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Comics Should Be Good Mailbag for 12/3

Here’s the latest installment of a weekly reader interactive segment on the blog, where I answer reader-submitted e-mails to bcronin@comicbookresources.com (and other e-mails that don’t require responses).


Mailbag entries were a bit slim this week – it was almost as if people were spending the Thanksgiving holiday with their families rather than sending me mailbag entries – how dare they!!

Friendly publicist David got me hip to a cool new thing NBM is doing – a blog for all NBM’s comic creators! And since NBM has such awesome people as Rick Geary, Neil Kleid, Ted Rall and Lewis Trondheim, that’s a pretty sweet sounding blog!

Check it out here.

Some new podcast called the Handsome Genius Club sent me a link to their podcast site. Here it is!

ed!=Awesome! took issue with the #1 fight on the Top 25 Comic Book Battles, and sent me a link from his website where he explains why Batman could never defeat Superman. Here is the link. I think he seemed to believe that I picked the results myself – I did not – they were voted on by you, the readers!

Our favorite young comic book hopeful, Chris Jones, wrote in to show some pages from the comic he is shopping around:

I talk a lot about the comic I’m working on, and I’d figure you might want to know what it WAS, and make sure that I wasn’t just pissing into the wind with flights of fancy.

Well, here are the first couple of scripts, and some art for the second issue, drawn by the wonderful Serena Guerra. If you think it’s worth showing off on the blog or in the letters section, you can do that, or don’t if you think it’s garbage, or simply choose to ignore the whole thing. Enjoy!

It’s not like I have a lot of other letters here, Chris, so sure, let’s show everyone your comic!


Comic book blog Destructo Co. is doing a holiday scavenger hunt to benefit Hero Initiative!

Here’s what they’re doing:

Here’s how ComiXmas works: On Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 12:00 pm (CST) Destructo Co. will post our Xmas Wish List containing a combination of 12 Hidden Items and Trivia Questions online. You have 24 hours to collect as many of the hidden items and answer as many of the trivia questions as you can. One of the items participants must supply is proof of their donation to The Hero Initiative in the amount of at least $1. The first participant to submit the most correct items and answers to comixmas@destructoco.com (email must contain “ComiXmas List” in the subject line) before 12:00 pm (CST) on December 14, 2008 wins a grand prize of 12 FREE COMIC BOOK SUBSCRIPTIONS from Marvel, DC or a combination of both. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit The Hero Initiative. Contact Destructo Co. at ComiXmas@destructoco.com with any questions. See the Official Rules for complete details before participating.

That’s about it, but in case you were wondering, you don’t have to participate in the scavenger hunt to donate. Every little bit helps. Good luck and thanks for your support!

Happy Holidays! – The Destructo Co. Staff

Check out their site here for more details.

Good ol’ Bright-Raven is having a holiday sale at his DeviantArt website! Some pretty darn cheap prices there! Check it out here.

The nice publicist Margaret wrote in to remind folks about IDW’s big Customer Appreciation sale!

DECEMBER 6, 10 AM – 3 PM. The sale will be held in IDW’s parking lot, 5080 Santa Fe St, San Diego, CA 92109.

Another nice publicist, Margot, showed me this neat Wanted game.

I used it to create the following…


That’s it for this week!

Send more e-mails!

If you do, be sure to send me an e-mail to bcronin@comicbookresources.com with the subject heading “Mailbag” if you want to be included in next week’s mailbag!


Well, that’s just mean. Now I have to go into hiding.

awesome pages, Chris! Serena’s stuff is terrific.

btw Brian i love this weekly mailbag.

I just adore Serena Guerra’s artwork… Any relation to Pia Guerra of “Y: The Last Man” fame?

At the risk of falling into painful fanwank — oops, too late! — I’m not sure that the idea in The Dark Knight Returns is “Batman can beat Supermanw ith prep.”

I’d say it’s more like “Batman, with lots of allies, years of planning, and a battlefield he’s rigged to ridiculous levels, can just barely beat a Superman who’s recovering from taking a nuke to the face.” It’s still a testament to Batman’s grit and brains — he staggers a virtual god and has him at his mercy by plotting and scheming and, best of all, taking advantage of outside circumstances — but Superman still gets to be Superman afterwards.

The various writers and fans who’ve turned TDKR into “Batman can whup Superman with some Green K and a week of forethought” seem to have missed exactly how damn hard Miller made Batman work to pull out his win in the original sequence.

Of course, The Dark Knight Strikes Again seems to have tried to do the wilder moments from TDKR with the volume turned up to 11, and I think even most of the readers who received it positively can agree that it and ASBAR are going for something quite different than Miller’s 1980s work at either company.

Also, “best” in the above post should read “Batmanest.” In fact, that’s probably true of all my posts.

Plus in TDKR, Superman doesn’t really want the fight, so his heart’s not really in it…

The point of Dark Knight Returns, for me, was that if the Joker is a guest on David Letterman, and someone offers you tickets to go see it, say no.

In my defense, I only thought it was your list because I had been awake for something like a gajillion hours, leaving me about as literate as a drunken goldfish. Thanksgiving in retail, good times had by all.

Thanks for the link, though!


A Super-Loogie to the junk would be a horrible way to go.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

You can see more art and script for the story at:


Hope to hear more feedback from you guys!

The pages look good. Without words on them, it looks like Cat in the Hat gone horribly wrong.

That’s some of the Batmanest comics art I’ve seen: strong layout sense and great storytelling skill!

If you liked this stuff then you should definitely check out the blog. More great artwork and the script to give it context.

I don’t mean to pimp this too aggressively, but as long as I’ve got you all here I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth ;)

I like the art style in those sample pages. It’s Don Bluth-meets-Adrian Alphona, or something.

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