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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 35

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we take a look at a particularly dramatic moment during the Apocalypse War in 2000 A.D.


The Apocalypse War told the story of the invasion of Mega-City One (home of Judge Dredd) by the Soviet city East-Meg One.

It lasted about 25 progs (give or take a couple).

At one point in the story, the Soviets capture Judge Dredd’s mentor, Chief Judge Griffin and brainwashed him into urging the resistance fighters (include Dredd) to give up the fight and surrender.

Now Griffin was a long-time supporting cast member in the book (I believe he appeared within the first few dozen issues of 2000 A.D.), so what follows next in 2000 A.D. #261 is a major deal.

Dredd sneaks into East-Meg One and confronts his brainwashed friend during a live broadcast (one of those staged Q & A programs), and whatever part of the “real” Griffin that remained within him managed to rebel and admit, on live TV, that it was all a fraud. Dredd then kills him on live TV, and in an especially dramatic twist, appears to kill himself, as well!!

Of course, Dredd faked his own death and in the end, he and some other Judges manage to drop a bunch of nukes on East-Meg One, killing almost a billion people, which basically takes the fight out of East-Meg One and more or less ends the Apocalypse War.

This was a great story, courtesy of one of the best Dredd creative teams ever – Alan Grant and John Wagner, with Carlos Ezquerra on art.


Why, Brian, TWO 2000AD Cool Moments in the first 40 so far!?!

You are spoiling us!

Thought you might have gone from the more iconic cover (#262 I think?) of the badge with the bullet hole, but Mega-Kudos for picking this!

[By the way, I think should be “Dredd sneaks into the East-Meg One TV Studio and confronts…”]

I’ve gone on quite enough about my 2000ad love on previous threads here. So this time I’ll just quickly say great choice. Here’s to a few more from The Galaxy’s Greatest

More 2000AD!
This ‘year of cool moments’ needs to include “Gaze into the fist of Dredd!”
Seriously though, i think we should have a Too Much Testosterone week to counter-balance the tearjerkers week, featuring the above moment and a boatload of Garth Ennis (personal fave is “Glock’s a wankers gun” from the Boys)

Ooh, ‘Gaze into the fist of Dredd’ is an amazing moment. Brian, you’ve got to do that.

Damn that is one of the defining moments in moving me from kiddie comics to real quality stuff. Probably helps this was the first Dredd I ever read too! Much, much love for Carlos’ art too.

I fondly remember those days when I was a student in Manchester,England. There were many cool(zarjaz!) moments in 2000AD not least in the strip of the cover star shown above, Sam Slade, Robohunter. The art was absolutely gorgeous. And all this in black and white except for maybe the centre pages!

Dredd? Bah! D.R. and Quinch? Oh yeah!

Judge Dredd
Nemesis the Warlock
Halo Jones
Canon Fodder
Song of the Surfer
Big Dave
ABC Warriors
Hewligan’s Haircut

All classic stuff.

DR & Quich fell a bit flat for me.

2000AD always felt pretty schizophrenic when I used to read it. Plenty of juvenile and low quality stuff, but I loved Halo Jones, Zenith and D.R & Quinch. IMO, Zenith is the greatest out-of-print comic along with Miracleman.

The most powerful moment I’ve ever read in a comic book was probably the bit of the apocalypse war when the judges meet some citizens with radiation poisoning, begging for mercy. More of an ‘absolutely terrifying comic book moment’ – even now – than a remotely cool one, but brilliant nevertheless…

^ I agree with the comment left by Tam. There are far too many great moments in 2000ad stories to know where to begin. But two stand out scenes in The Apocalypse War are the one in which the Judges deal with the unfortunate fall out victims. Tragic and ruthless…and, in another scene, how they deal with citizens who collaborated with the Sov invaders.

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