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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 52

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Since it is Day 52, I thought it only right to feature one of the most shocking moments from 52!


During the first 40 or so weeks of 52, which was written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid, we were introduced to what essentially was the “Black Adam Family,” a counterpart to the “Marvel Family.”

Instead of Captain Marvel, we had Black Adam.

Instead of Mary Marvel, we had Isis (although here, Isis was Adam’s wife).

Instead of Captain Marvel, Jr., we had Osiris (Isis’s brother).

Instead of Talky Tawny, we had Sobek, the talking crocodile.

And so things well enough for the first 40 or so weeks, until Osiris, in a bit of “not knowing his own strength” meltdown, killed the villain Persuader. He was quite distraught, and in 52 #43 his friend, the wacky sidekick Sobek convinces him that he’d be better off just turning back to his human self and renouncing the Osiris power forever.

(click to enlarge)

Well, what happens next is a bit of a shock…

That was one heck of a shock!

The art was courtesy of Dan Jurgens.


Eesh. That was a shock, wasn’t it? I would’ve gone with something from issue #52, but seeing Sobek con Osiris into going human, then scoring an easy meal? That’s a gimmee.

This part always sticks out in my mind. Think I’ll read 52 again.

Brrr…that scene was awesomely creepy!

Argh, I wish I’d seen that in the actual series. Not knowing who those guys are, I wasn’t shocked at all to see the big croc take a bit out of that kid. But it’s still a good moment because I rarely see that sort of thing anyway.

I became a huge fan of Sobek because of that sequence.

Alas, poor Young Nastyman.

I saw it coming, but I still enjoyed it.

Pretty cool moment from 52 for your 52nd Cool Moment. I’ll have to reread it to see if there’s a moment I felt was cooler.

“Alas, poor Young Nastyman.”

There’s a definite parallel with the angst of little Johnny Bates, and if that scene in Miracleman 16 doesn’t rate as THE cool comics moment then I don’t know what does.

Miracleman 15 – Ooops…

still shocking every time i see that panel. evne though i did not like the character still he did not deserve that fate

The writers cluelessnes about the character really shone through, I mean Golden Age Sobek would never have done this………..

As soon as you said it from 52, this was the first moment I thought of.

The moment with Osiris and Sobek was really unnerving. And that splash page image of Osiris getting bitten in two…yee-uck! And the really horrific part? Osiris doesn’t die right away: torn in half but trying to say the magic word but he just can’t get it out before he finally dies.

Another cool moment from 52: Where Ralph Dibny totals pwns Felix Faust and we realize that for nearly 40 some odd weeks, Ralph has not been drowning his sorrows in booze. It was gingold in the flask all along.


February 22, 2009 at 7:10 pm

One of 52’s coolest moments is when Kate Kane and Renee Montoya are watching over Vic Sage in his last days and suddenly realize it’s stopped snowing – and that it’s Christmas. I don’t know the issue but you’ll know it when you see it; it’s a really still and beautiful page.

52 had a lot of great moments. It’s too bad the series caught a lot of crap toward the end.

I started reading comics around the time of 52. That was the first time I got misty-eyed from a comic. I’m one of those people who never actually cries, so that means it was massively moving.

52 was a great series. But the ones that DC followed up with fell so short of the high standards it set…..countdown was a disappointment and Trinity is mediocre at best. I wish the characters in 52 got more time in the limelight.

Awesome! 52 was sooo much better than Countdown…

Oh, and Jax? That’s not really Sobek…

My favourite moment is still the ultra-creepy splash page towards the end of #51 (everyone knows what I’m talking about). Like every horror that exists in my mind tossed into one image.

@Onion3000 and buttler:
“Alas, poor Young Nastyman.”
“There’s a definite parallel with the angst of little Johnny Bates”

Johnny Bates was Kid Miracleman, not Young Nastyman. YN went out in a more volcanic style.

I had to look up what everyone’s talking about when they say Young Nastyman, because the first thing I thought of when I saw the name was Tenacious D…

Indeed, Max. It’s just that when Black Adam made his own Marvel Family, all I could think was “Hey, Young Nastyman’s finally come to DC!”

DC torture porn at i’s best/worst.

This was a great moment, but I’m not really sure why everybody considers it so shocking. He’s a darn crocodile for crying out loud. I’m not letting a crocodile anywhere near me no matter how timid he acts.

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