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2/9 – Curious Cat Asks…

What piece of comic book news out of New York Comic Con are you most excited about?



New Doom Patrol!

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance

Nothing really mindblowing came from NYCon but some interesting news. But the rundown of the upcoming Vertigo Crime books in September was probably the best news from the Con. CBR didn’t cover this one, but Newsarama has the article. Lots of cool HCs coming from DC


I dunno, another Young Avengers series was about the most interesting thing I saw. Kinda tepid, but then, the immediate future is a post-crossover cool-down anyway.

Not so much excited, but most curious about Giffen’s take on the Doom Patrol…

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers. A close second is The Marvels Project.

Marvel’s rebooting of the Ultimate Universe to issues #1! That’s gonna help sell a million of ‘em!

Looking forward to Doom Patrol, the stuff coming up on Spider-Man & Final Crisis Aftermath:Ink & Escape.

Oh, yeah, and looking forward to finding out what’s happening with Speedball.

But what I’m really, REALLY looking forward to is Pet Avengers! That’s just awesomeness in a book!

Probably the Pet Avengers, to be honest.

Pet Avengers…it’ll be the Space Buddies of the MU!

Pet Avengers. It’s deliciously oddball and Chris Eliopoulos is a great writer.

This is a tough one.

Cornell’s Young Avengers probably. Cornell is a whole lot better than Heinberg so this should be good.

The Kevin Maguire art announcements too. I wish they could get him for at least one issue of Incredible Hercules now that he’s at least doing one marvel project.

New ‘New Mutants’ featuring Magik.

A surprising number of announcements that interested me, but nothing came close to that.

Doom Patrol by Giffen. I think if someone is going to get Doom Patrol right Giffen could be just the man. Should hopefully be a fun book.

The only thing that caught my eye was Giffen’s Doom Patrol.

Also, I’m glad to get the confirmation that Bendis and Ultimate Spider-Man will be back with a new #1, though I’m less than impressed with the new name of “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man” and guardedly curious about Bendis’ self-described “new direction” for the title…

I’ll be the oddball and say Dark Horse’s announcement of a ‘Beasts of Burden” series. About time!


Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers!!!!!!!!!! (plus Ron Lim on the Silver Savage arc) (also Asrar working with Gage!!!) (and Jay Faerber on WOK!!!)

Dance just sounds like the old Booster Gold book to me.

WAIT!!! i take it back… i’m most looking forward to X-Men Forever!!!

William O'Brien

February 9, 2009 at 9:36 am

Detective Comics with 12-14 months of JH Williams art

The Unwritten by Carey and Gross, because I was just last week realizing how I was missing both Carey and Gross on Vertigo (or similarly themed) projects, and bam! a new Vertigo project with both!

New Doom Patrol with Giffen with a reunion with J.M.DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire for Metal Men backup. This will be huge.
On the other hand, the letdown of the show was Dan Didio’s awfully disrespectful answer to why Shooter didn´t finish his excellent run on Legion of Super-Heroes. Very, very disrespectful.

Definitely Detective Comics featuring Batwoman by Rucka and JH Williams III. The preview art looked spectacular.


Would you happen to have a link to a transcript or audio file of the Didio answer in question? I’m terribly curious to hear what would prompt a “disrespectful” given the usual tenor discourse at DCU panels. I mean, the transcript I read had a full paragraph of James Robinson making fun of the editorially-mandated direction of a book he was writing while the editor of the book was sitting next to him.

Oh yes, being the huge Kevin Maguire fan I am, I can’t believe I forgot about the anouncements of him drawing the Metal Men back-ups for DC as well as a Spider-Man special for Marvel. Good stuff.


From CBR coverage and also from reports from the guy who asked the question (who happens to be a Legion forum member).

– What happened to the end of Shooter’s Legion of Super-Heroes? DiDio: We don’t cover that. It was a pseudonym at the author’s request. We cancelled the book, finished it and shoved it out the door. Thanks for asking that.

It´s all here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=19927

Considering all other news on the subject, it’s pretty clear Dan had issues with Shooter by the end of LSH run. Which was better than Johns´ retconned Legion of some irrecognizable Superman Johns decided to place there. Probably one of the third-string Superboy clones. Or that awful Superboy-Prime.

return of the new mutants

Is ricardo a Shooter fan-boy?

The Superman in Johns’ Legion was THE Superman.

Johns’ Legion was how he envisioned the original Legion if up to the point where Levitz
left off.

Jim Shooter has also been pretty damn disrespectful over it as well, and Didio doesn’t specifically say anything disrespectful, but actively avoids saying anything (probably in case it comes off as disrespectful).

And besides, he may have made the Legion awesome back in the day (or laid the seeds so that Levtz and Giffen could), but Shooter’s last run on the book was far from spectacular.

Yeah, I have to say– by DC panel standards, this is pretty courteous stuff.

I would give Legion of Three Worlds a read before dismissing it outright. I’m no fan of Geoff Johns but it sets up a Legion status quo that’s pretty comprehensible and does, in fact, involve Superman for reals.

Of course, it also involves a lot of Superboy-Prime, and I don’t blame anyone for feeling allergic to that character.

If you guys are following Johns´ other stuff, he is retconning Kon-El or something like that into the Legion. And putting Legion as a back-up feature on Adventure Comics. So much for “the original” Legion. In fact, the “original Legion” kept on going strong under Giffen’s marvelous 5YL run – and ignoring that is pretty much “disrespectful” in my opinion.
@GraemeWhite: No, I am not necessarily a fan of Shooter, but I can see pretty well how much his work was trampled by “The Lightining Saga” (awful) or that ridiculous “Earth Xenophobia” plot which made no sense if he ever read Levitz run. Moreover, this was done just as Shooter was begining his run. Very respectful indeed.
DC could at least acknowledge they announced a different product and give us our money back. They didn’t.

I guess Morrison is back on Batman in June but I knew that was coming and Stuart Immomen taking over New Avengers. Nothing really excited me. Were the Bloom County hardcovers annouced at the Con? That was the best news of the week.

The Vertigo Crime Line line-up definitely caught my attention.

All the books sound fantastic, but I’m particularly interested in Area Ten. Christos Gage and Chris Samnee teaming up? Hell yeah.

New Mutants! One of my favorites from my childhood. I need to catch up on the trade reprints.

More G-Man.

Dale Eaglesham and Jonathan Hickman on Fantastic Four. Besides the Rucka/Williams III Detective, this is the only announcement that made me say “I’ll buy it!” even if all I heard was the announcement.

Wait, wait wait! Forget all that. The best news has to be Immonen on New Avengers!

Marvel Project!

And Mike Carery´s new Vertigo series – wich i forgot the name right now.


February 9, 2009 at 6:07 pm

Williams and Rucka on Detective.
For a whole year.
Good times.
(Although it will be another year or so before DC releases half the book in a slim HC, and then another year before they release the second half).

That said, that Batman panel was pretty shite, wasn’t it?
I ended up skimming over it when reading the CBR report.
Couldn’t figure out what was going on at all.
They get that the readers who came over for Morrison and Dini probably don’t care about half those projects they announced don’t they?

Detective Comics: Batwoman

Sorry won’t be reading X-Men Forever…forever..


I don’t even read Yotsuba and I was so happy to hear someone had managed to wrest the license out of ADV manga’s decaying corpse. It always breaks my heart to see a basically good and appealing title fall into licensing limbo hell.

@Marcus Brute

If Grant is writing it, yes.

For me, I think Vertigo’s announcements in general had me the most excited; sure some of it was old news, but the direction of the entire line for next year had me tingling (and supposedly a bit more unannounced)…from dollar first issues to Daytripper getting a release date (or has had one for awhile, I honestly forgot about this), Mike Carey and Gross getting another title, more Seaguy, Greek Street, V. Lolos on Northlanders, all amazing.


Seth Meyers, Kevin Maguire, and Bill Hader on a Spider-Man oneshot, S. Immomen on New Avengers, LaFuente on Ult. Spider-man, Hickman on FF!

One question I did have, was there any significant Top Shelf or D&Q news? I kept looking online and didn’t notice anything.

Nothing, really.

‘Pet Avengers’, the same as everyone else!

Rucka/Williams on ‘Detective’. The art is absoluely gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for redheads anyway. Especially redheads that can beat you up. That’s hot.

I was really bummed to hear Immonen isn’t going to be on ‘USM’ for much longer, as I’ve been loving recent issues based pretty much solely on the art and was hoping he was gonna stick around for a while, at least until Bendis actually got around to doing something plot-wise. But on the other hand, I hate the art on ‘New Avengers’ just now so I should be happy that that book, which lives or dies by its art for me, is getting someone so ridiculously good on pencils.

I love the idea of JH Williams doing ANY regular book, but am dubious as to whether it will be a reality. Remember when he was supposed to be the regular artist on Detective like two years ago? What’d that last, one issue?

Was Hickman on FF announced prior to the show? Surprised no one has listed that.

Snatched from the jaws of death: YOTSUBA&!!!!!

Hickman and Eaglesham on FF

Carey and Gross on Unwritten, Hickman and Eaglesham on Fantastic Four, and Kyle, Yost and dell’Otto on X-Force: Sex and Violence. (What can I say? X-Force is pretty much my ultimate guilty pleasure series right now.)

Eh? Kon-El was already in the post Zero Hour Legion long before Johns had anything to do with it, and I’m sorry but anyone following Johns’ work can see that Adventure Comics was foreshadowing Kon-El becoming a Black Lantern, not a Legionnaire. Plus, Lightning Saga was when Waid was still writing the Legion, before Shooter came back to it, so you’re wrong there too.

And how is ignoreing the Giffen run any more disrespectful than all the reboots the Legion’s had? And the main character in Adventure Comics is Starman – a Legionnaire. The Legion are at the front of this book, not a back-up.

First is definately the return of Genis-Vell followed somehwat closely by Hickman on FF or, as I call it, the best news since Waid left.

And speaking as someone who was at the DC panel, they came off standoffish, abrupt and fairly rude… and that was just Didio.

Definitely Doom Patrol/Metal Men.

Batwoman coming into Detective Comics – the preview pages looked sensational.

I’d like to say batgirl, but i need to be sure that it’s Cassandra Cain not Barbara Gordon.

The big one is probably Mike Carey”s The Unwritten; and wouldn’t it be wonderful if it lasts longer than Crossing Midnight?

Hickman on FF is another one, I was actually praying for that, it’s been a long time since that title was exciting. And Cornell on Young Avengers – perfect!

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