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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 55

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

In honor of our friend, AERose, we continue our special “Moments from Uncanny X-Men” theme week!

We continue with a cool Rogue/Wolverine scene from Chris Claremont/Paul Smith’s run.


To set up the scene, the X-Men have traveled to Japan for the marriage of Wolverine and his fiancee, Mariko. Rogue has just joined the X-Men while Wolverine was away, and he is none too pleased with their former enemy now being on the team. In any event, the X-Men are celebrating when bad guys (Viper and Silver Samurai) poison all the X-Men, except Storm, who goes after thm but is taken off the board herself.

That leaves Wolverine and Rogue, the former’s healing factor is fighting off the poison’s effect while Rogue eventually recovers (more or less) because of her powers she gained from Ms. Marvel.

So this leads to Uncanny X-Men #173 when Wolverine is forced to team up with Rogue, who he still does not trust, to fight Viper and Silver Samurai.

What a great cover by Paul Smith.

In any event, Wolverine and Rogue work together through the issue and Wolverine slowly begins to trust her, with the final touch coming when Rogue sacrifices herself to save Wolverine.

He then decides to return the favor in a really cool scene courtesy of Chris Claremont and Paul Smith (the last panel would naturally be the “moment”)…. (click on the pages to enlarge them)…

Paul Smith was so good on Uncanny X-Men.


Oh! Is there where the scene from the movie came from then? I never knew that.

What a great scene. I wish I could get into the X-Men of that era with any kind of comprehensibility of where to start.

Do any of the Essentials cover this stuff?

Dunc I’d check a local comic shop or online store for back issues of the “X-Men Classics” series. Essentials (this would be in volume 4 I believe) go here and far beyond, but X-Men Classics isn’t a hard series to find, pretty inexpensive, reprints from (technically) the beginning, and for better or worse, has added pages and back-up stories in the earlier issues. That’ll take you through the mid seventies to mid eighties. This scene was somewhere early in the eighties.

I really wish Paul Smith was on longer, but I loved JRJR on art just about as much, anyway.

I’d recommend going with the Essentials myself; if you don’t mind black-and-white, you can follow the whole story from Giant-Sized X-Men #1 all the way up through ‘Inferno’ for under a hundred bucks (Amazon can usually get you the books cheaper than your LCS, depending on discounts and sales.)

The Essentials are great, but this issue in full colour is part of the From the Ashes tpb. One of the best trades for X-Men.

I think there is an Omnibus with a lot of the classic Claremont Uncanny X-men run – it collects Giant-Size X-men # 1 and Uncanny 94-131. It is currently out of print, though, I think. If you are looking for a cheap way to read them, the Essentials are a good bet, though the low quality and black and white art usually persuade me to forget about the Essentials volume and purchase in another format unless its not collected elsewhere.

cool scene. i remember at the end where wolverine shows rouge that he now trusts her by repaying her saving his and Mariko’s lives . not to mention shows that even a viiian like rogue can change

Ah wonder if Claremont has ever heard someone from the South for really reals.

“Paul Smith was so good on Uncanny X-Men.”

Wedged between Byrne and JRJR, Smith sort of slipped through the cracks of history. I’m very happy he’s been getting his due lately.

damn i love Smith and Claremont on Uncanny.

You know, I think that horrible southern accent is why Rouge has neer really clicked as a character for me. I’ve lived in the south for all 18 years of my life, been to some of the most redneck family affairs you could imagine, and I have never heard anyone talk in any way that could sound anything like that dialogue

Although I disagreed with the Captain America and Black Widow moment (that was the jump the shark X-moment for me), THIS I agree with 200%. GREAT choice.

I really liked this two-parter when I read it in X-Men Classic.

Actually, I liked the whole of Smith’s run. He definitely deserves to be a bigger name.

The other great place to find this is the 40 years of X-men DVD. Full color, with all the original ads and everything.

It’s been over 15 years since I last read this story, but it must’ve left a big impression on me, because just quick glance at those pages immediately brought it all back to my mind. This was prime X-Men, Claremont at the peak of his powers, and I always preferred Paul Smith’s simple and cartoonish yet elegant line to Byrne’s hyperdetailed realism. Just compare these pages to the Jim Lee pages in the previous entry; there so much more dynamism and compositional skill in Smith’s art compared to Lee’s stiff cheesecake figures.

Oh, man, this two-parter was the first X-men story I’ve ever read (in a foreign edition, though. – Thank God Rogue’s accent never showed in the translations, they just ignored it completely)

Great choice.

Not an obvious choice, but a good one that brings memories rushing back.

I remember the first time I read this thinking it was weird that Wolverine would pass on his powers by making out with a woman that he’s hated up until this point. Now that I see the panels again I realize there’s no clear indication that’s what happened.

Don’t know why I jumped to that conclusion as a kid. Maybe because Rogue, the villain, often absorbed powers with a fully-planted kiss on the lips. More likely I just had it in my head that Wolverine was just a hopeless babe-hound.

I’m really liking these X-men entries, these were my comic-collecting wonder years…


February 25, 2009 at 6:32 pm

The amazing thing to me about this scene is the power levels of the two – back then Wolverine had a healing factor, but it wasn’t over the top, he did put himself at risk.
And Rogue wasn’t just grabbing powers every other week – it was a big thing if she touched somebody.

Similarly, that Wolverine’s healing factor wasn’t a matter of invulnerability so much as pain resistance– the previous issue made it clear that Logan’s game was thrown off by being poisoned, even if he wasn’t hospitalized with the other X-Men. I miss when he wasn’t so much the Terminator as Inigo Montoya….

My first issue of X-Men was actually Paul Smith’s last. I later went back and read all of his run many years later. I found it to be excellent storytelling. Some of the key moments in the team’s history occurred during
Paul Smith’s brief tenure.

Such an underrated run. Thanks!

Why Paul Smith isn’t a bigger name: his X-Men run lasted a whopping TEN issues. And that’s the longest run he’s ever had on anything! Too bad because his work is legitimately awe-inspiring.

Stephen Sumner

March 13, 2013 at 5:58 am

I would take Paul Smiths 12 issues of X-Men (Including Alpha Flight crossovers) over 120 Liefeld books ANYDAY!!!!

The fight scene between Wolverine and the Silver Samurai from this issue will always be one of my favourite in comics. This was one of my first X-men issues and Paul Smith’s art hit real hard…

Old Paradisio

June 7, 2015 at 6:38 pm

It’s pretty rare that I see a cover and immediately think: “I have to buy this.” But this is definitely one of those times. I know I’ll like what’s inside, so maybe I’ll walk the cyber markets tonight.

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