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Superman Is Awesome

As evidenced by turning your Final Crisis #7 cover on the side…


I think it’s cause Kryptonians have an awesomeness organ instead of a human appendix.


I get it, you love the cover! enough already. just kidding, Superman and J.G Jones are indeed awesome

I eagerly await the post where Brian posts the cover upside down to illustrate how Final Crisis works on so many different levels.

kryptonians actually have two fully functional appendixes. [I think waid’s birthright]

and yes, superman is awesome.

If you rotate it 180 degrees, you see that he is so awesome that he can fly ON HIS BACK!!

Isn’t the plural of appendix appendices?

I eagerly await the post where Brian posts the cover upside down to illustrate how Final Crisis works on so many different levels.

I don’t share your opinion of FC, but that was funny.

“Isn’t the plural of appendix appendices?”

Not for books. For body parts, the plural can take either form. Nouns borrowed from foreign languages often have complicated (or absent) plural rules.

Check out David Crystal’s Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language; it’s really a fascinating read!

Well, that I can’t disagree with.
These covers have been great.

BUT when he’s upsidedown he looks oddly like an acrobat. A comment that comics are the new circus? Metafiction!?

2 bad the story sucked

Yeah, I’m still waiting for the post defending Final Crisis, because, even though I love Grant, that was just awful. Nonsense doesn’t even do the story justice as a description. I really, really tried to get some enjoyment out of it, but it wasn’t happening.

Superhero comics set in the main universes of DC and Marvel should not require lengthy annotations, especially when I’ve read at least 75% of the tie-ins and lead-ins. And I’m still not sure annotations would make the story coherent. I’m not a stupid person, but there were just too many thematic elements that either did not work, or were so buried in DC continuity that I didn’t pick up on them.

Yeah, I’m still waiting for the post defending Final Crisis

Then you probably want the Final Crisis #7 review article from yesterday.

I totally loved the whole ride of Final Crisis. I re-read the series in anticipation of the last issue and found it to be satisfying.

Of course, I’m that guy who decides he likes something only to see it get cancelled or closed down. It’s normally a sign of doom for a restaurant if I like their food!

Oh, and in reference to the circus comment above, Will Eisner said Superman’s costume was inspired by carnival strongmen, so you’re not too far off!

Stop drumming up interest for this cover Brian! I haven’t gotten my issue yet, and if I go to the comic book store and they are all gone….so help me god, I don’t know what I’ll do.

I don’t get this post, but I’m going to assume it’s my fault rather than that of its creator.

I also don’t get this post, so I’ll go ahead and ask and try to keep it snark-free…what are you getting at? Is there some way Superman is interacting with the logo that I’m not seeing? Is there something unusual about the pose, particularly something that’s only visible when the cover is viewed sideways? I assume there’s something really obvious that I’m missing, but I’m still missing it and it appears I’m not the only one.

This just made me realize how obviously clone-stamped the “debris” coming off the “L” in the logo is.

It’s like this: you get it or you don’t. People who don’t get it aren’t dumb, and people who do get it aren’t just saying that because they’re JG Jones fans.

Crap! But you get my drift.

You know, with all the rest of the cover text “distressed” shouldn’t they have done a one-off distressed DC logo and Barcode box?? It stands out like a sore thumb… But I guess it won’t be included on the collected covers, so whatever…

Seriously, is that the point? Just some joke about how if you don’t get the “joke” you’re dumb?

Final Crisis is so awesome I can’t understand all of it. I get most of it, but it feels as if my mind is skipping through time.

I think the point of this post is that

1) Superman is awesome.
2) The cover of Final Crisis 7 looks better on its side.


I’m more a Spider-Man guy to be honest.

If you couldn’t understand Final Crisis, fuck you, it’s your fault. It’s all in there, if you can be bothered to look. And if you can’t, don’t blame Grant.

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