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NYCC Thoughts on Immonen’s Next Move

I have recently been bemoaning the artwork on New Avengers, so to learn that Stuart Immonen, only one of my favorite artists in all of comics, is going to be the next artist on the title, well, I quite reasonably am extremely excited!

Not only is Immonen a great artist, but he’s also timely, so that helps the book’s schedule. I only wish he was doing the book for the big 50th issue this month!


Though I don’t read New Avengers anymore, I just couldn’t imagine Immonen fitting the book’s tone since I’m so used to him on Nextwave, Hellcat and Ultimate Spider-Man, you know the more whimsical stories. But then again Lenil Yu did fine, and he’s kind of got the same sketchy-ish style, plus great art is great art anyways! And of course, Billy Tan’s gone so that’s also a plus.

ugh, Tan is fine on NA

get Immonen out of Bendis’ clutches

if Kirk ever needs a break on Captain Britain & MI13, thats where Immonen should go

that or more Nextwave

I’m pretty happy with the news. I’m not crazy about Tan’s stuff. I’m curious how he’ll alter his style for that book.

I freaking love Immonen. I’m glad he is getting such high profile work.

Immonen is a great artist, but his style is more suited to Mighty Avengers than New Avengers…

Immonen is awesome.

I wish he’d draw something I want to read, though.

Man, I miss Nextwave

Anything Immonen draws is a must buy. While I wish he was staying on Ultimate Spider-man, I’m glad he’s moving to a title I already read so I don’t have to add more to my pull list.

Immonen’s style is flexible enough that he should be able to fit New Avenger’s tone fine; he’s one of the rare talents who can alter his style to fit different writers. Compare his work with Busiek on Shockrockets and Superstar to his Ultimate X-Men work with Vaughan to his NextWave work with Ellis; the line qualities substantially vary.

See, I was hoping Immonen leaping off USM meant a possible Nextwave reunion. But I guess he likes money.

they’ve had some bad artists on that book…which is weird when it’s one of the highest selling and they’ve got such grea talent on thor and other less popular titles. not that i’m saying i want coipel off thor!

immonen’s awesome, i’d love for him to stay for a long time on new avengers, but that doesn’t seem to be the trend…

Well that increases my New Avengers interests but enough to buy it. I wish he was coming to Mighty or the Initiative, that would be great. Or X-factor, they have needed a good artist for a while now.

More Nextwave would be so very awesome indeed.

I dont read New Avengers, and Immonen wont make me buy it either.
The Bendis stuff just doesnt do it for me, even less so after the huge letdown of Secret Invasion.

As for why NA has some bad artists, it’s because it’s a top selling book no matter what, it will sell anyway even with crappy art. It’s like Marvel is using that book to boost the profile of some artists.
But replace a great artist with a lame one on some ‘lesser’ book like Thor and its sale will likely suffer.
I stopped buying many series for that reason. That and the high cover prices make it easy to drop titles nowadays.

I’m looking forward to this, but at the same time I wish they would just bring back Nextwave. The problem was that they couldn’t afford to put the book out with it’s low sales and Ellis and Immonen’s pagerates, but it could probably work as one of the $3.99 books.

So did New Avengers ever turn less unbelievably, spectacularly, impossibly terrible?

‘Cause, I dunno, from what I’ve read I’d be about a thousand times more excited about STUART IMOMMEN DRAWS HIS POOPS. (This Issue: CORN!)

I’m pretty happy abou this. I’ve been enjoying New Avengers dispite its art since it started. Finally everyone’s face won’t look all squinchy.

I’d rather have Busiek and Immonen doing SHOCKROCKETS again.

Bah. I love Immonen, but have no interest in New Avengers.

Know what would be awesome, though? If Immonen was drawing Hickman’s Fantastic Four.

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