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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 70

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a nifty moment from the end of the first Hellboy mini-series.


Hellboy: Seed of Destruction was the first Hellboy mini-series. It was plotted and drawn by Mike Mignola and scripted by John Byrne (Mignola wanted to ease into scripting – he took over full writing duties on the next series).

During the series, Hellboy discovers that the “Big Bad” is Rasputin, the “mad monk” who brought Hellboy from hell fifty years earlier.

After the good guys have basically defeated Rasputin, there is a wonderful exchange between Rasputin and Hellboy that I think encapsulates Hellboy’s basic nobility and approach to life…

And, of course, it does not hurt that Mignola absolutely rocks on these pages, either!

The “moment” for me is definitely when Hellboy decks Rasputin.




I have to admit I never really enjoyed Mignola’s artwork until I read Hellboy…

Seed of Destruction converted me completely!

Though I wish it was an ongoing title with seperate arcs… Multiple miniseries do my head in! I lose track of what order they go in…


I can’t get into Hellboy. The art is fantastic, but the stories leave me cold.

cool moment. loved the part where Hellboy tells Rasputin he can live with not having the info Rasputin is offering. and also loved seeing Hell boy deck him

I liked MM’s work on X-Force…

But Hellboy is a whole other class.

I’m the opposite of DanCJ – love the stories but can’t get into Mignola’s art.

For me, the classic Hellboy line was always “Look out! That monkey’s got a gun!” from The Right Hand of Doom.

I miss the days when Mignola did all the art. I like that Gibbons font Byrne used for the lettering, too.

Looks cool but the dialogue sucks. Is most of Hellboy like this?

Hellboy is awesome. But Mignola’s Amazing Screw-On Head is even more incredible. I wish I could buy ten thousand copies of it to give away in comic shops, just to spread the joy.

I wish Mignola still drew like this. I wish he drew all the Hellboy/BPRD/etc. comics instead of the mediocre imitators he abdicated it to. I miss Byrne’s Gibbons font, too. I never acquired a taste for Clem Robbins.

Whoops. Looks like I already made the same comment some time ago. Please delete my March 25th comment.

I loved the first Hellboy story when I read it the first time around, but the second story by Mignola alone has always left me a little cold and confused. Mignola’s writing has gotten better that’s for sure…but I wish Byrne had helped with the second story, perhaps writing the first two issues and then leaving the rest to MM.

Am I the only one that ‘hears’ Ron Perlman’s voice in those panel’s?

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