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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 42

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we continue “Catch Phrase” week! Each day we’ll examine the first time that various comic book characters used their most famous catch phrase!

Today we look at one of the few catch phrases that was hand chosen by the hero who utters it! The hand in this instance is the blue-covered hand of the Tick!


Ben Edlund’s The Tick is a rather…unconventional super hero.

A lumbering goodhearted buffoon dressed in a large blue costume shaped like a tick, the Tick would go about being a super hero in the most obtuse manner possible, while along the way making bizarre speeches meant, presumably, to be inspirational, but mostly just being border line insane.

In The Tick #4, he gained a sidekick, a former accountant who has a moth costume that allows him to fly. His superhero name? Arthur.

In The Tick #7, following a battle against a communist villain named Red Scare, the Tick delivered, for the first time, his famous catch phrase, “Spoon!” (the o is often stretched out for effect, like “Spooooon!!!”)

We learn why he is saying it…

And what his reasoning behind it is…

And that, as they say, is that!


The Tick is Classic. I’d take a Tick movie over that Watchmacallit anyday.

I remember seeing the Tick comic advertised from New England Comics. It was just a small little picture, needles to say Ididn’t get it.

However, I did see Fox cartoon, it was classic. SPOON!

The animated series was also my first introduction into the character. And The Tick had some classic heroes and villains too such as American Maid and Chairface Chippendale.

Horrible choice, the alleged ‘writer/artist’ doesn’t even know that reflections are inverted by the concavity of a spoon’s bowl. Pfagh!

His battle cry is spoon and you are picking on the fact his face is the wrong way up ???

And I was just thinking the other day how of all the things that would seem very appropriate for this blog, The Tick is rarely mentioned. Though, admittedly, The Tick probably has way more appearances in other media than in comics at this point.

How do you know that’s not the back of the spoon, and the reflection is the right way?

I wish we’d get a proper season by season DVD release of the Tick cartoon. That show was great.

i never saw the live action Tick show, but it stars Patrick Warburton as the Tick, and i can’t think of better casting for any piece of entertainment in the history of the world.
Spoooooon, indeeed!

I think layne might have been joking, guys.

You know, comedy? Like The Tick?

What an awesome moment! Spoon! was something of a shibboleth for my nerd posse while growing up. I never knew it had an origin.

I just recently watched the 2001 live action series online through Netflix. Every character was well cast, but I don’t think the writing got good until the 3rd or 4th episode.


No one in comics history has a better rogues’ gallery than the Tick. Take just one: the Deadly Bulb. Dressed like a light bulb, commits crimes in a giant lightbulb-shaped hot air ballon. Wears a cape to hide his secret shame: he has a pig for a leg. Y’see, he’d rather go by the dumb branding of his own volition, than what the Tick (once he find out) and everyone else starts calling him: Pigleg.

Unbeatable Tick quote; “What happened to you? Step in a pig?”

I didn’t read much of the tick but I loved the cartoon yes I said it (or typed it) CARTOON! Boo! I caught some of the live action episodes and that Patrick guy was so perfect and funny, even my wife (a.k.a. another comic widow) liked them, I have a couple of complete Tick books on order I can’t wait to know everything. later!

Tom from West Chester

February 12, 2009 at 3:46 pm

An oversized hardcover Tick omnibus is long overdue (or if it came out and I missed it I am overdue in picking it up).

Pockets! Arthur, I have pockets!

Patrick Warburton rocks!! I’m taking my son to Pebble Beach this weekend for the National Pro-Am, and he wants “Brock Samsom’s” autograph.

Or Brock Samson’s, even.

Not sure if it was in the comic, but Arthur’s battle cry in the cartoon was just as good, maybe better.

“Not in the face! Not in the face!”

That cow’s tasted human flesh!

A wonderfully absurd comic, a hilarious cartoon, and a poorly done live action show.

But still–gotta love the Tick and his battle cry!

“I’ve got a straw right here, pal!”

Ben Edlund was a genius comics creator. Please don’t read any Tick comics that weren’t created by Ben Edlund. You will regret it.

Arthur seems much less nebbishy than he did in the cartoon & live action. Just judging by the drawing, not the scripting. He seems… beefy.

“An oversized hardcover Tick omnibus is long overdue”

New England Comics never seems to do hardcovers, but there is finally a “Tick: Complete Ben Edlund” trade out, to replace the various 3- or 4- volume sets that have come in and out of print over the years. Probably the best they’re gonna do.

I never knew that both The Tick and I drink Moxie. This pleases me. And probably explains a lot about both of us…

Hey, is that the famous “Nannerpus” from the Denny’s Super Bowl commercial on Tick’s meal?

“Hey, is that the famous “Nannerpus” from the Denny’s Super Bowl commercial on Tick’s meal?”

no idea what a Nannerpus is, but that’s a hot dog cut like an octopus. They’re fun!

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