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Interesting auction news!

NEW YORK – The comic book that’s billed as the first ever created by African-Americans for a black audience is up for auction.

A copy of All-Negro Comics No. 1, as it was called, is up for sale by comics entrepreneur Stephen Fishler. He says the comic is very rare – lasting one issue in 1947.

All-Negro Comics sold for 15 cents and was the brainchild of a black Philadelphia journalist, Orrin C. Evans.

The comic book, featuring such characters as detective Ace Harlem and Hep Chicks on Parade, is for sale as part of the online ComicConnect Event Auction. It began Feb. 27 and continues March 13, 14 and 15.

Hey, if you’re in New York and have a few guilder to throw around, check it out! It’s historically significant!


I never perceived this Comic Book as being particularily rare. I have a few copies myself and I have bought and sold several more… And I haven’t paid more than like.. ten dollars from the nearest used book dealer. .. or.. since I live in Sweden.. the nearest U.S. book dealer that ships internationally.

Perhaps I should raise my out-price? ;-)

// Steamboat Willie

For real, Willie?

I think I might be interested in snagging a copy of that…


What are you holding up in your avatar, Greg? I’ve practically put my nose to the darn monitor and I still can’t tell. It kind of looks like you’re holding some kind of action figures or small swords/guns or something.

My lovely wife got me one of those all-purpose tools for Christmas this year, so I’m holding it with all the accoutrements out, trying to look maniacal. Not quite swords, but close!

Oh, now I see! The pliers part of the tool looked like the collar of your shirt to me before. Multi-tools ROCK!

I thought they were origami swans!

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