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Comics Are Awesome: Part 17 (in a series)

This issue seems slightly less astonishing than average. “YOU WILL BELIEVE A MAN CAN OPEN A DOOR!”


Tom Fitzpatrick

January 31, 2009 at 6:45 am

CRREEEEEEEEPY in a weird, eerie, odd, mysterious, enigmatic, outlandish and strange way.

Think that’s enough descriptive words?


Why, that’s not astonishing at all! Most mystery titles failed to live up to their name. ‘The Unexpected?’ I TOTALLY Expected that! Jeez, the title gives it away in most cases.

But no, not very astonishing but still awesome! Any idea what was behind the locked door?

Would My Cracker Jack Prize Be A Lame Sticker…Or SOMETHING ELSE?!?

They used the word “astonishing” three times. You’d think I’d be at least slightly tonished.

FOUR times! Across the top left corner, the tagline, the tite and in the blurb!

The artwork’s nice mind you… Who’s the artist?

Done well, though; makes me want to know what’s behind that door.

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