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Appropo in regards to recent conversations here, the Mindless Ones have a good piece up about the recent issue of Final Crisis (and from my birthday no less!).  Theirs is a great blog worth reading often.
And Bob Temuka’s Tearoom of Despair is starting off really well.  Love and Rockets and Flex Mentallo already!


Yeah, Mindless Ones is a great blog.

Tearoom of Despair definitely has started out well!

Holy flying monkey poo, that Tearoom of Despair is awesome.

Thanks for the link to Tearoom of Despair, I hadn’t been pointed there yet and it’s quite great.

And yeah, the Mindless Ones are pretty much tops.

Mindless Ones have the greatest FC synopsii/review/criticism on the net. Bar fucking none.

Amypoodle might be the best stylistic writer on the entire interwebs. The poodle turns many a phrase and turns them well.

Around the review of page 6, I skipped to the end of the Mindless Ones review. Most excellent.

Mindless Ones is indeed great, but sometimes I get a little lost in their overseas slang.

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