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I Want A Kamandi Video Game

While I’m talking about comics adapted in to video games…

I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 3 lately. It’s a role playing game set in post apocalyptic America, where, after leaving the safety of Vault 101, you roam the irradiated wasteland. Theoretically, you’re looking for your missing father, but once you’re out in the world, you have the freedom to explore what’s left of the greater Washington, D.C. area and see where that takes you. During the course of the game, you encounter a lot of mutated animals.

During a particularly boring moment at work today, an idea occured to me; all of these elements have a lot in common with those of everyone’s favorite cutoffs wearing last boy on Earth. If you replaced some of the surly, paranoid people with surly, paranoid apes, you’re in pretty similar territory.

Sure, I could create a character named Kamandi in the game with the character creation feature who looks like him (feathered hair!) and has the same characteristics. Given all the clothes you can scavenge, I could probably even find a nice pair of cut off shorts. It’s just not the same without the apes, man. Although their may be a bunch of humanoid apes in Fallout 3; it’s a massive game, so I have yet to see half of it, most likely, due to having to do things like work and sleep. And there’s always downloadable content. They may have an ape expansion pack some day.

Of course, even if I was able to use Fallout 3’s framework, it wouldn’t quite be Kamandi without the Kirby aesthetics, would it? This game nailed it in a ’60s Marvel pastiche, so you could probably transition in to what he did in the ’70s fairly easily with that art team. Or hire any five comic book artists who’ve read a Kirby comic ever.

So, what I’m saying is, I want Bethesda and Irrational Games to team up and create a video game based on an obscure DC Comics property. Then again, he is appearing on Cartoon Network this weekend, so you never know.


There are lots of cool things you could do with adapting certain characters to video games. Unfortunately we probably won’t get any of them because most kids just want to be able to have Batman kick Shao Khan’s ass in a one-on-one fighting game.

I finally got around to playing Crackdown recently and that was probably the best superhero game I’ve ever played. It doesn’t screw around with forcing you through a “story” – it just plops your supercop down in the middle of a city under siege by gangsters and tells you to track them down and kick their asses without hurting too many innocent people. I wouldn’t mind a Spider-Man or Batman game like that.

This comes from being a guy that loves crossovers, and keeps toys from different lines on the same shelves; but I would want more than just Kamandi. Like every post-apocalyptic comics character roaming the wastelands as well: Deathlok. DC’s Hercules. Killraven. Hex. Thundarr the Barbarian. Which would lead to matchups like ape biker gangs versus Martian tripods versus wizards…

Ummm … what are video games? (Keep in mind that I’m also unacquainted with non-dial-up internet at home, cell phones, iPods, power steering or brakes or windows, cable TV … I *have* seen — & heard! — talkies at the cinema, though!)

I’m sure if it was made someone would figure out a way to screw the Kirby estate…again

I want some more Kammandi reprints. Give it the Omnibus treatment!

I got Fallout 1 & 2 at the same time and got to play them back-to-back. I named my character Kamandi in the first one and Buddy Blank in the sequel.

i got what about that dcu universe game i got kamandi last boy on earth vol1 #1

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