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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 53

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

In honor of our friend, AERose, this begins a special “Moments from Uncanny X-Men” theme week! This one’s for you, buddy!

We start with one of the coolest Wolverine scenes ever, courtesy of Chris Claremont and John Byrne.


To set the scene up, the X-Men are investigating a group that popped up on their radar when a member from the club, known as the Hellfire Club, tried to kidnap some of the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #131. In #132, after learning that their friend, Warren Worthington (the Angel) is actually a member of the Club, the X-Men attempt to surreptitiously infiltrate the group at one of their galas.

Things go badly, and most of the team is captured except for Wolverine, who is seemingly killed as one of the Hellfire Club members increases his mass to the point where he collapses through the building the party was being housed in, all the way to the sewers where he is seemingly swept away to his death.

While the Hellfire Club gloats, we cut to the sewer, where a very much alive Wolverine climbs out of the muck and the mire to deliver a very cool line, made all the more cooler by John Byrne’s brilliant framing of the scene…

Byrne really played such a major role in Wolverine becoming such a major success as a character.


I’m not sure what you’re referencing, and if it wasn’t for the “buddy” I wouldn’t even know you were being snarky,

Also: This might be the coolest scene in comics that doesn’t involve somebody, like, doing something.

Censorship is so lame. How much cooler would that line have been if it was “Okay fuckers — You’ve taken yer best shot!” Actually, to be fair, censorship is not all to blame. It really should be “Okay fuckers — You took yer best shot!”

Look at Moment #51 for an explanation of the joke. In short, AERose is some pretentious indy/foreign hipster trolling the comments and faulting Brian for making most of the comic moments from super-hero stuff.
But back to this moment, this is one of my favorite panels ever. That’s why Byrne is one of my favorite artists. Most of his stuff is good, but that panel is one of the best single panels I’ve ever seen. I tried to make it my desktop background, but sadly it isn’t high res enough so when it fills my screen it’s a tad hard on the eyes.

Unfortunately thanks to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends I will always hear that line delivered in a bad Australian accent.

What makes him a hipster?

My first exposure to Wolverine was Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, where he had that Australian accent. As a result, for years when I read X-Men comics, I imagined his dialogue in an Australian accent. I can’t remember when I finally realized he wasn’t Australian.

I think this is the moment that catapulted Logan to superstardom.

Well, at least Byrne is a Brit. Kinda.

bernard the poet

February 23, 2009 at 4:40 am

That was meant to be an Australian accent? I thought it was an East London one.

When I read that this was going to be an x men week, the first moment that came to my mind was just this one. Wolverine in the sewers is just classic.

I love Wolverine, but I would like to see Marvel develop other characteris. There are almost 10 different lines using the character nowadays. He is almost in every comic Marvel launches every week.

There was a really cool homage to this scene in Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, with Kitty instead of Wolverine.

“I think this is the moment that catapulted Logan to superstardom.”

– Well, this scene and the one that took place at Ka-Zar’s hidden jungle.

“Censorship is so lame. How much cooler would that line have been if it was “Okay fuckers — You’ve taken yer best shot!”

– Um…, so you know for a FACT that that was going to be the original line of dialogue? Because unless it was, this isn’t censorship.

I think what he’s meaning is that censorship wouldn’t allow the line to have ever been put in there like that, so writing it in the first place wouldn’t have ever been an option. No point in doing something knowing the whole time it’s not going to be allowed. So it’s censorship in a sense, but not in the way you’re thinking.

i remember that scene well for its part of my favorite x-men story . just the look in wolverines eyes and the shock when he first rises from the sewer is classic.

“I think what he’s meaning is that censorship wouldn’t allow the line to have ever been put in there like that, so writing it in the first place wouldn’t have ever been an option. No point in doing something knowing the whole time it’s not going to be allowed. So it’s censorship in a sense, but not in the way you’re thinking.”

– Yes, but does he know for a fact how Chris Claremont wanted to write the scene?

Using a term like censorship, because as he writes “How much cooler would that line have been…” doesn’t support his argument.

Unless he knows for a fact, that Claremont (or any writer of mainstream comics at that time) originally wanted their characters to use particular language that the company and comics code wouldn’t allow them to use, then it would only be conjecture on his part. But it WOULDN’T be censorship.

IMO, I think this scene would be just as effective if not moreso, with NO dialogue. The expression that Byrne gives Wolverine delivers the scene alone.

This was a great scene, and of course, one of the most important moments for the character. But by the time I read that comic (last year?), I had already realized that Wolverine didn’t have an Australian accent and so it didn’t go over as well with me as it could have.

I agree that it would have been cooler without dialogue. And I loved that scene from Astonishing.

Right that it’s not censorship, and I don’t think a cuss word would have made the scene better anyway–a cool part of it is that Wolverine is so confident he’s gonna get the Hellfire Club back. He doesn’t need to blab about it, they’re “suckers” for having messed with him. Restraint in art can be better.

This is possibly the ultimate Wolverine moment. It’s totally badass, but he’s still the guy who ends up in the sewer, covered in crap.

Without dialogue? Doesn’t “Now it’s my turn!” actually make the cool moment?

Just to be contrary.

I don’t see how cussing would have made that scene any cooler, unless you are an eight year old, or the typical retarded tv exec in control of crappy dialog shows like deadwood, who can’t seem to realize that cuss words have the most impact the fewer times they are said, there really doesn’t seem to be any reason to change the dialog on that scene.

He isn’t talking to anyone directly so cussing doesn’t have much of an impact, and if he has above a high school education of any type (including real world experience) , then cussing just to cuss isn’t something that most adults do. Yes I know in a world that considers jackass to be funny, that has the m-f batman running around (really? you have Batman cussing in a comic? great characterization, crappy writers should waste their time ruining bad characters you know like the Authority or Kickass or Punisher, not wasting our time on Batman)

“crappy dialog shows like deadwood”?! You, sir or madame, are nuts.

PS: It’s “goddamn” Batman.

The classic Wolvie moments are great : D
But I’m so sick of the character. How is it that he appears in so many comics? When I was in school, all my friends and I preffered Nightcrawler. Or Iceman.

Surely if Claremont had meant “fuckers” it would have been written “$@%&ers”??

“Suckers” works fine…

Suckers makes sense. They think they killed him, so have now dropped their guard a bit. Like suckers.

My buddy and I loved Wolverine right from the begining. We knew from Wolvie’s guest shot in Iron Fist that Byrne liked the character so when this happened we knew Wolverine was going to become a more pivotal character in the X-men. So THIS may have been my number one coolest moment in comics.

Had that book come out today it would have been colored so dark you’d never have been able to see what was going on in it.

What a great moment, I loved the X-Men but it wasn’t until the All New All Different X-Men that I had favorites, Wolverine and Nightcrawler that was the ticket. another great John Byrne moment for myself anyway was in Namor #5 pg.14, there’s an oil spill and Iron Man & Namor are swooping in and Reed Richards is in the water as a boom containing the spill, check it out I thought it was cool. later!

Hey! I forgot, no profanity needed. later!

I think this is the moment that catapulted Logan to super-stardom.

Pretty much.

Woverine was a little creepy in early Claremont-Byrne issues. Reading them as a kid, I kept waiting for him to snap and become a bad guy. For example, his feelings towards Jean Grey came off as borderline stalker-ish. You kept for him to go totally “Single White Female” or something, so I was almost rooting for the bad guys against Wolverine.

This was his first “F*** Yeah!” moment. I totally turned around and started pulling for him the next issue. That change was always what made Wolverine special to me.

Re: profanity or not.

I originally read this scene in the Swedish translation, where Wolverine calls the Hellfire club “pieces of shit”.

(They generally allowed a bit rougher language over here, especially for “tough guy” characters. When I many years later read the Claremont originals I really wondered who this “flamin’ caper”-talkin’ dude was supposed to be).


What are Wolverine saying in Polish there? Something with “school”?

Its says something like that:

Okay bastards, you gave me a lesson. Now its my turn!

Wolverine said “futzers” in an early Uncanny X-men (reprints might have edited that out). And he did get to say, “let’s nail the bastards” in God Loves, Man Kills. That being said, I think we all know that he has a colorful vocabulary, regardless of how it is allowed to be presented in the comics. I can’t imagine that more “adult” language could have improved that scene.

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