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More Votes for Your Top Comic Book Rivalries!

I would like to get as many ballots cast as possible! The more votes, the cooler the results are! So far, we’re getting a lot of eclectic votes, which is awesome! More people voting is even MORE awesome, though!

Here is a link to where you vote!


One of my votes was for Ult. Spider-Man vs. Ult. Shocker. It may not be a legendary rivalry, but it always makes me laugh.

Lois Lane and Lana Lang are the biggest rivals I can think of.

Is it AT ALL possible that I could change my vote for one of them? I thought of one of my favorites earlier in the day and I’m ashamed of myself for not including it in my list.

GI Joe vs Cobra!

Guy Gardner vs Batman!

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

January 10, 2009 at 11:55 am

I don’t expect more than a few of my own choices to make the list – no Spidey or Wolverine on my list and Batman and Superman only appear once (and not battling each other).

But, if my number one choice doesn’t make the top ten I will be very surprised. It is, simply put, the most perfect rivalry in comices.

No, not Aquaman versus Black Manta. That’s my number two …

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

January 10, 2009 at 11:56 am


Man, I cannot type!

vegeta vs. goku
godzilla vs. dum dum dugan

Kyle Reynor vs Major Force

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