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Comics Are Awesome the 19th: Jason Goes to K-Mart

Special Valentine’s Day episode!

I really feel like this is something that would be expected, as he would have to have taken the skeleton out of his little box and walked onto stage with him, unless the skeleton was a master of disguise, as the story title implies. Again, I prefer to think of the ventriloquist as a fellow who had a psychotic break and so murders little people and takes their skeletons onto stage with him, because it is funnier.

Add another one onto the “Actually a Skeleton!” cover meme. From decades ago.


Well a skeleton instead of a dummy sounds like a way of spicing up the old ventriloquism act. Probably not the best way if it creates a vengeful spirit but at least he is trying.

If I saw this in a store, it would be hard not to pick it up, if not buy it.

The ventriloquist is holding it by the backbone . . . freaky.

What is more shocking: the skeleton accusing murder or that the ventriloquist would try to perform his act with a skeleton? Very freaky.

That ventriloquist is SO DISTRAUGHT.

@Zombie X: I’m with you there. That cover would have sold the comic to me whatever was inside…

…Call me clueless, but what does this have to do with Jason, K-Mart, or Valentine’s Day?

(That IS a freaky, effective cover, tho.)

A new Friday the 13th came out the day before this post, on Friday, the 13th, so I am making a silly joke. Same with the V-Day reference. Because I hate Valentine’s Day.

I am a fan of non-sequitirs.

I own this comic as well.

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