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More Tokyopop Cancellations

Over at Johanna Draper Carlson’s site, there’s news that Tokyopop cancelled some just solicited books — see story here.  Full list over there (I really hope Jyu-Oh-Sei is just delayed but we’ll see, won’t we?)

I feel like everyday I have to bite my tongue just to stop myself from spewing my frustration with this publishing company all over the internets.  A little real communication with fans would go a long way — it can’t “fix” the economy but it would do much to increase good-will about the problems TP currently faces.


That sucks about Jyu-Oh-Sei! It’s only got one volume left anyway. I’m surprised to see GetBackers on there, too.

None of the books on that list are currently on my reading list, but for the sake of those who do follow those titles, I hope this is just a temporary delay. I’ve been burned before by TP with Kindaichi Case Files disappearing into the ether and BECK…well, I still have no idea what’s going on with that one…

As for TP in general…can you not help but wander what they could have accomplished if they had focused on a smaller set of titles, promoting the heck out of those, than their now-horribly-flawed strategy of “Let’s license everything we can and throw it all against the wall until something sticks” approach? Flooding the shelves at Borders and B&N only choked out their own books until you couldn’t tell one from the other. No one had the money or time to care about them all. It’s been very frustrating for a few years now to see them constantly be their own worst enemy. Now fans of their titles are the ones paying for it…

hi Jun — there’s speculation Jyu-Oh-Sei will only be pushed back not cancelled, but with TP not stepping in to *tell* what is going on, we’re going to speculate. And us speculating in the dark doesn’t help them at all..

Andrew — completely agreed, they still have some quality titles they need to concentrate on but if they mess up on things like Aria and Beck, then what’s left? The Fruits Basket gravy train is coming a very slooooooow end and they don’t have anything to take its place…and might not ever have anything quite that popular in the future…they need to promote what they do have instead of messing around so much with the publishing schedule, which as you note, only drives the fans away.

Why GetBackers?
I’m hoping it’s just a delay since I’m still in the first quarter of the series and it won’t affect me for a while.
But it’s a great series and it can’t be selling that badly. Can it?

I kind of wonder if their idea of spinning the final arc of GetBackers into its own series backfired. Maybe people thought it was done and didn’t buy the new one. I know my local library has the first 25 volumes, but hasn’t acquired any of the Infinity Fortress ones.

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I’m sad to see volume 5 of Demon Flowers on that list, especially since it is the last volume of the series. I hope it’s just delayed as well. *Off topic- but did anybody else notice in the Feb. Previews (currently listed at MangaCast) that TP has raised the prices of their books to $10.99 and up !?

whoa! Good catch, Celeste! If I thought It would fix tp’s problems, I’d be happy with the extra dollar increase but I’m guessing it won’t do much good…

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