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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 13

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at one of one of the funnier issues of a comic you’ll see, in a much-lamented (in the fact that it has never been reprinted) issue of Deadpool.


Deadpool #11, by Joe Kelly and Pete Woods (with significant contributions from Stan Lee and John Romita) is a hilarious time travel story, where Deadpool and his elderly blind hostage, Blind Alfred, are sent back in time…to 1967’s Amazing Spider-Man #47!

Deadpool impersonates Peter Parker while Blind Alfred impersonates Aunt May.

Joe Kelly writes the modern characters interacting with the characters, using actual panels by Lee and Romita from Amazing Spider-Man #47.

There are a lot of awesome comedic moments that I could have chosen between (like when they say what lots of Spider-Man fans have thought – “What’s wrong with the Obsorn men’s hair?”), but this one is my favorite…

Here is the original panel for comparison’s sake…

Reprint this issue, Marvel!!!


LOVE this issue. Especially Deadpool’s reaction to Harry and Norman’s matching hair.

So, like, does that mean that someone might be interested in buying a copy of the issue?

‘Cause I thought that was dead weight, but maybe not…

In the last week on eBay, issues sold for $8 and $20.

I, also, have this issue.

But there’s no way I am selling it.

I have a very long run of that series, from issue 1 up through Priest’s run, but I missed issue 11. And I have been trying to find it for YEARS.

That may have been the best issue of an amazing, hilarious run. Where’s this Joe Kelly been hiding all these years?

Aqualad . . . in plain sight. Pick up I Kill Giants and his two Superman/Batman annuals, posthaste.

I can’t find the bulk of my Kelly Deadpool collection, but I do have fond memories of this issue. Bonus points for the Lightning Rods and the constant questioning of Flatman’s sexuality.

Come on, Marvel, do Deadpool Classic vol 2!

Damn, time for me to get on eBay!

People are always making a big deal about how “nobody has hair like” the Osborns, but it’s just not true.
Sure, it’s stylized, but I know exactly the kind of tightly curled red hair that Ditko (& later Romita) were trying to get across, and how it can look when cut quite short.
I’ve known people with that hair, and while maybe it’s not quite in as perfect a row-formation as drawn, the stylization of the way it’s drawn doesn’t make it look impossibly unreal to me.

[…] A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 13 Comic Book Resources ,January 14, 2009 Today we look at one of one of the funnier issues of a comic you’ll see, in a much-lamented (in the fact that it has never been reprinted) issue of Deadpool … […]

This was reprinted a couple of years ago in the British anthology comic “Wolverine & Deadpool”; I’m not sure of the issue #. It can probably be had a lot cheaper than the original too.

“Come on, Marvel, do Deadpool Classic vol 2!”

They’re doing it, it comes out in April, but it only goes up to issue #8.

I just read this issue in Deadpool Classic vol. 3. It was rather enjoyable, if only Deadpool Merch with a Mouth could be half as entertaining as Joe Kelly’s Deadpool i’d be a happy person!

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