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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 4

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the first (of surely many) Suicide Squad moments on the list.


Suicide Squad as a whole was a cool series, and as a result, it had a LOT of “cool comic book moments” (even for a cool series, it had a disproportionately large amount of “cool comic book moments”).

The first one that jumps out to me whenever I think of the series, though, is the following, which happened during 1988, in issue #18, starring Captain Cold.

First, here is the awesome cover of the issue before it, when Cold first joins up with the team.

Here is the cool cover…

That’s the issue where the “Jihad” is re-formed (an earlier version faced off against the Squad in issue #1), which was a group of villains from various countries that want revenge against America. The next issue, #18, is where the Squad faces off against them.

Now recall, this is well before Geoff Johns did a lot of great work making Captain Cold cool in the pages of the Flash.

At the time, though, I thought, “While this is neat, Cold really doesn’t NEED to be ‘made’ cool, because John Ostrander already did it a dozen years earlier!”

Cold is doing just one stint for the team, probably at the recommendation of Squad mainstay (and “friend” of Cold), Captian Boomerang. Just one stint and he gets paroled. This was something the Squad did more frequently in the first couple of years – use notable villains for short stints (like using Penguin early on for his planning abilities).

So Cold finds himself matched up against a pyrokinetic villain named Agni, and all Cold is thinking about is just getting through this alive. Heck, he figures he might be able to cut a deal with the guy. However, that wasn’t going to happen. Cold says, “Uh…hi, guy. Listen, you speak English? Howja like to make a deal?”

The response?

“Yes. No.” And then he sets Cold’s parka on fire.

Cold runs off for a bit, as the villain laughs at how easy this is going to be, but this just gets Cold into it, “You want a fight with me, schmuck? You got it!” and a blast sends the other guy flying.

Now the fight is pitched, leading to Cold to say the utterly cool line while ducking a blast of fire, “Wanta play rough, pally? Okay! But I gotta tell ya somethin’! Hate is cold! Hell is cold!”

And then, as he steps up to blast the guy – “And sucker, I am Captain Cold.”

He then proceeds to encase the guy in ice, probably killing him (we don’t know for sure).

Ostrander sure knew cool.

We’ll certainly see more Squad scenes throughout the year!


Omar Karindu, back from an Internet Thogal ritual

January 4, 2009 at 11:27 pm

He didn’t kill Agni, who’s carted off by the Squad at the issue’s end and returns as what’s left of the Jihad for the penultimate Squad story, “Atom Quest” in issues #59-62.

Honestly, you could probably do an entire month on Ostrander’s Suicide Squad. I loved that series. I admit being married and having a 7 year old daughter makes it hard for me to go down to the basement and re-read the series’ that I miss. OK, so there is one disadvantage to being a family man.

Suicide Squad is a good example of what was mentioned in a previous article… good writign can be hidden by ‘less good’ art.

It SHOULD have been a big hit series. If only they could have had better artists.

Ostrander’s another amazing writer that should get more projects…

And while we’re at it, some decent collections of his Suicide Squad and Spectre series would be nice…

I think he ought to be offered a new Suicide Squad ongiong, with someone like Norm Breyfogle drawing (once he’s kick-started the new Archie series, natch!) :-)

That was a pretty “cool” line from Captain Cold. I really aught to read SS.

Seeing the Suicide Squad brings to mind another reason I disliked Identity Crisis: the careless tossing away of Captain Boomerang.

Yep. All-time best Captain Cold moment (and line) ever– even better than his appearance in Catwoman.

I agree with Rusty. If those same scripts were given some of the art treatment that is available today, SS would be overwhelmingly awesome. In fact, I’d be afraid that the sheer awesomeness would leak from the books and flood my basement.

My fave Suicide Squad moment is still the Count Vertigo vs. Kanto scene during the Apokolips storyline. Vertigo utters the best line ever on that one!

(Won’t repeat here in case Brian plans to use it.)

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

My fave Suicide Squad moment involves Boomerang misinforming a fellow member (i.e. fellow villain) about the validity of their “explosive” wrist bands.

(Won’t go into detail here in case Brian plans to use it)

Suicide Squad was a cool comic–some of the cool moments involved seeing some of my letters published!
I’m looking forward to seeing which ones are covered.

I always enjoyed the humourous interludes between the stories as much as the stories.

If good writing + good art = hit comic in today’s market, then we’d all still be reading Fraction/Kitson The Order. I’m actually a big fan of Luke McDonnell, the original Squad penciller, though I grant that the above is not the best example of his work. His unglamorous, gritty style was perfect for the series and I think his influence, directly or indirectly, is evident in the contemporary work of Mike Perkins, Steve Epting, and others working on titles like Captain America and Daredevil in the last few years.

Suicide Squad along with Justice League International and later L.E.G.I.O.N. were my three fave series back in the 80’s. John Ostrander was ahead of his time, and we can thank his work on SS that has influenced books like Gail Simone’s Villains United/Secret Six.

John took so many b and c-list characters and made you care for them, worry about them, or love to hate them. Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Vixen, Bronze Tiger, Nemesis, Mark Shaw (Manhunter), Rick Flag and of course Amanda Waller. I hope to be seeing a lot more Squad moments here.


SS was one of the five best reads of the 1990s.


Brian, you just gotta include the following!

Issue #26: What Flag does on his solo mission.

Issue #50: The exchange between Floyd and Amanda before they’re off to rescue Flag’s son, and Tresser’s confrontation with Jess Bright at the very end.

Issue #51: The very last page with Floyd versus “Deadshot.”

I’m positive there will be tons more ahead.

It SHOULD have been a big hit series. If only they could have had better artists.

Luke McDonnell actually did a nice job in the early issues. It was not the trendiest style in the late-’80s, but it worked well in the service of the title. He did the Dave Cockrum job pretty well.

The problem was that DC never found a John Byrne to take over once he left. A young, up-and-coming artist probably could have launched that title from cult status to giant hit status. However, DC had a hard time finding “the next artist” to build readership for a lot of titles during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

I love Captain Cold’s sunglasses, and I wish I had the early-nineties Flash TV series on tape so I could see Michael Champion (whom I enjoyed in Total Recall) as Captain Cold.

The Mad Maple

May 17, 2009 at 10:39 pm

That’s the moment that made me love Captain Cold. Man, I am so glad I checked this list out!

Um, sorry, just don’t see it…

Anybody’s copy of Suicide Squad 18 missing the 2nd half of the letter column? Mine has an advertisement on the last page instead.

Issue 17 (the issue before this scene) holds a place in my heart. My teenage self got a letter printed in the letter column.

Maybe I’m just missing the context or something, but this scene doesn’t seem that cool to me.

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