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Not Exactly Much of a Choice, No?

(Click to enlarge, but why you would want to enlarge the second is beyond me)

In a 50/50 split, can you imagine anyone choosing the second one?


I get whichever one DCBS feels like sending me. I’m hoping for the Superman one, but…

Yeah, the second is truer to the content, but it’s much, much less dynamic.

Wasn’t the “problem” the same for #6? A choice between a story scene that wasn’t in the story, or a nice cover of Batman?

Unfortunately, both LCS’s were shorted the Batman cover, so I’m scrambling to find one on ebay for cover price.

Maybe someone bought all the 6 other non-J.G. Jones cover and wants his collection to look uniform?

I got the second one, but only because I’ve been collecting the covers with the side borders and didn’t want to break with that at this point. Not that I paid too much attention to the cover when I grabbed it off the shelf though, but I’ll concede the Superman cover is much nicer.

Have a good day.
John Cage

Which of course raises the question of why anybody would want either one …

I’m not reading this series, and can kinda get the idea of what’s going on in the 2nd cover, but I just needed to say that the fact that Bizarro’s Earth is square AND upside-down is awesome.


I’d love to write a DC mini-series set on “Earth-Head,” where hats are currency, fishbowls are apartments, and soccer is dangerous.

I love the second cover.

It’s just OUTRAGEOUSLY creepy.

Sanctum: You can “kinda get the idea” and you are not even reading the series?!? You must be a genius, as apparently many of the people who ARE reading the series think the whole thing is incomprehensible.

OK, sarcasm off for a minute… I had been picking up the side border covers up through issue 5, but now I wish I had gone with the other covers throughout, as I couldn’t pass up the great Batman and Superman covers for 6 and 7. I am sure they will all be collected in the eventual hardcover, or Absolute Edition, or whatever I end up buying.

My LCS gave me the sliver cover for issue 1 and the character cover for issue 2. My OCD made me buy both the covers for all the issues. I saw the cover for the second printing of issue 6 and was like “Must….summon….integrity so that I can….resist….buying!”

I’m buying it next week. :P

I dunno. The second one’s got some kooky square bizarro world

When Final Crisis: Secret Origins came out my LCS gave me the generic Wonder Woman sliver cover, as opposed to the awesome Frank Quitely Libra cover. So I made damn sure to make it a point to get the Superman cover on this one. Now I have the full character cover of each issue, so my OCD is settled.

Also, when I got into my LCS the board was completely sold out of the Superman cover, and had a large stack of sliver covers left.

I got the character covers for everything except the first issue, since my LCS ran out and I hadn’t declared in advance that I wanted the Character covers. It’s even more annoying that the Green Lantern one was particularly good.

Man I hate floating bubble head covers. I’m really hoping I got the Superman cover pulled for me.

Maybe if you’re a real Chip Kidd wonk.

“Which of course raises the question of why anybody would want either one …”

No, it doesn’t.

I feel bad for anyone who ended up with the sliver covers.

Not onyl were half of them boring and uninspired but half were also NOT drawn by J.G. Jones! Go character covers!

I do like the Bizarro joke. The execution’s not exceptional. I hope that the artist isn’t reading the blog though.

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 29, 2009 at 9:21 pm

I’d go for the second. It looks more interesting than the first.

I tended to buy the sliver covers because by and large I didn’t care about the characters pictured on the character covers. However, I did buy the Batman, Darkseid and Superman covers mainly because Jones wasn’t doing the sliver covers anymore and on top of that, the sliver covers for #4 and #7 were honestly pretty stupid (#4 was a scene that wasn’t even in the book and #7 was just badly done).

The Darkseid cover for #4 was honestly just awesome, though. I would’ve got that one even if the sliver was good.

There were only sliver covers left at the store… it’s pretty bad…

I like the Chip Kidd design.

It’s not just this cover…the non-sliver covers for the whole series have been so, so, so awesome…although the sliver covers for the first few were pretty cool, too, the later ones just don’t measure up.

The Darkseid cover for 4 was the best cover of the freakin’ series. (4 is also where the sliver covers start to slip.) Second place, I’m afraid goes to the Director’s Cut of issue 1 (too bad what was between the covers wasn’t worth it.)

The J.G. Jones sliver covers (issues 1-3) were fantastic, and more interesting to me than superhero pin-ups. But then other people started doing them, and they were irrelevant or terrible, but I’d already started buying the slivers so I stuck with them for the sake of uniformity. The sliver covers for Submit and Superman Beyond were also pretty cool.

I went sliver cover, but that’s because I’ve only gotten sliver covers. I like the trade design, which highlights the shift from red to black and the logo falling apart.

Yeah, the JG Jones’ sliver covers were excellent, and I also started with sliver myself, but went back and switched when I saw Jones was no longer going to do them.

Pacheco’s #4, 5 and 6 were not very good, but they were light years ahead of the sliver cover here by Rudy, which he must have been given about 10 minutes to draw.

The idea of rushing a cover for the finale of your major work of the year just seems so odd to me.

I’m happy I’ve been getting the full-character covers all along. I didn’t think it was much of a choice to begin with, as the Green Lantern cover for #1 was also head-and-shoulders above the other option (which I don’t even remember). Most of the sliver covers are lame.

I’d actually like to have posters of J.G.’s Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman art without the type (although I’ve been loving Chip Kidd’s devolving type on the covers). Darkseid was good too, but I don’t need a poster of him. Just the five icons. (Which brings to mind: Why Supergirl? Couldn’t they have promoted Black Canary? She’s got plenty of story time. Or, I dunno … Green Arrow. Black Lightning. One of the Hawks?)

And yet that second cover was the one News-a-rama highlighted when they interviewed Dan DiDio about FC #7!

Takes all kinds I guess.

The sliver covers are just outrageously unattractive. I wouldn’t have guessed that DC could do something uglier & duller than Marvel’s Civil War covers, but damn if they didn’t pull it off. Kudos.

Why is Superman punching the I? (Bad Joke Alert)>Does he hate himself or something? (I’m sorry, just had to do it)

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