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With the series over, I thought it would be a good idea to give an archive of my reviews for each of the issues of the series (admittedly, I had to write the #4 and the Submit #1 review just now, which was odd – why didn’t I write reviews that day?). In addition, I added a “Final Crisis” category, so you can find almost all the blog entries about Final Crisis via the following category link here.

Okay, here are the reviews:

Final Crisis #1

Final Crisis #2

Final Crisis #3

Final Crisis #4

Final Crisis #5

Final Crisis #6

Final Crisis #7

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2

Final Crisis: Submit #1

Final Crisis: Resist #1

Batman #683



Why not include Batman #682? It had The Lump, and hinted at an Omega Sanction-style thing going on too…

I think the review for #683 more or less represents the entire two-parter, or else I’d do a retro review for #682 like I did for Final Crisis #4 and Final Crisis: Submit #1.

Fair comment!
Think I’m going to have fun re-reading all of these and the reviews!

Cheers for all your hard work, Brian!

…I’ll just read the Cliff Notes version, Thank You. ;)

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