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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 18

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we begin a special Tear-Jerker Week of cool comic book moments!

Our first “tear jerker” moment comes from the last issue of Y the Last Man.


The last issue of Y the Last Man takes place many years in the future, when society has more or less been completely rebuilt and our protagonist, Yorick, is now an old man nearing his death. He is visited by one of the young adult clones of him (who is now about the same age as Yorick was when the plague that wiped out all the other men happened).

So most of the book takes place in flashbacks filling in the 60 year gap since the last issue, and it includes our farewells to various notable characters from the series, but none were more gripping and moving than the death of Yorick’s monkey, Ampersand.

Writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra just nail this scene.

If you have to pick one page to be “the” moment, I guess page 3 would be it, but for clarity’s sake, here is the four-page scene:

Very well done.


I’ve read this but for the benefit of everyone who hasnt':
Don’t spoil Y!

Oh, boy….

Yep, still brings out the sniffles in me…

Damn fine piece.

‘scuse me… *sniff*


Thats sad. I am crying.

Jesus that’s a good scene. THANKS FOR RUINING IT!!!!!1111

jk jk

This has inspired me to go blow a wad of cash on trades.

The deal breaker is really the monkey’s face on the right side of the third page.

You know… I’ve lost it so many times when reading that book I couldn’t even bring myself to actually look at it this time. But yeah. This should be 1st, last, and only thing on your list. Amazingly powerful scene.

what a way to start the week remembering that scene and how Yorick winds up losing the one person who was with him through the whole thing and then to have it near 355 grave. touching and a tear jearker

Manly tears ;_;

You know… I’ve lost it so many times when reading that book I couldn’t even bring myself to actually look at it this time.

My fiancee has never read the scene, because she knows it is too sad.

Jesus that’s a good scene. THANKS FOR RUINING IT!!!!!1111

jk jk

The funny thing is that I bet there’s someone who actually IS thinking that. “Let’s see, a scene from a book I haven’t read yet? Let me read it…WHAT?!?!- how could you have spoiled that for me!!!” :)

I hate BKV for making me care for a character and then killing him off by natural causes at the end of his natural life span. And for killing others by unnatural causes in ways that don’t translate into noble and heroic sacrifices. And for not writing more comics for me to read.

At least LOST starts back up this week…



Aw, geez, it gets me every time…

Damn you. This gets me EVERYTIME!

Saddest part in the whole damn book.

That scene just got me AGAIN. So beautifully done.

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 19, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Reminds me of the ending of Old Yeller.

>HONK> sniffle

unh, DO excuse me.

I’ve never really been able to understand any of the people who complain about the last issue of Y. This scene alone is makes it a great issue and to know that Yorick went on to live a full life; full of pain, love, beauty…etc is so rewarding to me. It’s a great cap to a wonderful series.

Ah… oh. Oh jeez.

Never fails.

Man, that scene got to me enough when I originally read it. Now that I have a dog, it’s even worse. Great scene in a great book.

dude – heartbreaker of a scene. and way cool. that series was so well written that I didn’t think i really cared for the monkey all that much until he was gone. kind of like real life and people that pass out of it.

great selections so far.

Never read the book, nice art though.

I loved all of Y, but that scene was the best of them all.

Awesome scene, but does the monkey die of natural causes? I thought that he was sick/old, and Yorick gave him a poisoned grape-“putting him to sleep” so that he could bury him by Agent 355. Still awesome either way.

Hold up, am I reading this correctly in that he had something in that grape to kill Ampersand?

I cried like a baby when I read that the first time. . . and I just got misty eyed again. Damn monkey.

I thought that he was sick/old, and Yorick gave him a poisoned grape-”putting him to sleep” so that he could bury him by Agent 355

He was dying of natural causes, but Yorick obviously couldn’t stand to see him in pain and used the poisoned grape to help him on his way (he was under the impression that it would be a painless method)…

Aw jeez, here I go again… keep thinking of a cat I had when I was younger…

Damn you, Vaughan and Guerra! Why did you have to do it so well??

On a par with the episode of Futurama with Fry’s dog.
I hope there’s a few people familiar with that…

OK, I quit reading Y a very long while back, but I have to say that is one of the most touching moments I’ve ever read. Thank God I have my own office, because I’m tearing up at work.

And as someone with a sick pet at home, Brian I could kick your ass for posting this.
;) jk


wow. get’s me every time. wish i hadn’t have read this in a public place. good thing my girlfriend goes for the sensitive type.

Yeah, Seymour’s death was sad too.

My God that is a sad scene.

I cried reading that in bed next to my girlfriend.
She thot it was funny but i didnt!!!

Beautiful end to the series.
This took me back to when my rabbit was dying and the vet gave her an injection so she wouldn’t feel any pain. I took her home and held her just like that till she died.

Pia Guerra deserves a good chunk of the credit for that. The artwork in that scene was just beautiful. What else has she done?

Classic moment from a classic series.

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