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Top 100 Comic Book Battles Countdown!

As a bit of a Christmas treat, starting Wednesday, I’ll start counting down the Top 100 Comic Book Battles, as voted on by you, the readers!

The last battles (other than #1-25, which you know already) will be announced on Christmas morning!



Hey Hey!
Looking forward to some of the more obscure/older battles making the list.
I’d been hoping to use the list as a primer for hunting down old trades, like the top 100 runs list before it.

How about a top 100 trades/graphic novels list?

Don’t know if this has been done before, but how about a top 100 deaths list?

Thanks, Brian! I had just about given up hope on seeing those. Now we’ll finally get to find out if the Defenders vs. the Six-Fingered Hand was number 26 or 27!

Ha-ha! Wonder where “Puniseher-roach vs. the Cirinists” came in…

…probably 123rd…


There is a Santa Claus!

I couldn’t think of enough fights to vote last time. I remember the ones I did think of didnt make the list though. And of the ones I thought of then, the only one I can remember now is the Batman (Jean Paul Valley) vs. Bane fight in Batman #500.

Top 100 deaths is a good idea, but would have unbearable spoilers, particularly for the out-of-continuity series.

A while back, Wizard did a similar list, and it was topped by the huge brawl in The Golden Age #4. I’m curious as to where it ranked on this list; that miniseries was the first big one I ever read, though the wait between issues was a bit painful.

Why not a list of characters we hate?

So………it’s Wednesday. Am I not looking in the right spot for the countdown or has it not started yet?

Totally in for top 100 characters we hate (Hal Jordan) and top 100 character deaths (Gert). Of course I’m not the one who has to tally all the votes…

Still waiting….. 3.45 pm West Coast Time

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