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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 49

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a cool scene from John Byrne’s Fantastic Four guest-starring a certain odd doctor.


To set the scene up, erstwhile herald of Galactus Terrax is on Earth and he has used the Power Cosmic to levitate the entire island of Manhattan into orbit of Earth and only Terrax’s power is keeping oxygen pumping to the island.

He came to the Fantastic Four with an offer – destroy Galactus or he’ll destroy Manhattan.

The Fantastic Four obviously are not down on murdering Galactus, but must play along, and in Fantastic Four #243, they confront Galactus. Reed tries to reason with him but then Terrax shows up.

Galactus deals with Terrax quickly (stripping the herald of the Power Cosmic), so you’d think the problem would be resolved, right?

Except Galactus is now so drained of power that he determines he must feed on Earth. The Fantastic Four (well, just Reed, Ben and Johnny) are resolved not to let that happen, but they’re greatly outclassed, until some other folks show up.

When Terrax levitated Manhattan into space, he overlooked the fact that that little island also happens to house a whole pile of superheroes, so the Avengers (or however many Avengers who were on Manhattan at the time) show up to fight Galactus along with the FF.

And then, to REALLY help things along, Doctor Strange shows up to lend a hand, and that leads directly into today’s moment (specifically, page three – the splash page – is the “moment” if I had to chose one)….

Click to enlarge!

Totally badass.

In fact, while normally I’d probably try to hold back the last page of this issue for a future “moment,” I think Byrne’s Fantastic Four was cool enough that it’ll have plenty of moments without counting this one, so here’s the aftermath of this moment, along with a great line by Reed (which is the bit that could legitimately be a “moment” of its own).

Here’s the awesome cover from this issue….


That is badass, but just curious: where was the Invisible Woman during all this?

She was using her powers to make the force field Terrax created around Manhattan visible and then concentrating on maintaining the visibility of the force field.

Loved that run – back then Bryne used to be my favorite creator for crazy stuff like that.

I love that image of Cap hacking at Galactus’s ankles with his shield.

Yeah, because that’s going to do anything.

Love Byrne’s old school look Doctor Strange.

Might I suggest my favorite Cool Comic Book Moment? It was a Watcher story in an issue of Tales of Suspense. A group of alien invaders are preparing to conquer a planet, when the Watcher appears. They are aware of the Watchers’ vow “only to watch” and become brazen and bold, even taunting Uatu. The Watcher responds by completly trashing them. He then explains that the invaders made the ultimate mistake – the planet they chose to attach was the homeworld of The Watchers.

They attempted to do version on this story on the 90’s Fantastic Four cartoon. It didn’t have the element of Terrax moving Manhattan to space. Rather Terrax had Galactus feed on planet with negative energy making him. Week. So in turn he needed to feed on Earth. Fantastic Four fought back, and actually Ghost Rider ending up taking down Galactus with the Penance Stare.

i remember how shocked when i read that issue. mostly that doc strange power could work on some one like Galactus. as for the cartoon of the story. ghost rider was in doc strange’s place in the cartoon. along with Thor.

It’s a good story, but concerning the morale I agree with Chris Claremont.

Did this fight make it to the Top 25 battles? It certainly got my vote.

I echo the praise for this run. I loved the run, this issue and this moment in particular. Great choice!

“It’s a good story, but concerning the morale I agree with Chris Claremont.”

That just about sums it up, doesn’t it?

Did this fight make it to the Top 25 battles? It certainly got my vote.

Top 100.

I’ve never read this issue, or any of Byrne’s FF, but that has always been one of my favorite covers. I’ve been meaning to check this run out for q while now, I should get on it.

That “Galactus falls!” page? New desktop picture of awesomeness.

One of the coolest Dr. Strange moments ever

“It’s a good story, but concerning the morale I agree with Chris Claremont.”

Just curious, but what did Claremont have to say about the morale?

What I love about that page is how casual Doctor Strange is about the whole thing. Often magic is portrayed as being a fickle, odd practice involving long incantations, objects with dubious amounts of special powers, and a lot of luck. But Strange floats in like it’s just another day at the office, casually shoots up some horns, and knocks Galactus flat on his ass. Why anybody would start trouble when Strange is in the neighborhood is beyond me.

Sorry to be picky, but “morale” or “moral”??

The moral debate will continue until morale improves.

I believe that cover’s been made into a statue.

Damn it, I meant “moral”.

Anyway, Claremont thought the idea of reviving Galactus sucked, which led to a snipefest between the X-Men and FF comics. I still wait for Reed Richards to be punished by the “fullest extent of the Shi’ar law”.’

It’s been a long time since I last read this issue, but as I reread it now it dawns on me that Byrne missed an opportunity to make what Strange had done to Galactus even more impressive.

In the first panel of the second page with Ben saying “Yeow! Ehat the heck is that nutty magician doin’ to him? I ain’t never heard nothin’ like THAT!”, he should be covering his ears (well, wherever his ears are) and grimicing in pain. And perhaps a few scattered people in the background doing the same.

If a god-like creature like Galactus would ever have to scream out in pain, the sound he’d make would be unimaginable! Why Byrne didn’t follow that up with visual proof of it’s a effect is a missed opportunity, IMO.

Hard to believe there isn’t a place for John Byrne in Marvel isn’t it?

I understand that John Byrne refuses to work for the current administration.

That is the exact scene that made me love Doctor Strange.

great stuff!!

You know, when Byrne is on his game, it’s hard to top him. Unfortunately, when he’s not, things go really, really bad.

These days, we EXPECT that Galactus will get taken down whenever he makes an appearance.

This is from back in the day when Galactus getting his butt kicked was actually something major.

God, I miss those days.

Heh….gotta agree with Phineus there. Though I love Jim Starlin’s work with Thanos, he was partially responsible for pushing Galactus a few rungs down the cosmic ladder.

A very cool moment indeed, one of the few genuine sparks of class Byrne has shown in a career based largely on sniping other people’s work, riding on their coattails and then bitching about it for decades afterwards.

It’s a clever bit, although I have a hard time buying that Galactus harbors much guilt over creatures he considers insects. Although I suppose that seeing the image of every cow who ever died to make me a hamburger might give me pause. ;-)

Still, in a Fantastic Four comic, shouldn’t it be the FF who save the day? Dragging in the Doc seems like a bit of deus ex machina.

This is the first comic to appear on this list that I actually own. I’m too poor to buy a lot of these.

it would have been cooler if the thing whent right trough galactus head when read sling shot him…

That was a cool moment. It’s too bad that John Byrne did that later story where Reed Richards justifies saving Galactus by saying that Galactus is a force of nature, separating the weak from the strong, and the weak deserve to be eaten.

GALACTIS RULES 111111111111111

First Fantastic Four comic I ever owned. Wish I still had that one. My favorite part was Spider-man and Daredevil, deciding to stay out of the fight, for what could they do?

A cool scene from this issue was Spider-man and Daredevil sitting on sidelines, commenting how out of their element this all is.

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