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Month of ___ Stars Poll Question!

I’m debating whether to have January be a sequel to the Month of Art Stars or be a brand-new Month of Writing Stars.

I think they basically are both equal in merit, so I have decided to let you all decide. Whichever one is leading at, say, 11pm tonight (Eastern) will be the choice (I’d do it even later, but I need time to write up a piece for whichever choice gets picked).

Writng Stars or Art Stars II?
Writing Stars
Art Stars II
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As an amateur artist looking for new ways to improve, the previous Art Stars feature helped me discover some quality artists whose art inspired me to try new things. So, out of a pure selfish desire, I’d like another round of Art Stars so I can find more amazing talents from the which I can learn. :D

art is for pansies.
writing is where it’s at.

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 1, 2009 at 8:12 am


Why is Randy so full of hate?

Good art can make a bad writer look good,
just as good writing can make a bad artist look good.

Art Stars 2.0 – Many not covered IMO.

Comics don’t exist without art, and usually, poor art makes for shitty comics. But writers are the stars in today’s environment. That’s kinda why I liked the Month of Art Stars.

What would Writing Stars involve? Pictures of their scripts? Transcribed dialogue?

It’s a little more subjective, I think.

How about some of what are considered their “classic” or “memorable” issues or stories? For example, Neil Gaiman’s Hellblazer issue?

Of course it will be subjective, but as it’s Brian’s choice anyway, so what? Brian tends to have quite a wide and esoteric choice of reading material, which I like as it opens me up to new writers, artists and subjects…

The one I think he’s going to have most fun with is his month of Lettering Stars :-)

We tend to see Todd Klien get all the rewards, due to how prolific he is, but what about the others out there??

Personally, I know far more comics artist than writers- probably because art is easier to visualize and remember than stories. If I mention, say, Gene Colan or Steve Ditko, you’re likely to know their styles, but if I say Len Wein or Cary Bates, it isn’t as obvious, is it? So I voted for the writers. I’d like to see who Brian comes up with (and why.)

I can’t remember ever reading a comic just for the art. Writers for the win.

Blackjak, if The Month of Art Stars was any indication, then I don’t think Brian will be highlighting the works of Niel Gaiman or Grant Morrison in this feature. Last time, he focused on up and coming artists and even made a point to exclude Darwyn Cooke and Williams III.

Cass, that’s exactly what I mean…

I gave Neil Gaiman’s Hellblazer issue as an example of something that is considered one of his better stories outside his most famous one, Sandman, also knowing full well that Gaiman wouldn’t count. Same as I wouldn’t expect to see Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Stan Lee, etc.

Although I would like to see Warren Ellis covered, purely because he is one of the most prolific writers around at the moment… :-(

I want a month of Lettering Stars, damn it. :-P

Someone said”
“Comics don’t exist without art, and usually, poor art makes for shitty comics. But writers are the stars in today’s environment. That’s kinda why I liked the Month of Art Stars.”

The horrible memory of what happened when the Art Stars were ascendant in power in the 90s fully justifies the situation, the egregious behaviour of some current star writers notwithstanding.

The Last Boy Scout

January 1, 2009 at 5:34 pm

The strength of a “Writing Stars” feature depends entirely on the author’s ability to encapsulate just what about the star’s writing is so thrilling. Cronin, especially, has been effective in the past at conveying the wild, conceptual creativity of particular runs; I worry, though, that the blog-entry format disadvantages subtler, dialogue-heavy writers. Sam hits the nail on the head – how to do anything other than outright show the dialogue? In this case, the write-up of the Morpheus/Choronzon “fight” is a good template – context, visual aide, and transcript all given. But could this format hold over a month?

That said, I think “Art Stars” is a better option, due to the visual element (generally) standing better on its own. :P

I’m with Tom Russell. If only because Brian spelled it “Writng”!

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