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Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for 2/1

Here’s a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!

The following 20 super heroes and super villains were killed in comic books. Named the character who killed them.

1. Thanos’ most recent death (during Annihilation)
2. Major Victory
3. Amazing Man II
4. The Melter
5. Swordsman I
6. Judomaster I
7. Goliath (Bill Foster)
8. Blockbuster I
9. Black Widow (Ultimates)
10. The Comedian
11. Katma Tui
12. Golden Glider
13. Nova (Frankie Raye)
14. Atom I
15. Cypher (Doug Ramsey)
16. Martian Manhunter
17. Pantha
18. Mr. Terrific I
19. Anima
20. Captain Boomerang I

Good luck, and have fun!


Usually I only know 2 or 3 of these. This time, I think I know a bunch.

1. Drax
6. Bane
7. Clor
8. Colossus
9. Hawkeye (Ultimates)
10. Ozymandias (spoiler alert!)
13. Terrax
15. The Ani-Mator
16. Libra
17. Superman Prime
20. Tim Drake’s father.

Dang this is tough without looking…
1. Annihilus?
3. Gog?
7. Thor’s Clone
9. Ultimate Jarvis
10. Ozymandius
14. Per Degaton?
16. Libra (with a little help from Heatwave and someone else…)
18. Per Degaton?
20. Tim Drake’s Dad (Mr Drake?)

Now of course, I’m going to go and look and kick myself about 20 times…

1. Thanos’ most recent death (during Annihilation): Drax the Destroyer
7. Goliath (Bill Foster): Ragnarok
8. Blockbuster I: Tarantula?
9. Black Widow (Ultimates): Iron Man
10. The Comedian: Ozymandias
16. Martian Manhunter: Libra
19. Anima: Prometheus
20. Captain Boomerang I: Mr. Drake

2. Major Victory- Eclipso
3. Amazing Man II- The Mist
4. The Melter- Scourge
7. Goliath (Bill Foster)- Clor
8. Blockbuster I- Brimstone?
9. Black Widow (Ultimates)- Hawkeye
10. The Comedian- Ozymandius
11. Katma Tui- Star Saphire
13. Nova (Frankie Raye)- she’s dead?
14. Atom I- Extant
15. Cypher (Doug Ramsey)- the Ani-Mator
16. Martian Manhunter- Libra
17. Pantha- Superboy Prime
18. Mr. Terrific I- the Spirit King
20. Captain Boomerang I – Robin’s dad

1. Drax
2. Eclipso
3. The Mist
4. Scourge
5. Kang
6. Bane
7. Clor
8. Thor
9. Hawkeye
10. Ozymandius
11. Star Saphire
12. Chilldaine
13. Grog
14. Extant
15. the Ani-Mator
16. Libra
17. Superboy Prime
18. the Spirit King
19. Promethous
20. Robin’s dad

I only know the answers to # 10 and # 20.

However, you might want to have made this more challenging by having the readers include the title, and issue # that the said event occurred in as well as the killer’s identity.

I’ll do my best.

1. Silver Surfer…?

7. Ragnarok/Clor(whichever you prefer)

9. Hawkeye
10. Ozymandias

16. Libra
17. Superboy-Prime

20. Robin’s Dad(or Jean Loring, in a kind of roundabout way)

And also, the Golden Glider one is on the tip of my tongue…

I don’t even know who Amazing Man II is, let alone who killed him

Omar Karindu, back from an Internet Thogal ritual

February 1, 2009 at 1:09 pm

1. Thanos’ most recent death (during Annihilation) – Drax the Destroyer
2. Major Victory – Circe
3. Amazing Man II – The Mist II/Nash
4. The Melter – Scourge of the Underworld
5. Swordsman I – Kang the Conqueror
6. Judomaster I – Bane
7. Goliath (Bill Foster) – Clone Thor
8. Blockbuster I – Brimstone
9. Black Widow (Ultimates) – Hakweye
10. The Comedian – Ozymandias
11. Katma Tui – Star Sapphire (Ferris)
12. Golden Glider – Chillblaine
13. Nova (Frankie Raye) – Morg
14. Atom I – Extant
15. Cypher (Doug Ramsey) – Ani-Mator
16. Martian Manhunter – Libra, with help
17. Pantha – Superboy-Prime
18. Mr. Terrific I – The Spirit King
19. Anima – Prometheus
20. Captain Boomerang I – Jack Drake

Do we get bonus points for mentioning Wild Dog, while being mind controlled by Maxwell Lord for 17? (Granted, that was an alternative universe Pantha.)

Is it Blockbuster I from DC or the Blockbuster (the original) from the Marauders at Marvel?

1. Drax the Destroyer
4. Scourge
7. Thor Clone
8. Tarantula
9. Hawkeye
10. Ozymandias
13. Morg
14. Monarch
16. Libra
17. Superboy Prime
18. Flash I (under somebody’s mental control)
20. Jack Drake

@ Filrouge: DC’s blockbuster predates the Marauders guy by a couple of decades.

1. Drax
7. Clor
9. Hawkeye
10. Ozymandias
16. Libra
20. Jack Drake

@Omar Karindu, back from an Internet Thogal ritual

Wow, you know how to use google and wikipedia. We’re sooooo impressed…. *frowny face*

The list has already been solved by other folks, but I’m surprised that I was actually able to answer the lot of them off the top of my head (with the exception of the Ultimate Black Widow, but that’s only because I haven’t gotten around to getting the last Millar/Hitch Ultimates collection). I’m pleased with myself, but wish I knew that much about, you know, non-comic book stuff. Either way, I suppose.

Have a good day.
John Cage

lets see what I know:

6. Judomaster I-Bane (in Infinite Crisis 7)
7. Goliath (Bill Foster) -Clor (in Civil War)
8. Blockbuster I -Brimstone? (in Legends)
9. Black Widow (Ultimates) -Hawkeye (in Ultimates 2)
10. The Comedian -Ozymandias (in Watchment)
14. Atom I -Hawk/Extant (in Zero Hour)
16. Martian Manhunter -Libra (in Final Crisis)
17. Pantha -Superboy Prime (in Infinite Crisis)
19. Anima -Prometheus (in The Prometheus one shot)
20. Captain Boomerang I -Jack Drake (In Identity Crisis)

Fangirl71: I really don’t think Omar Karindu needs Google or Wikipedis for solving this trivia under 5 minutes.;)

@ Fangirl71

Wow, you spend your time going to comic book blogs to make troll-ish comments in a thread of comic book trivia. You’re sooooooooo cool.

Funny thing is that when I saw the subject (and before reading the list), I guessed that alternating Scourge and Superboy Prime would get me at least a couple correct answers. I was wrong because I started with Scourge. ;)

There the answers has you might expect tend to favour the more recent events, but I am suprised so few people got the swordsman. Maybe the engleheart avengers are not as classic a team as i thought

I knew 5 of 20 (Melter, Goliath, Comedian, Cypher and Cap Boomerang). Not too bad.

1. Thanos’ most recent death (during Annihilation) – Drax
2. Major Victory – Eclipso
3. Amazing Man II – The Mist II
4. The Melter – Scourge
5. Swordsman I – Kang
6. Judomaster I – Tiger (cause didn’t his former sidekick turned villain kill him in The L.A.W. miniseries?)
7. Goliath (Bill Foster) – Clor
8. Blockbuster I – Brimstone
9. Black Widow (Ultimates) – Hawkeye (Ultimates)
10. The Comedian – Ozymandius
11. Katma Tui – Star Sapphire
12. Golden Glider – Chillblaine
13. Nova (Frankie Raye) – Morg
14. Atom I – Extant
15. Cypher (Doug Ramsey) – Animator
16. Martian Manhunter – Libra
17. Pantha – Superboy/man Prime
18. Mr. Terrific I – Spirit King
19. Anima – Prometheus
20. Captain Boomerang I – Jack Drake

And just for fun, I’ll name the series in which each happened (if I know it)

1. Annihilation
2. Eclipso
3. Starman
4. Avengers
5. Avengers
6. The L.A.W. mini
7. Civil War
8. Legends
9. Ultimates II
10. Watchmen
11. Action Comics Weekly
12. Flash Volume 2
13. Silver Surfer
14. Zero Hour
15. New Mutants
16. Final Crisis
17. Infinite Crisis
18. Justice League of America Volume 1 (expanded on in Spectre Volume 2 or 3…the Ostrander one)
19. Faces of Evil Prometheus
20. Identity Crisis

*sniff* I is a comic book death hag.

Are all of them still currently dead or did they get better?

Off the top of my head, they’re all currently dead.

I think it was when I heard that Katma Tui was dead that I decided to consider anything that happened after I stopped reading GL as non-canon.

Later, I heard that Hal Jordan had killed Kilowog and my choice was vindicated.

1. Thanos’ most recent death (during Annihilation) – Drax
2. Major Victory – Eclipso
3. Amazing Man II – The Mist III (if you count her brother as no. ii)
4. The Melter – who?
5. Swordsman I – Don’t know
6. Judomaster I – Tiger (don’t know what his new name is)
7. Goliath (Bill Foster) – Clone Thor
8. Blockbuster I – I used to know this, now I can’t remember. God-dammit!
9. Black Widow (Ultimates) – Hawkeye (Ultimates)
10. The Comedian – Ozymandias
11. Katma Tui – Star Sapphire/Predator I think (I miss my full run of Mosaic)
12. Golden Glider – Chillblaine (III I think)
13. Nova (Frankie Raye) – Terrax
14. Atom I – Extant
15. Cypher (Doug Ramsey) – The Ani-Mator
16. Martian Manhunter – Lilbra, Effigy, Dr Light, etc.
17. Pantha – SuperBOY Prime (sorry, making a bit of a point there)
18. Mr. Terrific I – The Spirit King (in Jay GArrick’s body)
19. Anima – Trigon (although I thought she waqs only in critical condition and only Power Boy actually died)
20. Captain Boomerang I – Jack Drake (self-defense your honour)

I only knew three, (Black Widow, The Comedian, and Cypher).

You’ve made me feel much less geeky. Thank you.

The Swordsman died in Giant-Size Avengers (#2), not Avengers.

I only knew four of these.

randypan the goat boy

May 28, 2011 at 10:19 am

I would like it to be known that I am a dc geek and all other comics are for lining bird cages. with that said here is the list.
2. major Victory was killed by Eclipso
3. Amazing man was killed by the mist
6. judo master was killed by Bane[ As i heard it Judo master was laughing at the way bane was portrayed in Batman and Robin.]
8.Blockbuster was killed by Brimstone
10. The Comedian was killed by Ozymandias
11. Katma Tui was killed by Star Saphire
12. Golden Glider was killed by Chillblane
14. Atom was killed by Extant
.16. Martian Manhunter was killed by Grant Morrison[disguised as Libra].
17.Pantha was killed by Superboy Prime[ it was a misunderstanding…She offered prime some head and he took it wrong
18. Mr. Terrific 1 was killed by the spirit king.
19. Anima was killed by promethius.
20. Captain Boomerang was killed by Jack Drake.
21. All Star Batman and Robin was killed by Frank Miller. In 1986 Frank Miller gave the world a gift.He took a character that had been mutilated by a t.v. show during the 1960’s and made the world notice him again. It took years, but gone were the news stories that started off with ” bamm , pow, zapp, and biff.Frank miller took a character that was a joke and turned him into what he always should have been. The Dark Knight. But something happened in the years that followed…After the success of the dark knight came batman year one[ a book that is superior to the comic that inspired it in every way]. starting in 1994 there was a chink in the armor, spawn Batman was released and the comic world had to change their shorts because the two biggest names in comics were going to team up and knock the comics industry out of the hole that the comic book speculators created. The Comic book landed with a resounding thudd, but maybe it was just a slump. not every great artist was going to knock it out of the park ever time. so fast forward a few years and DC announced All star batman and robin. with story by miller and art by Jim lee there was no way this book was going to fail…right? over night the Dark knight was killed off and in his place was a new character…THE GODDAMN BATMAN. The Diehard fanboys supported the book, no doubt hoping that the real story was going to start as soon as the decoy ran off the non believers…Several years later and we are still waiting. I have recently uncovered evidence that implies that Frank miller is being forced to tank All Star batmam and Robin. I think Mr. Miller needs to realise that there is still good work in there, but act fast before all the goodwill you created with yor original run with the character …Or not. Fuck it who wants pie?

I want pie!

Good list. When’s the next quiz?

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