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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 33

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we take a look at a great dramatic moment from Frank Miller in Batman: The Dark Knight #2 (part of The Dark Knight Returns collection).


At this point in the series, Batman has returned from a ten-year absence and has proceeded to begin making a real difference in Gotham (while infuriating the Gotham Police Department).

One of the biggest problems in Gotham is the so-called “Mutant Gang.” Batman saves a girl from being raped by a couple of gang members, which inspires young Carrie Kelly into dressing up as Robin.

Batman’s ultimate move with the Mutant Gang is to attack them while they are in a “meeting” at the Gotham dump, where they are planning the assassination of the retiring Commissioner Gordon (he is being forced out – as he is notably pro-Batman).

Batman shows up in a new “Batmobile,” essentially a giant tank, and begins mowing down the gang members with mercy bullets.

The monstrous leader of the gang, though, challenges Batman to a man-to-man fight, and Batman is unable to resist the challenge, partially due to ego and partially due to the feeling that he needs to do this to end the overall threat of the gang (defeat their leader in hand-to-hand combat, and they will follow HIM instead).

So this leads to this amazing shot of Batman exiting the Batmobile, ready to mix it up with a much younger, much stronger man – and yet Batman is thrilled about the prospect…

(Batman manages to disable the gang leader, but not before the man basically pummels Batman halfway to death, with only Carrie Kelly’s interference allowing Batman the opportunity to take down the leader before being killed. After he recuperates a bit, Batman stages an “escape” for the leader who goes back to the dump where Batman fights him again, but this time, Batman is not cocky enough to find him straight on and instead uses guerrilla tactics to defeat him thoroughly, thereby winning over the Mutant Gang, who begin to follow Batman instead).


Aw yeah, man!

There were a few Cool Moments in The Dark Knight Returns, but this one sure sums up that feeling of “Go, Batman! Kick some ASS!”

The glee of getting back to work shows brilliantly on his face!

And the new Batmobile was a great laugh too!

Tom Fitzpatrick

February 3, 2009 at 6:14 am

My favourite moment of the Dark Knight Returns is the moment where Batman finds out who “Two-face” is and what’s his reasoning behind his return to crime. Especially the part where he replies that he sees himself in Two-face.

A defining moment.

I’m surprised you didn’t choose the scene when Barbara Gordon was shot in the spine. That was pretty cool too.

That scene isn’t in Dark Knight, Joe.

cool scene. one of the things I liked about the Dark Knight returns for even aged Batman proved he could still kick butt. and that his greatest weapon his mind was still in tip top shape after so long.

My favorite from Dark Knight Returns is Green Arrow’s part in the Bats-Superman fight. It just fit so well with the book, with Batman’s tactics, and with Ollie’s anti-government character. Solid, organic storytelling.

Whatever happened to Mr. Miller storytelling abilities?

He began believing his own hype?

Dang I didn’t get the outraged response I was hoping for. :P

Bad book, but a good moment. Good choice.

Ah, Dark Knight. I shoplifted the trade in 1987. I don’t think Batman would’ve approved. Since, then no less than three copies have been given to me.

It WAS a cool moment. The look on his face … this is the facist Batman facile commentators commented on. (And the horse-back shot, natch.)

“Bad book”

Please expound.

The only bad thing about Dark Knight Returns was that it ended.

DKR is a real triumph of style in comics storytelling (not surprising considering the author, of course), but my personal favourite moment is the very last panel. “…good enough.” It’d take ages to explain why, though.

Tom Fitzpatrick

February 3, 2009 at 9:25 pm

@ Joe:

My favourite scene in the Killing Joke is at the end, where the Joker tells Batman a joke after rebuffing Batman’s offer of rehabilitation, and they both laugh at the punchline.

I’ve always thought that this defining moment described their relationship the best.

Even the movie The Dark Knight drew from this book to explain the Joker.

That scene just gave me goosebumps…….

i’d also love to hear why TDKR is a bad book. I can’t think of a single reason myself.

Thats one godawfull artist.

The first fight with the mutant leader is a great moment. I thought it might make the list. “… And I honestly don’t know if I could beat him.” and that’s the reason he fights him hand to hand even though he had the leader in his crosshairs. I love that. Batman’s got to prove he’s still got it to himself. Then that picture. Batman’s expression is like “you think you can take me? All right punk., this is going to be fun!” But it’s a facade.

It doesn’t even matter that he gets his butt kicked. He wins the victory of doing the brave stupid thing over the safe smart thing. Kind of a recurring theme with Miller.

Malfunction saying that’s one godawful artist. Heh. That’s like my favorite comic drawing ever but to each his own. The first time I read the Dark Knight Returns I thought the same thing. It looked to me like he drew it way to fast and Klaus’ Inks looked so sloppy. But once I aquired the taste the raw emotion and power in those drawings…Nothing has quite touched it for me since. Not even Frank’s later work. TDKR rules!

hello guys…

here at this link you can watch a cgi animation that i did based upon Millers TThe Dark Knight Returns. It’s a 20 minutes short animated film and the main plot is when bats kicks the mutie leader’s ass in a mud pit. The animation is titled BLOOD and MUD, check it out:

http://www.reticomfilms.com for HD

and youtube:


There has GOT to be more cool moments from this series! You could a month of cool moments from this series!

A shame Miller so completely LOST IT before doing “The Dark Knight Strikes Again.” Nothing cool about that one >:(

my favorite line in the hole series is when batman is fighting the mutant leader in the mudhole and batman says…..you dont get it boy…this isent a mudhole….its an operating table and im the surgeon….

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