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Help Me Make Decisions, People on the Internet I Do Not Know

Which Ignition City #1 cover do I buy? Click for bigs:

(Cheers, Warren– and yeah, at least Avatar does the variant cover thing in a sane, non-retailer-exploitative manner.)


I like the third one.

Same as Michael.

What’s this about, anyway?

When presented with the option with Avatar comics, I almost always go with the wrap cover. This time would be no exception.

The second one. More skin.

What’s this about, anyway?

The high concept is “Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers by way of Deadwood.” Where the 50s space heroes went to die– down and out in Ignition City.

My first instinct was the third one, but the second’s pretty nice too. Clearly not the first, though.

The middle one. Always go for the wraparound.

Wraparound, definately. Hate ads on back cover.

I think I’m gonna go it alone and go with the first.
The third has a somewhat formal and slightly dull composition compared to the first, despite a nice, painterly texture.
The second, enh. It reeks of Avatar’s flippant attitude to violence. “Look, kids! Blood! Fun!”
Seems utterly superfluous to me.

Third. It’s the one with the best composition.

The old-timey one on the right, which best suits your description of what this book is about…

From far away definitely the third but up close the first is very nice too.
The second isn’t as nice. I’m all for wraparounds but more doesn’t equal petter.

Who artified them?

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 30, 2009 at 4:08 am



Dang. I’ll pick up two… The wrap-cover and the sepia toned one…
Nice work Avatar. I’l be buying twice the number of issues again…

when it comes to covers…



Who gives a crap about wrap? The second one has guy being exploded by a lava gun. Case closed.

Wrap covers have never done it for me. It’s not like I ever open them up and turn them around.

Will always go for sepia, however.

I think I’d go with 2. I like 3 too. When does this come out?

The middle one, definitely. The one on the right is nice, but lava guns, vibrant colors, that awesome backdrop… That’s what I would go for.

No disrespect to the reacharou. . . er, wraparound cover, but the “retro” third one is too purty to resist.

That’s a tough choice, they are all pretty nice. I would go with the wraparound.

When is this book out?

C is real purdy.

I like the vintage feel.

I wonder if the woman is Amelia Earhart — or some analogue thereof.

A cover isn’t necessarily better because it’s a wraparound, but almost always the extra space increases the scope of the image and allows the artist to create a cooler image. I could see a really, really good front only cover being better than the wraparound for the same issue, but I have never seen a case when the biggest cover isn’t the best.

Dalarsco, I thought that with Issue #6 of 303, the basic front cover was a lot better at encompassing the issue in a single image than the wrap was, but that’s about it as far as I can remember.

I like all three of them…fortunately I have several months to decide which one I’ll pick up.

3rd- It’s the best looking of the set.

I like them all but 3rd is best IMO.

I also like the third one – are they all by Pagliarani? His work on Aetheric Mechanics was beyond brilliant.

Sepia Tone = Cool
Go with #3

I like the wrap best. But the one I’ll be getting, honestly? Whichever one the people at my comic shop stick in my pull bag…

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