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12/16 – If Only…

Storm just constantly fought people to see who would be the leader…


Might wanna crop that, Croninborg…

Who is that on the left?

Black Canary

Looks like Storm is winning the staring contest…

If Storm stabbed everyone she had the slightest disagreement with throught the chest with a bowie knife X-Men would become a much funnier book.

What’s happened to Storm’s face?

She was about to pop open a can of ass-whupping on Callisto. Which she did.

Seriously, she looks like she’ll break Dina in two just from that stare.

Huh. Ass-whupping was not the first thing that passed through my mind when I saw that picture.

Angry about being goosed, maybe.

Storm better stick to thunder and winds, because if she tries to go at Canary Mano-a-Mano, knife or not, she’s going to get her butt wiped.

No, Storm is a badass, especially if its punk-rock mohawk Storm. She’d win. But then again I never really accepted the late 90s/early 2000s revisionism that suddenly made Black Canary like the #4 martial artist in the whole world.

Would Storm really want to lead McDuffie’s JLA? I’d let Black Canary keep leading that steaming pile.

Am I missing some of the picture? All I see are the faces and not any knife like people are referring to. It also seems to be two seperate pictures beside each other– there’s a vertical line in between them, and some hair is cut out.

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