ignore me unless I tell you three times, Brian!

Yea I think people will be surprised to see that many of their “No one else could have thought of this one as one of their greatest fight” is probably on many other peoples lists..

As for people telling other people what to put on their top ten: I only put fights that I read myself and thus have a happy memories of.. many say that the Spiderman vs Firelord fight was epic, but since I haven’t read it myself.. doesn’t make my list..

Okay, I’m taking that as a challenge…

My #1 is Captain America vs. The Tumbler/The Adaptoid. Honest to God.

Anyone else got that?

…Shit, I shoulda thrown in something from Love And Rockets…plenty of wicked fight scenes in that…

If people don’t vote for the time Wonder Woman fought a Maxwell Lord controlled Superman then I’ll bitch slap them.

Maybe we should also vote for the 25 Worst Comic Book Battles of all time. Or maybe the Stupidest Comic Battles. There’s a crap load of them out there…

I’d bet the Wolverine vs. Lobo pseudo-fight (Marvel vs. DC / DC vs. Marvel) would be on top.

Also, even though I certainly enjoyed reading Spider-Man vs. Firelord, in the end I believe it was just a bit silly. I mean, “your friendly neighboorhood” Spider-Man beating “power-cosmic-space-traveling-herald-of-Galactus” Firelord… It doesn’t add up. Stil… buildings crashing down is always fun.

If people don’t vote for the time Wonder Woman fought a Maxwell Lord controlled Superman then I’ll bitch slap them.

Unless I remember it wrong she didn’t really fight him. She just killed him

Wow, this was difficult to come up with a top ten. I’m digging through my brain and collection coming up with one’s I haven’t read in twenty years. Three of mine were pretty obvious and will hit the top ten. The others I doubt will make the lsit. Still alot of fun.

My #1 was Bullseye vs. Elektra from DAREDEVIL #181–the climax of Miller’s legendary run. (Although I thought about changing it to Daredevil vs. Bullseye from that same issue–because after Bullseye kills Elektra, DD comes after him with a VENGENCE…and Bullseye ends up in a freakin’ body cast…

In picking my top 10, I also only picked battles that I have personally read, and pulled all of mine from memory, with the thought that the ones that first came to mind would be the greatest in my mind. I would have to say that approach worked well for me, I’m very pleased with my list, even though I’m sure I have a couple of unusual choices in there.

My #1 choice was Superman vs. the Alternate Universe Kryptonians: Zod, Quex-ul, and Zora from Superman #22. I believe that was John Byrne’s last issue as the artist on that series, and it was the first comic I ever had, so it’s got a sentimental connection for me.

I realize they’re secret ballots but a lot of people are throwing around a lot of fights like Captain America versus Thanos. I just wanted to throw one I didn’t see mentioned and one some people might not have thought of in to the discussion. Looks like I one person agrees that they forgot about it.

One of the things that surprised me about my list was how little correlation there is with the top runs list. There are a few fights that appear in my top runs but not many. Interesting, well to me at least.

I can’t wait to see the final list as with so many classic fights there should be a great diversity in the final list. I suspect a couple of mine stand a decent chance of appearing, a couple have an outside chance, the

As ever with these things you always have to spare those that didn’t make the list. For me the almost made it’s were

• Zenith and co vs. Masterman: Zenith Phase 1
• Flash vs. Zoom (Return of Barry Allen)
• Judge Dredd and co vs. Satannus, piles of dinosaurs and the Town of Repentance (though a close battle did make it)
• The final battle in the New Statesmen. Way ahead of its time and I suspect if I’d re-read it more recently it would have made it.

Then there are two that really broke my heart.

Any number of Asterix and co. battles against the Romans. When I think of great cartoon battles this is what comes to mind they are so dynamic. However since individually they aren’t as epic or emotional as the battles that did make my list alas set them aside. For shame.

The Stern Avengers vs. Masters of Evil in the Under Siege arc. One of my favourite arcs BUT while there are some great battles in there (Wasp and Antman vs. Titania and Absorbing Man springs to mind) I think it’s the sum of the smaller battles that make it such a great story. Even the final climactic confrontation is really a series of individual fights and hence it just missed out to another Avengers battle.

I really screwed up by not putting in Odin vs Surtur.

My number one that bubbled up from memory was the Iron Man vs mr Sensitive fight. It’s brutal and awesome.. plus the grass throwing always cracks me up..

Agreed Tomas Harris, I got that one on my list too!
Maybe some of my lesser known fights have a chance at a spot in the final 25 after all!

Interesting that almost all of mine have shown up mentioned here. I’ve hardly bought a monthly comic in years, and did mine completely from memory.

For some reason, the first one I thought of is the only one that I haven’t seen a single other person mention: Red Basher vs. Captain Maximus, in the loudest comic ever, Scott McCloud’s DESTROY!!!!! (in 3-D, no less!)

I ended up moving it all the way down to #8, but it’s still an awesome classic.

Oh, and I threw out an Honorable Mention to Krypto vs. The Kryptonite Man in “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” because it still makes me cry every time….

Can we vote for comics that haven’t been translated in English? (just wondering, as the vote il open to mangas…)

I can pretty much guess the answer to that would be “yes, but it would be a wasted vote because no-one else will go for that choice”

Dan just about nailed that one.

Well, I thought of that, but voting “useful” rather than for even in comic book battles will start to become really depressing… (And I wasn’t motivated enough to check what stage of publication each manga had reached in the US before making my list)

Yeah, sorry, joso, I didn’t mean to imply that you shouldn’t vote for whoever you want to vote for!

Is the reason my number one pick hasn’t been mentioned yet just because it’s so blindingly obvious? I’m not saying which, because if it is then people can tell me yes, but if it isn’t, nobody can tell me so.

Some more great metaphorical battles:

Mr. Punch vs. my brain and the memories of my childhood
My love of Sylar vs. my hatred of Heroes
Marvel vs. DC
Alan Moore vs. injustice in all its forms
Matt Murdock vs. Mike Murdock vs. Daredevil to win the affections of Karen Page (Get it cause they’re all the same person so it’s humorous?).
Daredevil vs. Ben Affleck
Nicholas Cage’s acting/face vs. everything that is Right

My top ten:
The #1 pick was an instant no-brainer.
The next four came pretty easy.
Garth Ennis wrote two of them.
Thor is involved in four of them.
Oldest is from 1968.
Newest is from 1998.

I could have just picked ten random issues of Hitman.

This is going to be so much fun. I’ve been looking forward to another one of these since the top heroes poll.

Thanks, Brian.

I love that so many people seem to have a good idea of what the number one fight will be, and yet we’ve all refrained from mentioning it.

What’s the one that noone is saying? Maybe I’m a bit dense, I can’t think of what the obvious one is. Is it Superman vs Batman from TDK? Miracleman vs Kid Miracleman is way better than that. In fact Superman vs Batman from the New Frontier Special was better.

TDK Batman vs Superman? feh… I’d put the TDK Batman vs Joker fight above it myself, but it’s not in my top ten either….

I would be very, very surprised if the Dark Knight ending didn’t at least make the top 5, especially given Batman’s domination in Top Characters and Frank Miller’s high standing in Top Runs.

Then again, the vote might be split with all the other great fights in tDKR and Daredevil, whereas there was only one Miracleman and only one Kingdom Come.

Every time I think I have ten, I remember something else that just has to be there. This is hard and I’m going to hate myself the day after I submit my list.

Lord Paradise: “My love of Sylar vs. my hatred of Heroes”

I’m totally with you on that one!

Xmen Vs Brood in Australia
Xmen Vs Mauraders in San Fran

Does Ralph Dibney vs. Neron in 52 count? They didn’t really fight a fist fight, but Ralph defeats him.

Why isn’t anybody reffering to God Vs. The Devil in Savage Dragon? Did people forget? Or was it just me that thought it was spectacular and hylarious?

Or maybe it’s on some of the invisible lists out there.

Looks like people didn’t read the part where they are supposed to add the word so the votes are secret

Ups. That should read “referring” and “hilarious”. Sometimes my Portuguese gets in the way of my English. And other times my bad English gets in the way of my English…

My vote is going to The Punisher vs. Pittsy from Punisher MAX.

So did everybody else get Izaya vs. Steppenwolf as their number one?

I started out with We3 vs. We4, Bats v. Supes from DK, 1st intro of Alpha Flight vs. X-Men, Black Panther vs. Killmonger, and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vs. the Martians all solidly on my list, then watched them each get bumped off one by one as a more persuavive contender occurred to me.

The only fight from the last two decades that made my final list was Dream vs. John Dee, squeaking in at #9.

Half of my list, predictably, was Kirby, with two from New Gods, two from FF, and one from Thor.

Two of my picks were pure overwhelming nostalgia. The Avengers / Defenders war from 1973 was part of my intro to the Marvel U and seemed almost unbearably exciting at the time (hope a six-issue cross-over counts as a battle). And the LSH’s first fight with the Fatal Five in 1967 was probably the singular moment when my little grade two self looked up and said “comics r gud.”

And I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Avengers vs. Michael ( my #4, the highest ranking I gave to any non-Kirby comic). Watching Micheal plow his way through the entire expanded team was breathtaking, and one of the relatively few big multi-issue epics that actually delivered a memorable pay-off rather than a “meh.”

And, oh yeah, Shang Chi vs. Shen Kuei, the Cat, their first fight. My favorite comicbook martial arts moment, a solid #7.

This list will make a terrible top 25, I think.

Consensus will not line up with so much nostalgia. A top 100, maybe…

3.Marauders vs. x men (mutant massacre/ Messiah Complex)

That’s funny. Those two fights are close to 20 years apart.

So no one else put in Spider-Man v. Green Goblin (Norman), following Gwen Stacy’s death?


This’d take me longer than being addicted to an online game, so many choices.
Howsabout top 10 KO’s next, eg: Slam Bradley vs car in Catwoman.


Avengers vs. Michael/Korvac is sixth on my list! I was also surprised no one was mentioning it.

My list is pretty well-powered by nostalgia with the exception of no. 1.

I got four from the seventies, four from the eighties, one from the sixties, and my no. 1 is from a Vertigo from the last five years that has also gone unmentioned so far.

And no Frank Miller on my list, not ’cause there aren’t great candidates from his work, I just liked my other picks better.

So many choices…

1. Superman vs Doomsday.

that’s pretty much my list.

Easy…the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way

I was very close to including Savage Dragon v. Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster on my list. There just wasn’t enough room. Damn….

I had Avengers vs. Korvac on my list, but knocked it off due to lack of space.

But it saddened me to do so.


Spider-Man vs. Norman after the death of Gwen Stacy was another I was sad to strike from my list.

In fact, it turns out most famous classic battles can’t stand up in my mind against battles I read at the age of 10.

X-Men vs. Dark Phoenix.
Bullseye vs. Elektra
Fantastic Four vs. Galactus

None proved worthy of my top ten.

I agree. Sentimentality means a lot. The majority of my list was from my childhood.

Phoenix Vs Galactus in Excalibur.
Awesome Alan Davis visuals!

I’m a little surprised no one else has mentioned The Thing vs The Champion from that Marvel Two-in-One Annual. That was an awesome battle.

Miracleman Vs. Kid Miracleman!!! Mmmmm, inspiration for Neo Vs. Agent Smith in Matrix Revolutions?

X-men vs the Shi’ar Imperial Guard to determine the fate of Jean Grey in Uncanny X-Men #137

How’s this for obscure: 2 of my favorite battles occur in SECRET WARS 2, including my #1. Really surprised no one has mentioned any of World War Hulk, or the Authority vs the Renegade Doctor.

Hmmm… looks like the special word isn’t working any more. I can see pakx’s list even though the word is in that post.

yeesh. Feel free to correct my spelling. Sad that I think I spelled “Choronzon” correctly and “Israeli” incorrectly.

My number one battle is Jem and the Holograms Vs. The Misfits in episode 7D. LMAO!!!

Because comic history is very long, I’m actually very new to this. The first comic books I’ve read besides Ultimates 1 Vol.1 and Ultimates 2 Vol.1 is Hous of M.

The final fight between Marvel heroes and the House of Magnus blew me away. It’s my favorite.

I also have Ultimate Pym and Ultimate Janet and the fight between X-Men and the Children of the Vault.

Just because a battle is classic doesn’t mean it’s a top 25 fight. :o

What about New Warriors vs. Nitro, Cobalt Man, Speedfreek and Coldheart? It ended with a bang.

It looks like this poll is really going to be a battle between newer and older readers, even more than favorite runs was. I anxiously await the results!

ggersten said:

It looks like this poll is really going to be a battle between newer and older readers, even more than favorite runs was. I anxiously await the results!

I know what you mean. Back in the “favorite runs” days, I believe I commented that a bunch of mine were stuff which has never been conveniently collected in trade paperbacks, and happened long enough ago (the 1980s, for instance) that newer fans simply wouldn’t ever have been exposed to it in the first place.

On a similar note: I’ve just submitted my ballot for 10 favorite fights, and looking back on it now, I think about half of them have been collected in TPB at some point. (Maybe 6 out of 10 if we count black-and-white reprint volumes as being TPBs despite a certain absence of color on the pages.) I suspect the others are highly unlikely to get many (if any!) other votes from my fellow fans, because they all date back at least 14 years or more, the 80s and early-to-mid 90s, and so they’ve had plenty of time to “fade into limbo” without being reprinted regularly for the education of those who missed them the first time around!

Hm. Looking at my list again, I see that they all fall in between 1985 and 1995 (Although I’m not sure I first read all of them during that same timeframe), with all but two having been collected in trade paperbacks, although one of those trade paperbacks is almost as hard to come by as the original issue and one was a one-shot issue. And I believe that at least 4 have been mentioned by other posters in this thread already. (But if I was going to pick one that other people would have mentioned, it would have been the Hulk-Maestro Trophy Room fight in Future Imperfect #2, but nobody’s name-dropped that one up to now. Hopefully others voted for it at least….)

I’d love to see the results of this one all the way down to the ‘any battle that got more than one vote or a single first-place vote’ granularity…

Juan Da Charro Ninja

November 19, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Iron Man vs Jack Daniels

Juan Da Charro Ninja

November 19, 2008 at 6:45 pm

Charlie Brown vs the Kite Eating Tree

So, if this is a poll of the top twenty-five battles, that means you’ll actually show us the top couple of hundred, right?
Or just at least until Orion vs. Kalibak vs. Terrible Turpin shows up?
And the Reed and Sue wedding brawl?

Oh wow, someone else already put Kite Eating Tree. Guess I should have read the thread before posting.

Batman vs Guy Gardner in Justice League #5

Wow! It’s really refreshing to see that there ARE new readers out there! I thought the 90s had killed off the new growth…

Brian, is there any chance you could do a poll of CSBG readers, (A) how old they are, and (B) How long they’ve been reading comics?

I think it would be really interesting (even if a few people purposefully try to skew the stats…)

My list went back into the 40s! Not that I was reading comics then, but as a young reader in the 70’s the reprints and flashbacks had several classic battles from the 40’s.

Also there needs to be more votes for Wonder Woman vs Egg Fu, even with out seeing the ballots, I know that one is going to get passed over.

I’m excited to see how this turns out. I am quite fond of my list, and I hope it shows up well in the top 25.

Damn! I was going to put down the kite eating tree too! I didn’t think it would get on though…

Now I didnt look at comments before I voted to not dilute my 1st responses.That said, HOW did I miss DKR Supes vs Batman & HOW did I forget X-Men vs Shi-ar #137? Doh!

For what it’s worth, Shane, I didn’t “forget” or “miss” the big fight with the Imperial Guard in the Dark Phoenix Saga, nor the Superman/Batman confrontation in DKR.

I considered both of them . . . and deliberately chose not to mention them on my ballot!

On the other hand,. I was seriously tempted to mention one or the other of the Batman vs. the Mutant Leader fights from DKR, but the problem was that I felt his first and second matches with the guy work better as a package deal in storytelling, and I wasn’t going to use two slots on my ballot for both of them, and according to the rules, I had to specify a particular battle, not just ongoing animosty between characters which manifested itself in multiple battles.

Scanning through the comments, I’m wondering if I’m the only one who picked a fight from the DC vs. Marvel (Marvel vs. DC) crossover… Did the overall experience just sour too many people from the idea?

SLAT4Fish: Well, I voted for the final battle in JLA/Avengers. Hard to beat a fight that has Superman carrying Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield.

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