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Top Five Action Philosophers Covers

Let’s work in some Ryan Dunlavey love, too! Here are the Top Five Action Philosophers (the cool philosophy history series by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey) covers!



A very nice take on the concept of the readers voting on which philosophers that they wanted to see featured.


This would be a bit higher had it not been for the cover of #1 sort of taking away from the uniqueness of an “action” cover.


Perhaps a straightforward cover idea, but a very well executed one.


This is the first issue’s cover – this is the one that first gave us an idea of what the comic was going to be like!


This one, though, I think was the boldest of the bunch.

Very clever and very striking.

As an extra bonus, here’s just a piece Ryan did for Wizard recently that I came across and I thought I’d share. It’s a cute look at the people who came back from the dead in 2007 and those people who were killed that same year.


Anywhere we can see a larger version of the Wizard piece?

That Wizard piece is outta Alan Moore’s 1963. Still a clever idea, though.

Thanks guys! The AP covers are some of my most proudest work, and #2 is Fred’s favorite as well.

One small quibble though – that’s an earlier version of the issue #9 – that version only appeared in Diamond Previews – I thought the composition was weak and Locke wasn’t actually in the comic so I re-drew it right before we went to press.
Here’s the real deal: http://www.eviltwincomics.com/images/ap9cover.jpg

For those interested there’s big versions of ALL the several dozen multi-character Wizard pieces I did at my deviantart page.

Sam – I only read 1963 once when it came out ages ago so my memories of it are hazy, what’s the connection?

Wow, a ton of cool characters died in 2007.

Great piece there.

I think I’d have to put issue #8 at no. 1. Great stuff.

“Ask and ye shall receive…”

If only all prayers could be answered so quickly…

Anyone else interested in setting up the First Church of Cronin??! :-)

Thanks Brian!

As I’m just about to complete my first semester of Philosophy, these covers are pretty much the greatest thing ever.

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