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Comics Are Awesome: Part 13

1. Where is the rotor?

2. Who is flying this thing?

3. Has the artist ever seen a helicopter?

4. I love comics.


1. Where is the rotor?

I think he TRIED to draw it. It’s that little wiggly vaguely horizontal blur there. The good news is, that attacking monster should have its wing sheared off by it as he gets a little closer. The bad news is, it’s certain to destroy the rotor assembly, so those two guys are still screwed. Not much of a psychic. That old Deanna Troi uselessness. “Captain, I sense danger—” BLAM!

2. Who is flying this thing?

Sissypants student, I’m guessing. Prof deserves it for trying to save money. Should have hired a real pilot who wouldn’t wet himself and wave his arms around like a hysterical teenage girl just because he saw a dinosaur.

3. Has the artist ever seen a helicopter?

Probably not. But it looks like he researched the hell out of flying dino-eagles. That one looks almost photo-realistic!

4. I love comics.

Don’t we all.

The Dino-Eagle is actually much smaller than you think. He’s just a whole lot closer to the “camera” because his attack is missing by a mile. His ginormous head throws him off. That’s why he’s not getting chopped up.

The chopper is thought controlled by the professor. Professors are very smart.

He had not seen a helicopter, but had seen an episode of Highway Patrol. When he was 5 years old. And drunk.

Oh, and I love comics too. The way I love Misty at The Platinum Club, who gives the best lap dance in the Tri-State area.

That helicopter isn’t flying. It’s falling. Check out its trajectory. Sucker’s going down. And, that glass bubble’s only going to make the impact worse.

The dino-eagle pushed it off a mountain and is mocking the angel wings where its top rotor should be.

The caption should read “One Minute to Pavement! The Pilot Pankcakes at Dawn!”

Professor! A dinogriff is attacking our Circle with a Triangle Sticking out the Back! It’s time to RAISE THE ROOF!

And when they crash, they can continue their journey on land, using the two convenient wheels on the CwaTSot-B.

And, of course, I love comics like I love chocolate-covered Tarantino movies.

1. Where is the rotor?

2. Who is flying this thing?

3. Has the artist ever seen a helicopter?

Well it is called “My Greatest Adventure”

A ride in a self flying helicopter with no rotor would, in itself, be a great adventure.
But to make it my greatest adventure–well throw in an odd winged dinosaur thingy.

It does have a title to live up to!

Oops–I forgot to put my name on that one.
But then a weird dinosaur type thingy was bearing down on my rotorless, self flying helicopter!

I looked at your first question and honestly thought it said ‘where is the editor?’… I knew it was a mistake to read Hatcher’s last post.

Ian, shouldn’t that be The Pilot Wheatcakes at Dawn?

This is comics after all.

1. The rotor is hidden by the awesomeness!
2. The craft is powered by awesomeness!
3. The artist has seen helicopters and has chosen to draw this one awesomely and full of awesomeness!
4. Yes, you’re right. Comics are indeed awesome.

May I suggest From Beyond The Unknown #23 – a gorilla is robbing a library at gunpoint. It’s a cover by Nick Cardy on an early 70’s “weird science” reprint book DC put out. (No scanner available but you internet boys should be able to figure it out.) He needs three books to RULE THE WORLD! (In the actual story, the gorilla’s plan is foiled by a fatal car accident in a lame deus ex machina that made it look like they just ran outta paper.)

It’s not a helicopter, it’s a sled, powered by a buzz-saw at the rear!

You had me at:

“a gorilla is robbing a library at gunpoint.”

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