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Al Jaffe Fold-ins in the NY Times (Link)

This is pretty awesome.

(Here’s the article itself.)


Didn’t you guys post this last year?
It does go as far back as March 28, 2008 …

Great read, but i could have sworn I found it thru this site last year…

That is awesome, but the link is broken.

Awesome indeed.
Interestingly, the folds in were translated into Spanish (for Mad Mexico), and somehow they almost always made them work – some jokes were easy (Elvis), others not so much (white wash)

Link fixed!

Great link. Always good to see Al Jaffee in any spotlight.

This is so awesome.

Thomas C (AKA Cap'n Yesterday)

January 8, 2009 at 11:55 pm

-struck speechless-

Wow! Didn’t know he was still going! Whenever I think back to when I read MAD, there were two artists that always came to mind: Sergio Aragones and Al Jaffee (and Don whatsisname, but I can never remember his surname…)

Thank you for some happy memories and some brilliant new laughs (particularly the last one!)

I would be so happy if I could buy a book of those.
So, So happy.

Thanks for the link!

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