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What Other Match-Ups “Have” to Happen?

I can honestly say that I never thought that Cap and Doc Ock would be a great match-up or anything like that.

Certainly not so that it would have “had to happen.”

That got me thinking, though – in this day and age of characters being around for so long, what are the most notable match-ups that HAVEN’T happened?

Has Doctor Octopus ever fought Thor or Iron Man? Has Superman ever fought Two-Face or the Penguin? Have the Fantastic Four ever tangled with Loki?

What is the most notable match-up that hasn’t happened yet?


I seem to remember a panel in Secret Wars #8 where Thor was seen tying Doc Ock’s arms together.

Punisher vs. Galactus

… surely it hasn’t happened yet, but I’d pay good money.

(Though if I know my “What If” story structure, it may have happened here: http://www.comics-db.com/story/1065632-1-What_If_The_Punisher_Were.html)

I don’t know how notable it is, but it always seemed logical to put the Punisher up against Crossbones.

Fantastic Four vs. Red Skull?

The X-men against one of your Nazi villans…Red Skull or von Strucker.

(Although I suppose they have plenty of experience with the Strucker children.)

Magneto and Titanium Man/Crimson Dynamo.

Nextwave vs. X-Static

These have been *touched* on, but they were both short and incidental bits of larger story-arcs.

Green Goblin vs. Doctor Octopus


Doctor Doom vs. Captain America

And I’ve always wanted to see Batman/Krypto.

There are a few villains that, if Batman’s never fought them, he should. Like Toyman or Mirror Master. What about the Creeper versus the Joker?

Actually Creeper vs. The Joker was done in Joker #3 back in 1975, check the wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creeper_(comics)

There are a few villains that, if Batman’s never fought them, he should. Like Toyman or Mirror Master.

Batman fought Toyman in Johns recent retcon of Toyman (fought may be too strong of a word.) There a fairly famous scene in Morrison’s JLA run where Batman bribed Mirror Master to betray that version of the Injustice Society.

Is there a definitive Luthor-Wonder Woman match-up (JLA meetings with Luthor tend to default to Superman-Luthor)? That seems like a natural conflict.

Booster Gold-Hunter Zolomon also seems like a natural matchup: both have a time travel gimmick, and who needs to become a better hero more than Booster ;)

Power Pack vs. The Red Skull. It had to happen.

Thing vs. Absorbing Man (in continuity)

Fantastic Four vs. the U-Foes.. I probably missed it, because it is a pretty obvious match-up.

“Nextwave vs. X-Static”


But, yeah, that would be awesome.

Power Pack in the age of apocalypse?

– Still earlier than Johns, there was an entire miniseries called Batman/Toyman in the late 1990s.

— The Red Skull was the villain of the horrific X-crossover “M-Tech” that launched the failed X-51, Warlock, and Deathlok series of the late 1990s. The Skull teamed with the Mad Thinker to take on the FF in Fantastic Four v.3 #23.

— Batman also fought the Mirror Master (the original, Scudder), alongside Captain Boomerang during Doug Moench’s early 1980s run on Batman and Detective Comics.

But as for those that hain’t yet been done:

— I third FF vs. U-Foes. It’s simply astounding this hasn’t happened yet.

— Iron Man vs. Green Goblin. Two industrialists, one insane, the other not. Of course, upcoming Marvel storylines may actually make this one happen.

— Hawkeye vs. Bullseye

— Sub-Mariner vs. Doctor Octopus

— X-Men vs. Ultron; the biological future against the technological future, with human extinction the common scenario.

— Super-Skrull vs. the Mimic

— Dracula vs. Sauron (of the X-books, not the Lord of the Rings)

— Ra’s al Ghul vs. Vandal Savage. Seriously, how has this not yet happened? Even their daughters have fought at this point, in Villains United #6.

— Rose and Thorn II (the vigilante version) vs. Two-Face

— Superman vs. Scarecrow: what is the Man of Steel’s greatest fear?

— For that matter, the occasionally teased-at but never actually used Scarecrow vs. Green Lantern idea.

— Bane vs. Cassie Cain/Batgirl

— Red Tornado vs. Weather Wizard

— Doctor Fate vs. Doctor Alchemy

— Black Panther vs. Hate-Monger

and of course, the greatest unseen clash of all:

— Brother Power the Geek vs. Rag Doll

I will always believe that Poison Ivy should be a Wonder Woman villain.

Fights I’ve been waiting literally years to see…

Wolverine vs Bullseye – They’re two guys with adamantium skeletons, and they’ve never fought? What’s up with that?

Fantastic Four vs U-Foes – Like everyone else here, yeah, I keep wondering why they’ve never gotten into a slugout.

X-Men vs Red Skull – This time, do it properly, without the M-Tech stuff, and actually have the entire X-Men team line-up, not just three members, and have the X-Men meet the Skull face-to-face for more than one page.

Nick Fury vs Fenris – I don’t get it. The Strucker twins went after Magneto because he humiliated their father years before, but they never bothered trying to kill Fury, the guy who was responsible for the actual demise of dear old dad?

“Green Goblin vs. Doctor Octopus”

They never even teamed up. Crazy.

How about Stegron the Dinosaur Man vs. Sauron? Does such a comic exist?

Man-Thing/Absorbing Man. Not only do their abilities match, but the possibilities for the cover captions are endlessly great. “Absorbing the Man-Thing!”

Catman vs. Catwoman

Dracula vs. Man-Bat

Superman vs. Man-Bat – by Frank Miller

Wolverine vs. Wolverine… Let’s face it, he’s in so many titles at the sam e time, that there HAS to be more than one… this time they cross paths in a bar… ’nuff said…

G.I.Joe vs. Action Force

Transformers vs. the Robotech Masters

Warpath vs. the Lizard

Tigra vs. Feral

Teen Titans vs. Runaways…

Has Deadpool ever battled Terror, Inc.?

Wolverine vs. Wolverine has happened in a recent (gloriously silly) storyline of Exiles. Dozens of Wolverines fighting each other.

Iron Man vs. Magneto, for the following reasons…

1.) This is a fight where Tony is at an inherent disadvantage, his powers coming from a metal suit and all. I think that he could find a way to counteract Erik’s power enough so that he isn’t just crumpled into a ball and killed, but it’d still be one of his worst match-ups ever.

2.) Of all the human superheroes, I think Erik would have the most animosity towards Tony. Even before Tony became an outright Hitler type in Civil War, he still represented a military-industrial model, the use of technology as a means to control/kill whoever challenges the powers that be. The similarities between the Iron Man armor and the Sentinels would never be lost on Erik.

3.) Tony wouldn’t like Erik either, because Erik’s politics are inherently medieval. Erik may talk about progress and finer worlds, but he brings it about through terror and bigotry– two backwards ideologies that stand against everything Tony is trying to build.

4.) We never really see Tony’s stance on mutant issues. This is probably a good thing, since crossovers get out of hand really easily and mutant storylines simply don’t work post House of M, but the Marvel mutants present an interesting challenge for Tony. On the one hand, Tony has the intelligence not to discriminate and the compassion to understand Homo superior’s suffering. On the other, the fact that almost all mutants have made themselves an out-group disrupts Tony’s vision. Even the X-Men, the most superheroic of mutants, position themselves away from the public heroes. The agendas run parallel at best, and that doesn’t work with Tony’s visions of unity.

Bane vs. Cassie Cain/Batgirl

They were both around in an arc in Gotham Knights, although Bane was being non-villainous at the time and I think the closest they came to fighting was when she and all the other sidekicks confronted him early in the stroy, but it didn’t come to blows.

Batgirl vs. Riddler would have been a really interesting one, back when Cassandra couldn’t read and given some plot device to explain why she couldn’t go to Batman or Oracle for advice.

Forgot the Wolverines Exiles issue! Though to be fair, it wasn’t that recent… about three years ago – pre Claremont…

But I was thinking purely 616 Wolverine vs. 616 Wolverine… ;-)

Sam sed: “Magneto and Titanium Man/Crimson Dynamo.”

Sam = awesome!

On the Bane thing… has there ever been a Bane / Nightwing throw-down? It seems like something of a natural one, but I can’t recall offhand if their paths have ever crossed. Bane was gone from NML by the time Dick and Tim were called in, I don’t recall him guest-starring in Nightwing and Dick only showed up in Knightfall/End to beat up on JPV.

Mephisto vs. Captain America. He wanted the incorruptible soul of the Silver Surfer. Wouldn’t he find a similar attraction in trying to corrupt Steve Rogers?

Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises vs. Luthor and LexCorp over an extremely hostile takeover attempt.

Batman vs. Ira Quimby. I don’t know if IQ still turns into a genius when exposed to sunlight, but it might make him the equivalent in tactics to the Bat. But it might be too much like Batman vs the Calculator.

The Haunted Tank vs. the War Wheel.

I really am stuck in the Silver Age, aren’t I? Anyway, this one obviously is impossible but I like to imagine it:

Thor’s Odin and Asgard vs. Darkseid and Apokolips as drawn by Jack Kirby. Awesome cosmic comic conflict.

When people were complaining about the Top 25 Battles that Batman could never beat Superman, it suddenly occurred to me a good way to piss those people off:

Batman vs. Doomsday

It could be pretty epic, and it would make Supes look real bad (Supes fights an oddly “fair” fight and loses, Batman fights dirty and takes care of business)

I was thinking Moon Knight vs. Deadpool recently: Khonshu offers Pool the job of avatar of vengeance (or maybe Deadpool’s imagining it) and Moon Knight has to fight him for the title.

1) Sebastian Shaw, the great underused X-villain, although, here’s hoping Mike Carey remedies that, vs the Thing. Bashful Benjamin would be at an inherent disadvantage given their power-sets, but he just would not give up!

2) Thor vs the Silver Samurai. Thor would outclass him, but it would be interesting to see how long a “noble bad-guy,” could last against a noble warrior god. Sort of like a lot of the mid-sixties Marvels with the roles reversed.

3) Ra’s al Ghul vs Supes. I may have missed it during my comics hiatus, but if not, how has this not happened?

4) DD vs the Gorgon from Millar’s Wolverine: Enemy of the State.

5) Darkseid vs Mongol.

6) Brian Cronin vs Tom Brevoort, the winner taking the Infinity Gauntlet Award for best comics blog!

Hulk vs. Magneto

Luke Cage vs. Bullseye

The X-Men vs. the Masters of Evil

Moon Knight vs. Electro

Green Arrow vs. Joker

Birds of Prey vs. Checkmate

Wonder Woman vs. Brainiac

Galactus vs Howard the Duck :)

Penguin vs Firestorm.

Oh, wait…

Magneto vs. Iron Man did happen briefly in Byrne’s WCA run; turns out Tony had rigged diamagnetic armor that Erik couldn’t directly affect. It was quite lame.

Also, Bane fought Nightwing — and beat him seven shades of bruised — in the Bane one-shote released around the time of Schumacher’s Batman and Robin film.

Green Arrow fought the Joker in Joker #8 during the 1970s, an issue memorable for the Joker suddenly and irrationally deciding he’s in love with Black Canary…and then chuckign her off a bridge when he changes his mind.

Ra’s al Ghul fought Super a couple times during the Joe Kelly run on Action, and was also the villain opposing Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman in Matt Wagner’s Trinity miniseries (not to be confused with the weekly one going on now).

Catman vs. Catwoman has happened severral times, though all of them predate the recent revamp of Cat-Man thanks to Gail Simone.

Thanks Omar. Is that Joe Kelly Action Comics run worth tracking down?

Squirrel Girl v. Galactus
Squirrel Girl v. Mephisto
(She’s already taken down Thanos . . .)

In a time travel, company crossover story: GLI v. Justice League Detroit

Random Stranger

December 5, 2008 at 4:03 pm

“Punisher vs. Galactus”

Don’t be silly. As seen in Fantastic Four #50 the Punisher works for Galactus.

Batgirl vs. Riddler would have been a really interesting one, back when Cassandra couldn’t read and given some plot device to explain why she couldn’t go to Batman or Oracle for advice.

GOOD one.

Squirrel Girl v. Galactus
Squirrel Girl v. Mephisto

Both at the same time, just to be fair.

Mogo the Green Lantern vs Ego the Living Planet.

Amanda Waller vs. R.J. Brande

Has there ever been a proper Blob vs. Juggernaut throwdown where they were both fully powered?

I’ve always been partial to the possibility of a fight among any two or more of Doomsday, Validus, Shaggy Man (pre-Eiling).

I can’t believe this has NOT been done:

Batman vs Wolverine!!

As far as I know, the closest they came to fighting was in the first ACCESS miniseries, when the Justice League battled The X-men.

(I’m NOT counting the time the two were merged in the AMALGAM universe. Though those were good stories too though.)

Seriously: Just having Logan show up in Gotham, deadset in some personal mission, only to have Bats show up and tell him “Get out of my City” would be worth the cover price. :D

Iron Man fought Doctor Octopus in an issue of Marvel Fanfare. It was painted by Ken Steacy, and Turk from Daredevil played a role as an informant, so I’m inclined to remember it was written by Roger McKenzie. It was the story where Doc Ock builds his adamantium harness featured in later storylines.

I would like to see:

Static vs. Black Lightning


Ambush Bug vs. She-Hulk (or Howard the Duck)


Invincible vs. Spider-Man


Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) vs. Iron Man

This post reminds me how whenever WWWF-style fights are discussed, the fight I first say I’d like to see is Spider-Man vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A full-power Juggy vs. full-power Blob, sadly, would not be the “immovable object meets unstoppable force” thing internet memes would have it. Blob’s been uprooted or moved way too many times, going all the way back to his first appearance (where Cyclops can topple him with optic beams).

Tim Drake versus Lex Luthor.

Multiple Man vs. The Collective Man

“The Red Skull was the villain of the horrific X-crossover M-Tech”.
This crossover was horrific because…?

Superman has fought Man-Bat in the John Byrne-years. If I remember right, Superman is temporarily insane, and Man-Bat is the hero.

And I don’t think the scuffle between Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus in Marvel Knights Spider-Man was incidental, it was a pretty big part of Mark Millar’s plot.

Fantastic Four vs BULLSEYES

Rob suggested “Ambush Bug vs. She-Hulk (or Howard the Duck)”

So how about H.E.R.B.I.E. and Howard the Duck babysitting Franklin Richards playing with his new found friend Ambush Bug (in his longest teleport yet?

And I don’t think the scuffle between Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus in Marvel Knights Spider-Man was incidental, it was a pretty big part of Mark Millar’s plot.

The reasons for the scuffle were, yes, but in effect it was simply a deus ex machina to save SDpidey and MJ…one interrupted by a lightning bolt from the gods such that, in addition to Ock being semi-mindless from brainwashing, was hardly an epic clash between two of Spidey’s most dangerous foes.

Rene: “Superman has fought Man-Bat in the John Byrne-years. If I remember right, Superman is temporarily insane, and Man-Bat is the hero.”

Actually, I believe that was Swamp Thing. Turns out there’s a Kryptonian plant virus/thingie that’s the cause. Love that issue. Alan Moore, or am I wrong????

“Squirrel Girl v. Galactus
Squirrel Girl v. Mephisto

Both at the same time, just to be fair.”

Squirrel Girl’s powers don’t work that way. Galactus and Mephisto going at her at once would give them LESS of a chance of winning, because the odds would be stacked that much more against her. If you want to beat Squirrel Girl you’ve got to send in someone like Paste Pot Pete.

“Actually, I believe that was Swamp Thing. Turns out there’s a Kryptonian plant virus/thingie that’s the cause. Love that issue. Alan Moore, or am I wrong????”

Michael, they’re different stories, with some similarities between them.

The Swamp Thing story by Alan Moore one was DC Comics Presents #85.

The Man-Bat story was by John Byrne and (I think) Mike Mignola, and appeared in Action Comics #600.

The Swanmp Thing srtory, which was a DC Comics Presents Team-Up, used a Kryptonian plant-virus, with Swamp Thing managing to “talk down” Superman via the virus itself.

The Man-Bat story from Action #600 had Superman delirious with Kryptonite radiation exposure, and Man-Bat simply taks Superman down with, uh, talking.

I remember an episode of the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon having Lizard battle the Scorpion and thinking, “Why has that never been done before?” It was very cool.

To my knowledge, it still hasn’t been done in the comic (but I could be wrong).

That Spider-Man series had some creative ideas (I also liked Punisher concluding Green Goblin was really the Peter Parker because Peter disappeared whenever the Goblin fought Spider-Man; that was good, too, has that been done in the comic?).

“Squirrel Girl’s powers don’t work that way. ”

is the internettiest sentence I’ve read all week.

Joker vs the Heckler guest starring the Creeper

While I know it happened during Acts of Vengeance, I’d like to see Magneto vs. The Red Skull, again.

How strange that both the stories are extremely similar… Superman delirious and being talked down by either character. It made sense in the Swamp Thing story (being that the malady was plant-related), is there a similar connection in AC #600?

Wonder Woman vs. Poison Ivy?

Really, any scramble of DC Silver Age-y opposites would be awesome. GL vs. Reverse-Flash … Batman vs. Cheeta … Superman vs. Sinestro … Flash vs. Bizzaro

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