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30 Days of Night Autographed Copy Giveaway!

“Fear Itself,” a new horror series that is available to view online on FEARnet.com, gave us a signed copy of 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust exclusive Comic Con comic that is autographed by creators Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith and the issue’s writer, Tom Waltz!

Here’s the issue in question (click to enlarge):

Here’s the info on the show:

“Fear Itself”, the suspense and horror anthology series from the creators of “Masters of Horrors” and aired on NBC, is now available to watch for free on FEARnet’s website and VOD service. Each installment bears the signature mark of one of a host of award-winning filmmakers, including John Landis (“An American Werewolf in London”), Darren Bousman (“Saw II, III and IV”) and Ronny Yu (“Freddy vs. Jason”). A line-up of gifted film and television actors star in the series, and the teleplays are penned by luminaries from the horror/suspense world.

“New Year’s Day,” directed by Darren Bousman (“Saw II, III and IV”) and written by Steve Niles (“30 Days of Night”) from a story by Paul Kane, is now live on FEARnet. The episode is about a young woman who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by horrifying zombies. Take a look at these behind the scenes videos new to FEARnet:


Check out the official “Fear Itself” page for all available episodes:

Just post in the comments if you want to enter a random drawing for the issue!


Random giveaway, that requires no work on my part?

Sign me up.

Heck yeah! LOVE Steve Niles’ work…rough, edgy…dark, dark stuff.

Sweet, random give away! I’d like to add myself to the list.

I never realised that Ben Templesmith drew this.
I’d really like one now.
Can I have one please?

Dial Z for Zombie

January 9, 2009 at 8:04 am

This show is great! I think it replaced Masters of Horror. I haven’t watched every one but New Year’s Day was great and so was Eater.

Free Stuff – I will have it!

Yes please! I quite enjoyed the WWII Russian Front installment!

I like horror, I like free stuff. Sign me up!

I would like to enter. I bought the original 30 Days of Night miniseries before everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

yes yes yes – please enter me!

Yeah…I likes me some Templesmith/Niles team up

Enter me… thanks

Whoa, whoa, whoa, there are actually people in existence who LIKE Steve Niles’ writing? How can one possibly defend that?

Sign me up, please!

Now that’s what I call a very cool collectible. Sign me up.

You enter the random drawing by posting in the comments.

What if all you posted was, “Do not enter me in the drawing”? Does the universe implode?

Oh man, that is COOL!!!

Oh hell YES.

And in regards to Eldric, no.
The universe would implode if you wrote, “This is not a contest entry.”

Oh, Lady Randomocity, bless me with this wondrous gift. (Yes, the god of random numbers is a “Lady”)

Because I should actually write something. How does Fear Itself stack up to MoH?

I’m in. I love the content of FEARnet.com VOD.

@David: I just usually call her “Lady Luck”.

A raffle? Sure, count me in.

I’d like to throw my hat in for that shiny comic.


love the 30 days of night series!!!

oh …Yes! By all means..would love to own this ..my son would grovel and beg for this… lol…I’d have to give it to him to keep him from going insane… ;(


Enter me to the drawing as well. On a related note, I liked the recent first issue of 30 Days Of Night: 30 Days ‘Til Death. Written and drawn by David Lapham!

Imagine if Ben did an issue or GN of batman? that’d be amazing.. like if the story was batman in arkham and told through his eyes in first person view, and he’s been poisoned with some sort of acid trip-like causing serum.

Hopefully the comic is better than the show. It had moments but overall wasn’t great.


I heart autographs :)

Christina Brunetti

January 15, 2009 at 3:57 pm

I would love to have this.


I would love to win this!!

A cool comic book AND it’s autographed? Be still my heart. Contest gods, do shine upon me.

I love the idea of this….and the autograph puts in over the top!

madamerkf at aol dot com

Coolest giveaway! Please enter me! Cheers!

enter me please. great giveaway

[…] Comic Book Resources: Win an Autographed Copy of “30 Days of Night” Ends: Jan 31 […]

[…] Comic Book Resources: Win an Autographed Copy of “30 Days of Night” Ends: Jan 31 […]

why not?

Count me in!

What time is it? Deal me in.

i hope im not too late

Please count me in.

count me in too

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