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A Month of Good LGBT Comics – Rude Girls and Dangerous Women

In conjunction with Prism Comics, the preeminent website for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics and creators, every day this month I will be detailing one good comic book/graphic novel with LGBT themes.

Here‘s an archive of the featured works so far!

Today we look at a collection of cartoons by the editor of a previous comic featured this month.

Jennifer Camper is the brains behind Juicy Mother, the excellent LGBT comic book anthology featured here (you should click on the link and make a comment about Juicy Mother – it’d be a nice change of pace to see a comment there about the book itself).

However, she’s been doing cartoons herself for about two decades, and this a “best of” collection of her strips. It’s called Rude Girls and Dangerous Women.

Camper’s cartoons examine gender, race, sexuality and politics, and often in a sardonic and sarcastic way, but usually with a view of good fun.

Do note that most of these strips are from the early 90s, so while the art is serviceable, Camper has improved a lot, artistically, since then.

However, the artwork of Camper’s strips are not why you’re reading them – it’s her commentary and her jokes that makes the strips work. That said, when she tries out some unique angles and uses of negative space, her work definitely does take on an impressive feel – it just seems that more often than not, the artwork comes off as secondary to the words being written, as though the art is there just to give the words context, rather than being a separate expression of the story.

Here are a sampling of some of Camper’s strips….

See? Pretty funny and sometimes edgy stuff!

Check out her website here (where the images are courtesy of)!


This may be my favourite so far

Girls with mullets are the coolest on Earth. Period.

I deeply recommend the Megan Rose Gedris work: I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space
and YU+ME: dream. They are frikin awesome. I know that the title of the first is like a WTF but it is one of the most funniest and sexiest comics that I have ever read in my life, while the second is a psychological and tantalizing phantasy that is onyrical.

This one’s very good. I feel like Caucasian Translation is my favorite though, as even as a straight person I can relate to it a LOT. I swear I’ve heard, “I’m not racist, I’m VERY attracted to black men” from girls before.

I’ve ALSO heard the “Why Can’t We All Just be PEOPLE” argument. Very humorous.

Advantages of Being a Teenage Dyke and All About Mei Ling are great too though.

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