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CBR’s Top 100 Comics of 2008

If you recall, I did my Top 10 Comics of 2008 a week or so ago. I did it at that exact point in time because Comic Book Resources was asking staff members to give in their lists of their Top 10 books of 08, with the composite votes becoming a Top 100 list.

That Top 100 Comics of 2008 list began its countdown today, with #100-81!

Check it out here.

And my best guess is that you can bookmark this link for future installments.


How in the hell did a Winick comic rank?

Chiang’s art must have really won folks over.

I’m glad to see Dynamo5 made the list, though!

Personally, I see Jonah Hex way too low on this list. Seriously…83?
Something majorly wrong with that.

I’ve never seen the big deal with Jonah Hex.

I love that being the 94th best comic of 2008 is the sign of a “banner year” for the New Avengers.

How in the hell did a Winick comic rank?

First thing I thought too. But this list is ridiculous. I thought it was going to be the 100 best ISSUES of the year. The 100 best titles?! Do the companies collectively release more than 200 decent-selling comics a year? I mean. if not, this list is more like the “The Half of Comics That Doesn’t Totally Suck”

Jonah Hex is okay, but I wouldn’t list it among any best lists – unless there is a list of “best wild west comics about people with deformed mouths”.

I’m surprised to see Green Arrow and Black Canary on the list. There were some good bits in Winick’s Green Arrow run, but it had completely run out of steam by the final volume. Has it really improved that much now it’s GA+BC?

Also Immortal Iron Fist v1 was pretty terrible so I’m surprised to see that on the list.

The idea that New Avengers was worse than Green Arrow/Black Canary or the awful JLA is laughable.

Iron Fist was FAR from terrible. It was pretty damned good, actually. However it appears to be on quite a downward slide.

I really enjoyed Winick’s Exiles

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