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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 30

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the great opening of Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount’s Scurvy Dogs!


When I wish to get folks interested in Scurvy Dogs, I usually show them the first story in the book. It’s not very long, so they can read it quickly, and it has a great pay-off that is today’s cool comic book moment. But either way, this story is usually the test of whether you’re going to dig this book or not.

We open with the pirates of the Scurvy Dogs encountering a group of Portuguese lepers.

They ask if they have any money and the lepers say no. One of the pirates stabs one of the lepers in the stomach, and coins fall out (oh, you can click on all of these pages to enlarge, if you’d like).

The pirates proceed to slaughter the rest of the lepers.

Their total intake?

The few coins they got from the first leper.

We then realize that the Captain is actually telling this story to someone – in fact, he’s telling it to his blind date!!

And that leads to what I consider the cool comic book moment of the day…

I found that hilarious.

If you agree, then Scurvy Dogs is the book for you (as the rest of the book similarly shows the pirates’ attempts to assimilate into modern society in humorous ways)!

If you disagree, well, that’s fine, too!


Tom Fitzpatrick

January 31, 2009 at 6:54 am

I’m probably part-Irish, part-Scottish, but all-Canadian.

So there!

I’ll just ask outright – any hope of seeing Marvels stuff this year? I know it’s re-tellings of comic book moments, and that may disqualify it somehow, but man… Every issue of that book was amazing.

Also, this moment was funny. Not run out and buy Scurvy Dogs funny, but if it was a webcomic, I would be there instead of typing this comment right now.

This was a really funny series, I think my favorite moment of the series was when they cut to Rod Stewart guzzling a can of gasoline.

I’ll just ask outright – any hope of seeing Marvels stuff this year?

With 336 moments left, pretty much ANY good moment has hope of being seen!

Do note, though, that this is not, like, the TOP 365 moments or anything like that. It’s just 365 cool comic book moments, in no particular order. So a book not being on the list is not an indication that I don’t think it is cool, it is just an indication that I didn’t happen to think of it at the time – there are a LOT of cool comic book moments out there! I could probably do this feature for 50 years!

I’m 100% Portuguese and I thought that was hilarious. (Not a leper, though)

This feature is becoming a real eye-opener, Brian. I hadn’t heard of Quantum and Woody and I hadn’t heard of this series.

Awesome to see Scurvy Dogs make the list, Brian!

I laughed at the third-to-last panel. After that he milked it too long. :-)

I thought I was the only person alive to know of this series. Of course, I should be bowing to the wisdom here. thanks for including one of my favorite undersung comics! Now my fingers are crossed for The Badger.

That was awesome. Who hasn’t been on either side of that situation at some point?

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