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Top Five Marvel Zombies Stories

Marvel Zombies has been quite the popular concept, no? So here are the Top Five stories containing the Marvel Zombies!


5. The Fantastic Four (Black Panther, Storm, Human Torch and the Thing) versus the Marvel Zombies

Man, looking back, Marvel really undercut the whole “new Fantastic Four” idea, didn’t they? It was kinda sad that Reginald Hudlin was still telling stories with the new Fantastic Four when the actual Fantastic Four title had already gone back to the original team.

In any event, Hudlin had a great plot device for a fun bunch of stories as he has King Solomon’s Frogs teleport the Fantastic Four all over the place for a few arcs. In this one, they are taken to the Marvel Zombies universe for a fun little free for all set after the events of the first Marvel Zombies series.

4. Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

This one-shot was an engaging origin for the Marvel Zombie situation.

3. The Ultimate Fantastic Four and Magneto versus the Zombie Fantastic Four

The introduction of the Marvel Zombies came in this cute story by Mark Millar where Reed Richards thinks that he has contacted the Reed Richards of the standard Marvel Universe, but in reality, it is the Reed Richards of the Marvel Zombies universe who wants the fresh meat. This leads to a cool story where Magneto fights the evil zombie Fantastic Four.

2. Marvel Zombies 3

Fred Van Lente and Kev Walker combine for a fun series starring Machine Man and Jocasta, who are sent to the Marvel Zombies universe, while meanwhile the Zombies are planning an invasion of the “real” Marvel universe!

1. Marvel Zombies

Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips did an amazing job with this fun series, as Phillips makes the book look amazing and Kirkman fills the book with amusing gags as well as some actual good character work, including the notion that the Zombies become cogent right after eating, so, say, Spider-Man feels tremendous amounts of guilt.

But mostly, the book is itself a guilty pleasure – lots of gross sight gags and funny bits – it is the best.

That’s the top five! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Not to be a ball buster, but how can Marvel Zombies 3 be on the list if it isn’t even isn’t done yet.

Three words:

Fred Van Lente.

There is only one other story about the Marvel Zombies…

Wait, i forgot the Army of Darkness crossover.

Still, not a huge list of possible choices to select from

Actually, it was the audience who thought Ultimate Reed had contacted Regular Reed. Ultimate Reed just thought he had contacted another, older Reed Richards, since he had (and still has, as far as I know) no knowledge of the Regular Marvel Universe.

Marvel Zombies for a top five? Really? Why not just do the top five Hush stories? Or the top five issues of Final Crisis?

What about the original Marvel Zombie, Simon Garth. I recently read the Essential Marvel Zombie. Great stuff, classic Voodoo Zombie.

I remember that first zombie story in Ultimate FF as being genuinely creepy, probably the only one on the list that could be called scary. I don’t know about “cute”…


December 7, 2008 at 7:16 am

I agree with Hawkeye. The UFF story was EXCELLENT! Very original at the time. The rest…meh.

I really liked the two-parter in Exiles which included Zombie Wolverine. My favorite line, addressed to a decapitated Zombie Wolvie:

“How can you be talking without any lungs to push out the air?”

“Eh, zombies. Go figure.”

By the way, here’s the approximate chronology of the Zombie stories (there aren’t many to pick from, when you come down to it):

MZ v. Army of Darkness #1
MZ v. Army of Darkness #2-3, concurrent with MZ: Dead Days
MZ v. Army of Darkness #4-5
UFF #21-23
MZ #1-5, concurrent with UFF #24-32 (the two Exiles issues spin out of MZ #3)
MZ 3 #1-4, approximately concurrent with The Black Panther issues
MZ #5 (last few pages)
MZ 2 #1-5

I’ve honestly had enough of the zombies.

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I have to admit that I thought the Marvel Zombies’ turn in “Black Panther” was borderline-unreadable…even worse than “Marvel Zombies 2″.

Van Lente’s spin is the best thing with ‘em since the UFF arcs, though. I also really dug “Dead Days”, which chucked out all of the dark humor and was sincerely tense and disturbing.

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I have the first marvel zombies ummm annual? its a collection of the first ones it kicks major ass and yeah spiderman does feel tons of guilt makes me feel kinda sorry for him then again he’s a zombie I’m saving up for marvel zombies dead days I’m major obsessed with MZ and I also love army of darkness so I have to have the crossover Man I’m too young to be reading stuff about zombies

It is sooo scary Well how come they would only pick spider man to be a zombie may be marvel zombies is a game

It is sooo scary Well how come they would only pick spider man to be a zombie may be marvel zombies is a movie

One of my most favorite marvel zombies comic is MARVEL ZOMBIES EVIL EVALUTION it was very funny and awsome.

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