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Fred Van Lente to do Wolverine Comic for Free Comic Book Day 2009!

Yep, Fred Van Lente, along with art team supreme Gurihiru (from Power Pack fame) is going to be doing a new Wolverine one-shot comic book for Free Comic Book Day 2009! The comic, sub-titled “Origin of an X-Man,” is presumably designed to coincide with the release of the Wolverine movie, due out the day before Free Comic Book Day! That’s quite a vote of confidence by Marvel in Van Lente! Read on as we reveal (for the first time) the cover for the issue by comic book superstar artist Ed McGuinness!!


Oh, wow. That’s a definite for me. I wouldn’t want McGuinness to draw Wolverine on a monthly basis, I don’t think, but I’m all for the occasional special.

Michael, you mean you’re definitely gonna pick up this free comic book?! That’s devotion man. :-)

More exciting are the dual facts that A.) Van Lente will be telling the story and tying it into the upcoming movie, Gurihiru will be drawing, since their work on the recent Power Pack stuff has had a sense of energy and solidity of storytelling that this sort of project needs.

It’s taken a few years, but it seems like the FCDB offering from Marvel will finally be worthwhile.

What do you mean “finally” Nitz? The Runaways and X-Men one they gave out two years ago was fantastic and last year’s Uncanny X-Men one wasn’t too shabby either (despite the Greg Land art).

Yeah, it was pretty shabby. Especially with the Land art. That comic couldn’t have been more boring.

That’s a pretty good drawing by McGuinness, and I’m not usually much of a fan.

It’s a vote of confidence in FVL regarding his all ages story telling ability, not necessarily in his getting a crack at “the big” FCBD issue, which this year will be a Bendis/Cheung Avengers FCBD issue. It’s nice that FVL will be writing this, though. It’ll ensure 2 decent FCBD books from Marvel alone.

Why is Mcg doing all these covers, instead of the Hulk? WTF.

ed likes to draw way too big for wolverine for my tastes. i love his hulk stuff, but honestly that’s about it. wolverine is SMALL, you know, like a wolverine? ok, i’m kinda shitting on the guy here, but his fists always seem dispaportionate to me as well. i mean, his right hand is WAY bigger than his head, and the fact that his hand is in the foreground can only compensate on that issue for so much.

alright, i admit it, i don’t like ed mcguinness. i do love guinness though!

Awesome– Ed McGuinness’ artwork is always fun to see.

It should also be pointed out that this great piece was inked by my studiomate, Karl Story…

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Wolverine has some of the best artists in the biz working on his assorted books right now. Deodato, McNiven, etc.

It’s awful they chose Greg Land last year. Chosing a cover artist who traces over Joe Mad, whom traces over other comic book artists, is much more ethical. Besides, comics copying comics is alot less incestuous than drawing from sources outside the medium. Mc Guiness must’ve put on days and weeks, working himself hard, on that lone figure standing over a non background. They should charge a 20$ cover price for that cover alone.

Hey– for all those interested–

Free Comic Book Day just announced the Gold Sponsor comic books. Head over to freecomicbookday.com to take a look!

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