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Random New Comics Day Thoughts

A random collection of reflections, of dubious merit, on my weekly comics pilgrimage. A sample:

Hey, did you know that the creator Lost is doing a mini-series for Marvel? I just saw the first issue today! It had the Hulk fighting Wolverine! Seems weird that they had him doing a mini tying in to a straight to DVD Movie (especially without a corresponding mini with Thor; they could have done a flipbook!). Didn’t pick it up. I think I’ll wait for the trade. That should surely be out in a timely fashion! Seems like Marvel really dropped the ball in not promoting that one more heavily, though.

Breaking Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe Purchase News

Speaking of pilgrims; I didn’t buy Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5 this week. Because … well, I forgot to order the damn thing. Did get right on the re-order, so it should be in my hot hands in two weeks, tops. If I had a track record for entertaining daily content that had drawn a loyal following across the Internet, maybe I would have received in advance, for free.

Yeah. It’s not worth that kind of effort. Also, I wouldn’t have been able to be all snooty about how awesome I am for reading it when one of the guys at the shop gave me crap for ordering something he’d never heard of, and why in the hell would I want to deprive myself of that pleasure? I even mentioned that they’d all be reading it when the movie came out (perhaps having too much faith in that happening or it being good, but still; I was on a roll of self satisfaction!)

Comics I Almost Bought But Didn’t Section:

I was seriously considering buying Black Panther #1, just to find out why T’Challa had boobs now. I also seriously hate myself for that. But I did have a fair amount of interest in it.

I decided not to for three reasons:

1. $4 a pop for a first issue limits impulse purchases.

2. I don’t want to encourage this stunt and give Marvel an excuse to give every middle tier male character boobs to goose sales.

3. I have the Internet and can find out for free. That last one was the real deal breaker.

Okay, I’m ignoring all of the ads promoting this relaunch with random female characters heads pasted on Boob Panther’s body. Beyond infantile humor, there’s a good reason for that. My reaction to the tag line question “Will ___ Be The New Black Panther?” was almost exclusively “Why would they be?”

I also considered picking up Secret Warriors. Jonathan Hickman’s involvement and the fact that I’ve been sampling the Avengers spin-offs were strong incentives, but the combination of price and lack of Hickman drawing the thing made me decide against it. I mean, it’s great that Hickman’s getting high profile work, and what I saw on a flip through looked interesting, but if he’s not dropping charts and graphs in the middle of a superhero spy story, what’s the point?

Watchmen Multimedia Round Up

The Motion Comic version of Watchmen (without Moore reading Rorschach’s dialogue, unfortunately) was on in the shop. It was pretty cool, except when the narrator had to do Silk Spectre’s voice. Those parts reminded me of the radio serial in Fallout 3.

Also, it’s been so long since I’ve read the book that I forgot some of Rorschach’s really over the top turns of phrase. Hearing him go on about abattoirs of retarded children really caught me off guard as I was looking over the rack of new comics. Should be interesting to see how that works in the film (which comes out in around a month; that snuck up on me); depending on how faithful it is, it may come across as something you can write but not say.

They had the movie action figures in, too. Now, as much as I can see why making Watchmen action figures is a risible idea, especially after seeing the scene where Rorschach excoriates Veidt for whoring out all of the characters in the book for merchandise play out in that motion comic. That said, I to say; Rorschach’s is pretty damn awesome. I may have to get that one. If only so he and DKR Batman can have the team up maladjusted fans have been dreaming of since 1986.

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Random Comics Thought From Last Week:

I was thumbing through Ultimatum last week. This is the first time where looking at a Jeph Loeb comic involves literal morbid curiosity. I mean, they’re not hiding it; the house ads feature a literal dead pool of Ultimate characters. So the fact that wholesale slaughter’s on the menu wasn’t a surprise. And on a really twisted level, I found Ultimate Professor X’s fate kind of funny. If nothing else, it was a nice way to break out of the monotony of the 1,000th scene of he and Magneto having a debate about their methods, and it is using the advantage of the Ultimate characters not being the original versions, even if it’s at an absurdly late date (in an absurdly absurd way).

That said, seeing Giant Man stumbling upon the Blob chow down on a dead Wasp’s corpse? Yeah, that actually did elicit some genuine shock from me. I knew she was dead (those handy house ads!), but I was not expecting that. Did someone bet Jeph Loeb that he couldn’t out over-the-top Mark Millar, and is he taking it that seriously?

Also, is cannibalism the next logical step for the for a character whose super power is basically morbid obesity, or is that just me? I swear I didn’t write “Jeph Loeb” and “next logical step” in the same sentence to give T. a seizure, by the way. I mean, where else can they go with the guy to make him more evil beyond that, save for literally stealing food from starving children? Maybe they’re saving that for the last issue. Also, I hate to say this, but it looked like they were setting up a pretty awesome scene with Cap and Thor in there. Not that I trust Loeb and David Finch to pay it off, but it at least had potential for awesome, and that’s something worth noting from a creative team that most of our audience would consider radioactive shit poisoning.

At any rate, that Blob eating Wasp scene did kind of creep me out, and I pride myself on not being affected by this sort of thing. Between her deaths in this, Secret Invasion, and even Marvel Zombies III (as hilarious as that was), it seems like they’re just picking on her at this point. It almost makes me not find her useless!

Token Creator Owned Comics Section

I talked with a friend of mine about Cerebus. Just bringing it up made me feel like an asshole for buying so many corporate superhero comics. Not that I didn’t go ahead by a bunch of them (and Buffy! That’s sort of creator owned!), but it did make me feel weird for picking my usual assortment of Marvel and DC Comics.

That said, even in my superhero-centric store, I did find a creator owned comic that caught my eye; Soul Kiss. I found the art really striking, if nothing else. Didn’t pick it up, because I have some reservations about buying any Image books serialized due to past experience and my buying habits (I don’t pre-order, even on something like Scott Pilgrim, which I love more than most members of my family). Still, the art and premise are alluring, so I’ll have add this to my “check out the trade at some point” list. Of course, it may get lost in the shuffle, given that there are roughly 150,000 trades on there, but them’s the breaks, quirky Image mini!

And that’s all I got before I start talking about comics I bought, and I think I’ll leave that to the expert in these parts.


$4 a pop for new books is absolutely destroying my desire to not only try out new books, even when I like the author (Jeff Parker makes me really happy), but also makes me wish ill on Marvel as a company. What would be the company wide equivalent of ghonnerria? Well, that’s what I want.

Of course, to prove I’m a total hypocrite, I bought Secret Avengers. There was a lot that went into that buy, to be honest. I mean, I really hate Bendis… like… a lot, but I figure that his name is attached early to boost sales, much like early JSA had Robinson babysitting Johns. Second, I like Hickman and want him to have money, so fuck Marvel with a diseased Thai Whore, but Hickman gets my cash. Lastly, it’s a book that’s basically about Nick Fury being awesome. Guess what happens in it? Nick Fury is awesome. There’s a giant conspiracy that Nick figures out and he spends the entire issue being entirely too badass for words. He’s like killer spy Batman. If that’s something that appeals to you, then this is for you. Also, it feels like Bendis had zero part in this, without even the annoying dialogue ticks, so this is going on the pull list.

If Scott Pilgrim came out anything approaching regularly (as in more than once per year) it’d be my favorite book. Still, I can’t say the anticipation hurts it as the series has always deliverred. I refuse to order this online or at my shop. I have to just stumble upon it then exclaim out loud in near-orgasmic joy.

Lastly, Comics sure should be good and I’m doing the NY Comic-Con, my first ever Con, Saturday! No one cares, but I’m psyched!

Somebody…PLEASE…close the italics tag. My eyes hurt.

Oops, Secret Warriors, not Avengers. Sorry, I got used to them sticking the Avengers tag on everything.

I have no idea why everything’s italicized, other than to attack Alan’s eyes, and hopefully it will be rectified soon. Also, thanks for coming by Aaron, and you’ll get your receipt for that soon. Even if you did convince me to drop $4 on Secret Warriors. Thanks a lot, dick!

Also, seriously; no one’s commented on Black Panther’s boobs? This is why I don’t pay attention to these things unless I ask Aaron to come by and he does. You people never fail to disappoint me!

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Omar Karindu, back from an Internet Thogal ritual

February 4, 2009 at 11:02 pm

Sadly, Mark Millar already had the Ultimate Blob mention his cannibalistic habits. As with the Wanda-Pietro twincest, this is just Loeb making one of Millar’s dialogue gags unnecessarily explicit.

Also, Secret Warrior #1 does have boatloads of graphs as a backup feature, very Hickman-y in nature.

Are these ‘motion comics’ the latest iteration of ‘cartoons that don’t move’? How did that get trendy again? I thought we were done with those after CrossGen tanked with their DVDs so hard.

Secret Warriors was indeed awesome. Caselli is an underrated talent. It’s my favorite thing of Hickman’s since Nightly News.

There is a fair amounht of graphs and stuff at the end of Secret Warriors, not sure how involved he was in their creation but they definetly feel Hickman-esque, also the main art is quite nice even so. Ultimately, I would love to see Hickman return to his Pax Romana series rather than read this but I’ll take what I can get, although I’m thinking I’ll wait for the trade as I feel his work reads better in chunks (mostly because there is usually so much going on my feeble brain forgets inbetween months)

Tom Fitzpatrick

February 5, 2009 at 4:16 am

The first two issues of Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk came out two years ago by the same guy, but was derailed due to LOST.

Took a damn long time to get back into it, but I hope it was worth the wait.

“I swear I didn’t write “Jeph Loeb” and “next logical step” in the same sentence to give T. a seizure, by the way.”

That’s good, because you didn’t actually write those two things in the same sentence.

Now I’m curious to know how Xavier died. Damn you for making me slightly interested in a Jeph Loeb comic!

That $4 price point prevented me from picking up Agents of Atlas, though I did spring for Secret Warriors (haven’t read it yet, so I don’t know if it was worth it). I picked up Agents of Atlas, flipped through it quickly while trying to rationalize dropping $4 for it, and decided it just was not meant to be. This really is a clear case where I would have definitely given it a try if it had been a $3 book. Maybe I’ll check out the trade if I continue to hear good things about it.

Panther boobs? Man I’m out of the loop. This and $4 cover prices are why I (gasp!) cut my pull list and stick with trades. The really good stuff is gonna make it out without my floppy support (Check out Jeff Smith’s oversized RASL trade and Terry Moore’s Echo – love both those creators, didn’t buy the floppies, and yet, here they are!)

Hell, I even turned MY book from a 10-issue series into two hardcover volumes so I wouldn’t have to fight with Panther Boobs.

Who could compete?!

Yesterday was a rough one for me and the $4 price point.

I’ve been ignoring the Marvel $4 books like the plague, but did break down for Hickman’s take on Fury. I’m cautiously optimistic as it seems that Secret Warrior is treading very close to be a full scale classic SHIELD story, which in my mind we haven’t see the like of since NIck Fury vs. SHIELD twenty years ago. Glad to see Hydra front and center in the book. (Now if we could just slip in some of the old SHIELD agents like Clay Quartermain into the book as supporting cast.)

The other $4 books that got me were both indy books which I feel a little better about springing for the extra cash. Dead Irons was a good set up issue, will characterically lovely art from Alexander. And Bad Dog was just snort out the nose funny in some places.

But still…5 books bought…3 of them at $4, 1 at $3.5, and 1 and $3. (Thanks Dark Horse for holding the line at $3 bucks…)

Darn it, people. Don’t read Previews? Only the first Agents of Atlas issue is 3.99! It’s got 40 pages or somesuch. The following issues were solicited with a 2.99 cover price!

Same for Mighty Avengers.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

The point isn’t whether a particular book, like Agents of Atlas, will always be $4. If you charge me $4 for the entry point, I am far less likely to take the bait. I really don’t need to take on new titles as it is (and am cutting some titles I get already in favor of buying trades). Wouldn’t a better way to boost readership on a title be to add some extra content at the “regular” $3 price point? If they had done that, I’d feel like I was getting a bargain and me much more inclined to try something new.

Jonathan Hickman also had another book coming out this week. The first issue of Marvel’s Astonishing Tales anthology has a story written and partially drawn by Hickman. That “partially drawn” part is a shame, because the story begins with Hickman art for the first half and then switches to a completely different style of art drawn by someone else.


February 5, 2009 at 5:07 pm

It wasn’t a guy who works at the shop who had never heard of Scott Pilgrim was it?
That mnotherfucker is a license to make money, and any shop owner who has never heard of it deserves to go out of business.

Are these ‘motion comics’ the latest iteration of ‘cartoons that don’t move’? How did that get trendy again? I thought we were done with those after CrossGen tanked with their DVDs so hard.

The big two seem to be copying everything else Crossgen did these days, so why not that?

I think it could be more aimed at ipods and such though these days.

That issue of Ultimatum sounds fucking stupid. It just shows how out of touch and ‘fresh’ that terrible supposed writer is. Jeph Loeb is a retard.

The motion comic thing is aimed at iPods, yeah. I’d prefer just… comics reformatted for iPod, though. I really don’t need somebody to read the comic to me to justify me buying it, and I would pay extra for my comic not to have crappy additional Flash pseudo-animation added.

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