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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 64

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

In honor of the opening of Watchmen at the end of the week, here’s a special “Watchmen moments” week!

Today we look at some toilet humor, Watchmen-style…


In Watchmen #8, we see the true meaning of what Rorschach said in Watchmen #6 – “I’m not locked up in here with you. You’re locked up in here with me.”

At the end of Watchmen #7, Silk Spectre and Nite-Owl come to break him out of jail, but in the meanwhile, an old adversary of Rorschach, the diminutive villain Big Figure and his gang are out to kill Rorschach in his cell during the middle of a riot.

So far, Rorschach has managed to easily outmaneuver them all and kill them all save Big Figure, and now he is free out of his cell and on his way to take care of Big Figure when Spectre and Nite-Owl show up.

That leads to the following, courtesy of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons…

I suppose the last panel would be the “moment,” if pressed.

Damn, Rorschach is one chilling figure.


When he grabs the guy through the bars of his cell, and then his dead body is just hanging there… Growing up that was THE moment for me. Showed just how ruthless and badass Rorschach could be. It’s ridiculous how many cool moments there are in this comic.

I love that whole prison sequence, but I never really got why that short mob boss felt the need to kill one of his lackeys just because the guy’s thumbs had been tied together.

I think the best bit in this scene is actually Dan and Laurie’s discussion about re-designing superhero suits so you can take a toilet break. Of all the “realistic” superhero books that followed in Watchmen’s wake, I can’t remember any of them bringing up this issue. I guess that’s because for most of them “realism” meant more violence and sadism, not paying more attention to mundane things.

Then again, if Batman is such a technological genius, I bet his suit has an in-built catheter. And one of Superman’s superpowers is obviously super-continence.


March 6, 2009 at 5:31 am

So, he peed on the floor? I don’t get it.

I think the implication is Rorschach drowned him into a toilet bowl.

For me, this is a scene that really suffers in retrospect, though its through no fault of Moore and Gibbons. There have just been so many “ultra-badass, ultraviolent” Watchmen rip-offs of moments like these, the shock that must have initially accompanied a protagonist drowning a bad guy in the toilet doesn’t really register anymore.

For me, the “moment” is Spectre and Owl talking about the mechanics of superheroes needing to use the john. It’s great because: 1) it’s one of those awesome real-world comic book discussions, up there with “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.” How DO superheroes go to the bathroom? Does Spidey duck into an alley? Does Iron Man have a trucker’s buddy in his armor? As comic fans, should we even be having this discussion?

And 2) Spectre and Owl are utterly clueless as to what Rorschach is really doing. (They didn’t include their dialogue in the film, which left me with the impression that they DID know what he was doing. Bummer; the scene loses a lot of irony without the discussion.)

that moment is one of the most priceless one of the book. mostly Dan ‘s look of utter disgust when Roarshach says he has to use the rest room not figuring out its to take care of big. and also the talk of costumes needed to take into account if the hero has to use the toilet is cool and priceless in a little toilet humor way

I like “… the whole plan is in the toilet”…


Citizen Scribbler

March 6, 2009 at 8:01 am

Oh, man. I just noticed for the first time. The blood stain on Rorschach’s t-shirt references the stain on his trenchcoat that he never washed off from the time he killed those dogs. This is a similar splatter on, I believe, the same side of his torso.

-Citizen Scribbler

I think Iron Man has a waste reclamation system in his armor that he can then route to the cooling system. Remember, there have been a few periods where he’s either trapped in or refuses to remove the armor.

Adam has committed a spoiler violation:
(They didn’t include their dialogue in the film, which left me with the impression that they DID know what he was doing. Bummer; the scene loses a lot of irony without the discussion.)
Not all of us went to a midnight showing, Adam. I’m looking forward to seeing what makes and does not make the cut for the film, in every aspect I can catch. Could you please wait a couple days before posting that sort of thing without spoiler warning?

Blackjak, on the other hand, I have a question for:
I like “… the whole plan is in the toilet”…
Which aspect? The foreshadowing one, or the fact that he says it and the man electrocuted by the broken toilet is in the foreground? Or both?

My favorite description of Jack Bauer was a superhero whose power was saving the world while going a whole day without peeing.

I’m sure over the years someone suggested a tracker finding the Hulk by following his glowing green scat in the desert.

That counts as a spoiler? My apologies.

Seriously Gary, complaining about this as a spoiler seems just a little too whiny, even by Internet standards.

Citizen Scribbler

March 6, 2009 at 11:36 am

I’m kinda with Gary on this one. It’s just seems to be general protocol to avoid talking about the movie until after opening weekend, at least. It was by no means anything major, so it’s not a big deal at all- just worth a reminder to be cautious.

Calling Gary a “whiner” is a little rude, Stu. After all, he was polite about the whole thing- only asked for a little warning, which I would have appreciated too.

-Citizen Scribbler

Jack Bauer pees during the commercial breaks.

Rorschach was the true vigilante

He wanted retribution and thought that evil should always pay.
He was the only one that saw things clearly, right or wrong, black or white….
And like his mask never mixed, he never saw things in shades of grey.

Why adrian was never killed, but allowed to prosper from his evil, I dont understand and dont accept.
If Rorschach had to die, so did Adrian!
I mean seriously, whats 1 more body among foundations!

Between Rorschach and Ozymandias, the one who got what the Comedian was saying at the 1966 Crimebusters meeting was Ozymandias. Rorschach continued to fight crime on an individual basis, wiping random flecks of rabid foam from society’s mouth. Ozymandias used his intelligence and wealth to attack the problems the Comedian was talking about…World War III…the problems too big and too scary to think about.

“I think the implication is Rorschach drowned him into a toilet bowl.”

You think? And here I thought Moore and Gibbons were trying to be subtle…sorry, but while the other entries were more sophisticated, I half expected to hear a few rim shot sound effects during this page.

I never thought I’d wonder about Iron Man’s urinary system before, but now I really must wonder if his suit recycles his urine into drinking water.

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