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Comics Should Be Good Mailbag for 12/31

Here is the latest installment of a weekly reader interactive segment on the blog, where I answer reader-submitted e-mails to bcronin@comicbookresources.com (and also post other e-mails that I receive) while I should be finishing wrapping presents!


Comic book veteran Dave Olbrich (founding publisher of Malibu Comics) has a blog called Funny Book Fanatic (which you can find here) and he dropped me a line to note that he named the blog his “Fanatic Blog of the Week” here.

Reader Elijah asked about a famous comic book panel that has made the rounds of the internet…

Basically, is it a real panel and if so, what’s the context?

It IS a photo-shopped photo, but I have not been able to find the original.

This is the earliest version of the panel that I’ve seen…

But beyond that, anyone know what the original panel says and the context?

Rebecca O’Neal wrote in to say that, in continuing her salute to truth in advertising, she is delivering over 20 more black super heroines over at her site here (bringing her total up to nearly 100 black super heroines).

And she does, indeed, show a bunch of black super heroines, so if you’re interested, check it out.

Reader Eric wrote in to ask:

Do you have any idea if JLA/Avengers is in continuity (for Marvel or DC)?

How about Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.? I started reading Ms. Marvel TPB vol. 4 and I see they are using the Nextwave version of Machine Man.

Kurt Busiek is definitely using continuity from JLA/Avengers in Trinity (and used them during his JLA run, as well), so I guess the answer to that one is yes.

As to Nextwave, they have appeared as a team in regular Marvel Universe titles (and Machine Man has shown up often by himself, and Tabitha has shown up by herself, as well), and there recently was a comic explaining why Machine Man changed his look, so yeah, Nextwave is in continuity.

Lothor asked a couple of technical questions regarding the Comic Book Legends Revealed column. Specifically, why is the time stamp on the Legends always late-night Thursday and do I always acknowledge reader suggestions via e-mail.

First off, regarding the time stamp, for ease of keeping track of all the legends for myself, I have them all time-stamped as late Thursday night (so they’re all exactly a week apart) even if they aren’t posted until early Friday morning. It makes archiving a lot easier for me.

Secondly, regarding acknowledgments of legends sent by e-mail, I certainly TRY to reply to everyone who sends in a suggestion. I can’t say that I always succeed. I get a lot of suggestions during the week, which I love, but if I don’t reply right away, I can forget who I have and who I have not replied to, which surely leads to some folks not getting an acknowledgment. I read every e-mail sent in to me, though!

I believe that’s about it for this week!

Good e-mails, folks! Send more e-mails!

If you do, be sure to send me an e-mail to bcronin@comicbookresources.com with the subject heading “Mailbag” if you want to be included in next week’s mailbag!

Happy New Year!


Just to clarify, you probably mean that the slap-happy Batman “original” panel was the original Photoshopped panel, right? Those A’s look awfully uniform to be 40s-era hand lettering.

Yeah, Eric, thanks – I clarified!

I hope Machine Man’s new characterization stays forever.

Good news, Brian!
After a fun few hours reading I finally found the original panel of Batman slapping Robin.
It’s from Worlds Finest 153, an imaginary tale in which a young Bruce Wayne thinks he’s witnessed his father being killed by Superboy. He grows up and becomes Batman, vowing to avenge his Father’s murder.
(The image has been flipped left-to-right.)
The original ballons read:
BATMAN: Don’t tell me I’m wrong, you brat… Proving Superman’s guilt is my whole mission in life!
ROBIN: Ow! Batman, your grief has obsessed you with this idea of vengeance. I beg you… Give it up!

Awesome, onion3000!

Thanks a lot!

I think that’s actually worth its own post!

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 1, 2009 at 6:48 am

In the real world, Batman should be facing child abuse charges.

In the real world, Bruce Wayne would’ve been in therapy and worked out his abandonment issues long before he ever would’ve put on a cape.

As a therapist I wish to apologize to the world for robbing it of so many potential superheroes.

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