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Celebrate Fred Van Lente Day With a Live Fred Van Lente Chat!

For this year’s fourth annual celebration of Fred Van Lente Day (December 6th, for those ignorant to this magnificent holiday), we will be sharing the man, the myth, the legend, Fred Van Lente himself with you good folks!

Fred will do a live online chat this Fred Van Lente Day starting at 3:30 pm Eastern time!

(Although I’m sure you already know) Fred is the co-writer of Incredible Hercules, writer of Marvel Zombies 3, Wolverine First Class, Comic Book Comics, Action Philosophers, and a bunch of other comics!

So stop by the blog at 3:25pm to get a link to the chat room!


I heard through the grapevine that there are bigger and better things in store for FVL with his run on Wolvie: First Class ending too.

Incredible Hercules is very likely the best comic Marvel is putting out every month. The Slumber Party issue of W:FC was one of their best comics of the year. MZ3 and X-Men: Noir are both pretty high profile titles. And Comic Book Comics trucks on.

This really ought to be the best FVL Day ever, right?

Ah, Fred Van Lente Day, when Fred Van Lente comes down the chimney, delivering high-quality comics to good children!
Bad children, of course, get copies of Ultimates 3.

I dare say Fred Van Lente Day deserves its own tag!

I don’t know if I can make it to this chat; please get across the following question if you can:

Is the complete Action Philosophers I heard tell of going to be ready by Christmas? How about by Feb. 13th? My dad called the issue of AP I showed him the “greatest thing in the history of things,” and I would love to get him a nice compilation as a gift!

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already.

Dan’s point seconded. I’ve got the last trade so I’d love access to either the first two or that complation’d be even better so I can pass on the trade like smack.

What are Fred’s thoughts on trades vs. hardcovers, as it means I’ll likely not get his marvel zombies for quite a while.

4th annual? Man, I’m late to the show. I’ve been really into his work since he started on Hercules, and I know he did some Marvel Adventures work and Action Philosophers; what else did he work on?!

Fred,have you ever thought of writing a 2nd Ares mini? He seems to need a bit more fleshing out and with wwh and secret invasion. Not enough time has been spent with him.

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