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Comics Are Awesome: Episode XVIII


Then again, I suppose there’s only so many ways you can draw a gorilla strapped into a chair. But, man! Only seven issues apart? Was audience turnover that fast, or is this a long-running plot thread where Captain Comet commits murders in the body of a gorilla and blames it on other people? Because that would be awesome.


Wow, that is pretty flagrant.

Did the same artist draw both covers?

If so, well…I can’t decide if that’d be better or worse. Maybe it makes no difference.

After they saw the sales figures for the first, time for the sequel. The silver age was all about ape covers.

Somewhere in here there´s a joke about the second cover artist aping the first.

Awesome I like the fact that they are standard issue gorillas, their almost exact, check the cover of 186 for one of my Gorilla Favorites, forget the cover read the story! later!

It is indeed the same gorilla – and in fact, the story in Strange Adventures #39 is a direct sequel of that in #32.

At least that’s what Mike’s site says:


I don’t think it’s a swipe, just the same pose with the same Gorilla. There are several different details. Obviously the size is different, though a trace can be made from a size adjusted photocopy so that isn’t a slam-dunk. But the feet are different, the shaded portions of the fur do not match up, the jawline on the second is thinner, the head is smaller and rounder even after adjusting mentally for the helmet, and the eye-brows are rounder. Hilarious because it is so similar and for a pun on “aping”, but not a true swipe.

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