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Lex Luthor Defeating Superman, NBA-Style

Nate Robinson, of the New York Knicks, did his best Lex Luthor impression when he donned an all-green uniform, along with green sneakers and a green basketball, to work as kryptonite against “Superman,” last year’s winner, Dwight Howard.

“KryptoNate” (all five feet nine inches of him) likely won over the voters at home by his electrifying dunk over last year’s winner, the six foot eleven inch Dwight Howard, decked out in his Superman cape (here is Howard last year in his famous Superman dunk)

When the votes were tallied, Robinson (also the winner of the 2006 Slam Dunk contest) eked out a victory with 52% of the vote against Howard, who also had some theatrics of his own in the earlier rounds, when he received two perfect scores, including one dunk involving him changing into his Superman cape in a phone booth and then coming out to (rather easily) dunk on a 12-foot rim, two full feet higher than the normal rim. In the finals, though, Howard struggled and “Lex Luthor” capitalized with the underdog victory.

Read on for a super slow motion look at the dunk!

Before we get to the dunk, let’s take some time out to give credit to Dwight Howard for being cool enough to let his competitor use him for his dunk, the dunk that ended up BEATING Dwight Howard. Good show by Howard.

On to the dunk!

Now, Nate does the “Superman dance.”

And Howard continues his good sportsmanship and goes to congratulate his “foe”…


Next year will be awesome, I wonder who will be donning the costume of Titano the Super-Ape?

Yeah, that whole thing was awesome. It was like watching my two favourite things in the world coming together and making sweet, sweet love.

LeBron’s gonna put an end to the costume/prop obsession next year, though.

Ariel S is clearly typing while wearing his Red Skull mask. ooo, Im sorry thats not a Mask.

Anywho, Comic fans are a wider demographic than some would think. Industry pros take notice!

and that proves that dwight isn’t the real superman, the real superman always beats lex, and that’s shaq… but it was great, comics and basketball in the same venue….

When MJ and Shaq had the “Superman” moniker, it was about winning championships. Ditto Dwayne Wade’s “Flash.” Still, good show by Howard, as the writer points out.

Thinly veiled racial insults Ariel S, how about trying that at the actual players and see what happens.

Size 12 shoes stomping your sorry butt

Maybe if I was American I’d have a clue what on earth this is all about…

Maybe if you were an American people would give a crap about what you have to say.

James: As an American, you make me wish I weren’t. You are an example of why the rest of the world thinks we’re self-important jags.

We are self-important jags.

Don’t worry, DanCJ — as an American, I stopped giving a crap about pro basketball about … when did the ABA die? … 32 1/2 years ago.

And that was *before* garbage like the above began, though I guess it’s useful in showing that the people in charge of the “sport'” acknowledge that itheir produce is so inherently boring &/or corrupt (point-shaving referees, anybody?) that it needs tarting up to try to drum up interest from mouth-breathing morons. (See also: Bowl, Super.)

Ummm … “producT.” Though since producE is often covered with manure during production, maybe I was correct the first time.

A basketball following colleague explained it to me.

It’s a slam dunk competition. Last year, Dwight Howard dressed as Superman and won, and this year, they added more showman ship to it. And Nate Robinson did his bit as well. Sounds like fun if you’re into the sport.

The NBA doesn’t have any problems that the NFL, NHL, the Premiership or America’s past-time Baseball, doesn’t have.

Also it’s a Slam Dunk contest. It’s hardly garbage. It’s a skills competition mixed with theater.

Titano The Super Ape

February 16, 2009 at 12:51 pm

Patrick Ewing was Titano the Super Ape years ago.

The “theater” part is what I find absurd. If I want “theater” I’ll — guess what? — go to the theater! And if I go to the theater, I’d be damned taken aback to find a basketball competition breaking out.

It’s part of All-Star weekend. This isn’t the playoffs, the finals or even a regular game. They also have the 3-point contest, the skills contest, Horse, the Sophomore vs Rookie game. and a lot of other things that are meant to be light and fun. This is like the home run derby in base or if Payton Manning and Tom Brady were showing who had the bigger arm during the Pro-Bowl.

I think you are taking this way too seriously.

As an out-&-out curmudgeon, I do believe I’m contractually required to do so.

(It pains me to no end that *my* league, the old American Basketball Association, started all this crap with the slam dunk contest back in ’76 …)

The “theater” part is what I find absurd. If I want “theater” I’ll — guess what? — go to the theater! And if I go to the theater, I’d be damned taken aback to find a basketball competition breaking out.

you do know that the slam dunk contest, along with the three point contest take place on a different day than the actual game? people who went to this event, went because of the contests, and had no reason to expect a game to break out.

for the record, I hate basketball. But fun stuff like this is cool.

Of course I know that. Depending on your age (if you’re, say, younger than 35), I was very likely following basketball before you were born. I happen to prefer keeping sports & such “fun stuff” separate, is all. People who want to go watch the Harlem Globetrotters, however, are certainly free to do so.

“The NBA doesn’t have any problems that the NFL, NHL, the Premiership or America’s past-time Baseball, doesn’t have. ”

In fairness, none of those (unless I missed one in the Premiership – I know they happen like clockwork in Italy) have had a full on ref betting / potentially fixing game scandal like the NBA. The NBA’s refs, and the “stars get calls” mentality of the league, is something that’s far more pronounced than any other North American team sport.

As for this one… as even the announcers said, Howard was getting a ton of favourable judges’ calls here (and when you can get Kenny Smith to pay attention long enough to notice that, you know it was obvious), and if that rim was 12 feet I’m 6’10”. I’m always going to wonder if Nate Robinson didn’t think, just for a second, about “accidentally” kneeing Howard in the back of the head. :)

And I’ve long wondered why no one ever thought to elbow Michael Jordan in the chin while he was flying around & sticking his tongue out like some brain-damaged child. I can just imagine him trying that crap around Warren Jabali or John Brisker back in the day. No one would be able to understand a word he tried to say.

The F'n Jem'Hadar

February 17, 2009 at 1:57 pm

Makes me a sad panda when people can’t understand fun for fun’s sake.

Well, I’m a pretty big proponent of “fun” comics, if that counts for anything. Why I don’t have the same attitude toward sports … I dunno. Oh, well.

Very dangerous stunts this Li’l Nate did! =D

Loved this contest, made me LOL!!!

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